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The Four Returns of 'I'


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Hexagram 53 in King Wen, Hexagram 60 in the Moondial.

Linguistic Image: JIN -


Thanks for the heaven, the almighty creator, to send and confirm me the power of Jin hexagram. In the middle of three-month assignment, I tried to understand its linguistic structure, two birds on top of sun, and I was ready, as a single bird, to fly soon to Brazil. This was the time during the middle of fall. In the sky, the birds were flying in a V shape or arrow-head pattern, towards the southern hemisphere. On ground, I was booked, an online ticket, with a man-made bird, airplane, to fly south two months late.

2007 Winter: JIN or ECLIPTIC
Table of Contents
JIN of Chinese Verse
Commentary on Ecliptic
Natal JIN, September 13 - 18
With eternal passion, the sky driven, Lord written, and ancestor frozen fire ignites the trails of traveling along the orbiting earth. This is the structural position given to Jin, or Ecliptic...
What Hides Behind the Earth Grid
I cherish the Earthly House I Ching
It gives me so much of information in
terms of how the mother earth has downloaded,fabricated, and organized all that
thrust down from above, around and outside...
120 Year Cycle of Natal Destiny - JIN
Mapping the Changes (chart)
This divine trip started five years ago, when I saw an article written by the sponsor living in Brazil for a Taoist website. The article describes how the stars in the southern constellations would map the human hemispheres.From this article, I knew that the sky in the south tells a different story of human conscious interaction with the nature.I equally knew at the moment that how difficult it was to map the Chinese 28 sky-mansions in the sky at the time, since the land mass of China was in Northern Hemisphere. I would wonder then how accurate the map was, since the ancient Chinese astrologists had only the ability to observe the sky physically as south as Vietnam or Thailand would extend. Theoretically, the Red Phoenix was the power of the binary star Sirius, or the longevity star governing the southern sky, as the Chinese called it. But practically, there was no Chinese would live in the southern hemisphere, whether in South African Continent, or South American Continent, thousand years ago. There maybe some information received from the travelers or traders from Africans, but never Mayas. ARTICLE CONTINUES

from the Tao Te Ching

1 Without stepping out the door, one knows the world. Without peering through the window, one knows the Heavenly Tao.

2 The further one travels, the less one knows.

3 So the sage knows without movement, identifies without sight, accomplishes without appointment.


Daode Jing
Chapter 47
~ Laozi
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