'As above, so below' - San Jiao Qi

In meditative breathing, at the meeting point of the in-breath of involution and the out-breath of evolution is a stillness -- a zero point, where neither involution (out-going) or evolution (in-coming) exists. This is the arrested breath of meditation practice, wherein the meditator - who is you -- no longer breaths with physical lungs, rather s/he consciously breaths through the respiratory field of the etheric auric shell or vital light envelope. All in all, there are 3 sets of "lungs" or respiratory fields: below, middle, above - which correspond to the three dantians or Cinnabar fields which is the domain of san jiao qi. The ultimate refinement of the Triple Burner = 3 x 3 - the completing 9, means that when the upper dantian is the breather, what lies below is the breathed, purified, protected, circulated again and again in the bellows-like action of the Tao.

The lower materialistic field ceases to control when Ching (literally: "semen" - applicable to both male and female) no longer follows the ways of self-fulfilling lust; the middle field then becomes the plane of focused activity or Virtuous Conduct (Te) wherein the aspirant is now capable of working in unison with other cosmic workers, while the upper field (Tao) stands forth as the divine kingdom from whence inspiration and sustenance as holy water flows to Te or Virtue through the bellows-like breath. In this sense, there is no difference between air and water - in this instance, they are as light, God's supernal Son/Sun light which nourishes and sustains what is real and true, yet cannot be touched, corrupted, stolen or even seen by what is unreal and false.

The book, The Impersonal Life, states this in a similar way below (remembering, of course, that the Cosmic Christ is also known as Love-Wisdom). Jesus, as Christ, represents Divine Love, characterized by spiritual even-ness, brotherhood, and service, inspiring humanity to embody the yoga of the Christ: "Love thy neighbor as thy self". Buddha and Lao Zi represent the Wisdom-side, characterized by the certain fog-clearing ruthlessness of Truth, making it difficult for ego's to attach to their teachings, as they intended. As one energy body, together Christ-Buddha-Lao Tzu represent the unified heart/mind (Love-Wisdom).

From the chapter The Christ and Love:

I here tell you plainly that My Impersonal Love has naught to do with personal lives and personal loves. All such are but the outer mediums I use through which to pour from out the heart of Humanity into the world My Real Love, where it is ever expressing its all-embracing, vitalizing, creative, and uplifting Power.

My Love considers not individuals or personalities; they are but pawns on the chess-board of life which I move as I deem best to accomplish My purpose, -- the full and complete expression in Humanity of My Divine Idea.

In Humanity only can I express My Idea, even as you can express your idea of yourself only in and through your human personality.
In Humanity I live and move and have My Being. It is the mortal personality and body of My Immortal Self, even as your personality and its body is what you use to express your being.

All individual human personalities with their bodies are but the cells of My Body of Humanity. Just as the I AM of you is now building your body so that through it You can perfectly express My Idea of you, or your Real Self, so AM I gradually building Humanity so that through It I can perfectly express My Idea of My Self.

As the individual cells of My Body of Humanity, even as those of your human body, by partaking of My Life, become Impersonal and harmonious parts of the organs they form, they live a healthy and happy life. But let one cell oppose or act contrary to the general law of its organ, and the harmonious functioning of that organ becomes impossible, which naturally affects the whole body and results in disease.
Every cell of an organ is an integral part of that organ, and its work is necessary to that organ's perfect functioning and to the perfect health of My Body. So that unless each cell gives up all its power and all its intelligence, which are but attributes of the Life I give it, toward the perfect functioning of My entire Body, the only result for My Body can be inharmony, with its consequent effects, -- disease, suffering, sin, bondage, poverty, lack of understanding, disintegration, or death.

Likewise, unless each organ gives up all the intelligence and all the powers with Which I endowed it, to the one purpose of expressing and maintaining the life of My Body in perfect health, the only result can be disorganization, disruption, rebellion, and finally WAR, -- war between the various organs and between their respective cells, and a greater or lesser consequent chaotic condition in My whole Body.
In My Body of Humanity this would mean war between Nations, which are the Organs of My Body. As all war is but acute disease or disharmony, and as My Life, which in Humanity manifests as Impersonal Love, can express only in harmony -- even as in the physical body, It is always utilizing, equalizing and preparing conditions so that It can thus express.

This It does either by eradicating gradually from the various organs of the body all disease, weakened and unfit cells, or by developing the disease into a malignant form in the physical body. It throws off such cells quickly by the billions, until a particular organ either is purified or its power of functioning is wholly destroyed.

In other words, the real life and work of each cell and of each organ lies in giving up its individual life that My whole Body can Be or Express in perfect harmony. When each cell and each organ has no other idea than this, and makes itself a pure and selfless channel through which My Impersonal Life can flow, then has My Body become a harmonious and perfect Whole; and then can My Idea express of earth Its Divine powers and possibilities, even as it does in the Celestial Realm of the Eternal.

As you give up your self wholly to Me that I can pour through you My Holy, Impersonal Love, having no other thought than the perfect expression of that Love, which is My Real Life, then will I through you be enabled to quicken and awaken those about you gradually to a recognition of Me, The Christ within them, so that they too will likewise give up their selves wholly to Me. Finally the organ, or that particular part of My Body of Humanity you and they form, attains perfect health and harmony, and adds its quota to the bringing about and maintaining of perfect health in My entire Body.

When such time comes, My Divine Life Force, or My Impersonal Love, will be flowing and manifesting throughout all Humanity, and My Idea will be expressing fully on earth even as It is in Heaven. The earth and all earthly bodies will no longer be of the gross physical material they formerly seemed, but they will have become utterly purified and cleansed of the self, and will have been again lifted up to whence they descended. For the purpose of their creation, that of developing organisms for the outward manifestation and human expression of My Divine Idea, will have been accomplished; and having no further use for physical or outward mediums of such expression, I hereafter will create and express only with Mind Substance, which is the only medium needed in the Heavenly World of the Impersonal Life.

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