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Jian / Inertia
Hexagram 53 in King Wen, Hexagram 60 in the Moondial.
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Linguistic Image:
Jian - Inertia


The Position of Jian

Being 53rd chronologically, King Wen charted the wind-over-mountain hexagram, Jian or Inertia, in this position to issue the first of the four important hexagrams, as the means to utilize the four external wheels: Thunder and Mountain of 51st and 52nd on one side as dual masculine power, and Wind and Lake of 57th and 58th on the other side as dual feminine flower.

2007 Fall: JIAN or INERTIA
Table of Contents
Natal JIAN, September 7 - 12 -
Born under this hexagonal power,
all motions are utilized to temper emotions, and enhance virtuous promotion
. Through the display of the linguistic character of Jian, water stroke or shui on the left side can served as either the outward expression or inward depression...
Honey - When I was young, my father tried once, only once, to be a bee-keeper. When this once bounced off the ounce, nothing happened ever since. Someone in the family poured the soap-filled, face-washed and hand-brushed water, into the courtyard, gone by were the bees...
120 Year Cycle of Natal Destiny - JIAN

If King Wen knew the cycle of life well deep in his heart, something huge would underline the 8 human progressive years from 51 to 58. Either in general Chinese mind, or particular master enlightened in this land, 50 years old is a real deal. This deal tells us that when life reaches 50, five elemental powers have been totally loaded and roasted on the road, where each of these five takes about ten years to complete thoroughly. The mile traveled is long gone, but the pile accumulated is taller than personal sight or egoistic height. During this 50-year period, five fingers have been busy grasping all sorts of points, five toes have been wheeling extensively to send the person to highest peaks and lowest bases, and five senses have driven life as a vehicle into a deadly state or peaceful plate. 50 years of heart-driven and soul-longing sensory power have reduced and retarded the person to the point that the used to be perfect eye-sight is gone, taste buds are dull, hands are numb, ears cannot hear, and nose smells the pale. ARTICLE CONTINUES

from the Tao Te Ching

1 Without idolizing the wise,
people will not compete;
   Without prizing rare goods,
people will not steal;
   Without seeing the desirable,
people will not lust.

2 So the sage's ways are:
   Emptying the heart,
   Vitalizing the gut,
   Softening the will,
   Strengthening the character.

3 Thus, common folk care not to know.
   The privileged dare not to blow.
   Then nothing is beyond ruling.

Daode Jing
Chapter 3:
~ Laozi