Spiritual Anatomy is a bridge and a road map. Ever-pointing a sobering finger to God's Way, it connects East to West --integrating Taoist Inner Alchemy with Christian mystery using Nehemiah's astounding journey as an illuminating revelation-story.

To read Nehemiah is to envision your own dreamed journey. To understand his trial awakens you to your own trial and the trials of humanity.To examine the gates he built is to re-examine your own God-given gates.

There is but one place to open these gates: within your own heart-land.

When the heart-land is genuinely filled with true light and joy, there are no conditions and viruses harbored within the body/mind.

Sheep Gate - illustration by Eric RyserIn Taoism we see our bodies as sacred gates, possessing within all we need --the essential goodness created by Heaven and the essential job inherited from our parents. These body-vessels are but demanding organisms and hidden mechanisms. Being the conduit of the Tao, our bodies are organisms, and our minds are mechanisms.

To purify the body is to purify the spirit trapped within the accumulated sickness from each and every ancestor, beginning with God. When God's word becomes living universal consciousness,
each substance will speak in its individual tone, each organ will vibrate its unique trumpet, and each spirit will shine with its supernal light.

When God created man, limitations were part of the grand design,
the ten gates were incompetent, and the twelve tribes could not be united. When man creates mankind, it is the onset of retardation.
The limited God-given knowledge becomes further limited and corrupted. Good becomes evil. The Kingdom of Heaven enjoyed by spirits plunges into the depths of Hell where ghosts and all dark forces cluster.

Who can be healthy when each has his or her unsolvable problems and indefinable mysteries? Who can heal sickness when the living must die, the heart must be dried, and the head must be fried? Whose healing technique is more effective than intimacy, more efficient than tolerance, more powerful than bliss, more useful than understanding, or more practical than tender caring?

When you are authentically clean, pure, healthy and wealthy, there is no need to reflect on Nehemiah's dream.

Yet, if you or others near you suffer sickness,are harboring conditions and viruses in the body/mind,are stagnant and stale, poor and frail, it is time to lay your eyes on these words.

Divine Triangles - illustration by Eric RyserWhen trinity regains oneness, one embraces all. There is no possibility for the mind to produce sin. When the sinning energy is transformed, the self is preserved, and the spirit becomes enlightened, turning away from cyclical circulation,
materialistic manipulation, and mechanical operation.

All is freed because the spirit is free.

This is the authentic anatomic physiology and biochemistry of spirituality!

A primary purpose for releasing Spiritual Anatomy to the public is to assist those souls who are capable of genuinely helping others in this stressing and needful planetary period to dust themselves off with whatever expediency is needed and then, step forward as viable, living instruments of heaven-sent Grace.

The lens through which we examine and discuss the trinity of yin, yang, and Dao is anatomical, at first, in the sense that as we peer into the inner gates as they are reflected in human physiology (as shown in this illustration of the 25 Light Gates), we begin to relate to humanity as circulating streams, governed by a series of dams or gates that can open, close or become obstructed.

On more sublime levels, once these gates are open and sufficiently purified or cleared of sickness-producing elements, the slumbering spiritual nature within wakes up and begins to mature sufficiently so as to no longer relate to humanity as anything outside of itself, at all. That soul is now ready to marry the spirit of humanity, to reunite with a lost part of itself -- a reunion God originally planned. In ordinary, daily life, such a devoted awakened soul approaches all it meets as itself -- the fences, fractures and chasms of separative thinking and schism-producing habits no longer corrupt, taint, and pollute the intended helpfulness of honest brotherly love. In that sense, souls who have undergone this necessary physiological, psychic, and spiritual change, can play their true part as living partners in trinity -- authentically serving the world, as they would themselves be served -- as the instruments of God's healing power.

Feel free to contact us about Spiritual Anatomy and related materials including the How to Work Through Meridian-Wrapped Body Workshop and Retreat Program for those interested in the expediency of practical, hands-on application.

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