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Natural Synergy

Speaking about synergy and synthesis -- that middle ground with spoked wheel, spiritually, there is an Avatar of Synthesis. In the hierarchy of names, he is beyond and behind the appearances of a Buddha, a Christ, a Lao Tzu. Not as a personification, but as a cyclic-appearing Principle -- the blazing True Life-Light at the center of a universal-cosmic group soul, or spoked wheel. A giant positive force that holds together other positives, such as the principle that holds together Edenic paradise, a buddha-field, and creative spheres as described in The Fall of Spirits.

Confusion arises when ignorance is stirred up. It is not the divine spark/server/central sun that is confused. It shines upon confusion and non-confusion. The residents in the microcosm are confused. So in those hazy, spinning moments, we stop trying to figure things out and focus up to Truth. The moment Truth is present, that microcosmic squawking is silenced by noiseless thunder. Then, we can feel authentic intuitive promptings, which aren't confused at all.

Truth is ever-simple, essentially so. Complexity is a false face, the anathema to Truth. It likes to spin and whirl. The more it does, the more fogs of obscuration it can create, like a tornado. So we have to find the calm eye in the storm -- the immovable that never shrinks or expands, that is never confused or, equally-speaking, not-confused. The sages tell us we must abandon everything we think we know and become empty, like little children, if we are to hear and heed the wise and direct counsel that always rises within, in that thunderous silence.

Many people use external divination tools for advice. Such things are mostly corrupted with self-investments -- and in such a colorized and tainted form, offer enchanting diversion to just seeking Truth, humbling one's self to ask God what to do. Using tarot, runes, I Ching, astrology -- anything and everything are turned to for insight into dark situations except the one needful thing -- turning to directly God. The need to figure out things for one's self, by one's self is a desperate desire to acquire "right knowledge", another appearance of being led by suggestions and taunts that one must become like a god rather than to remain in trust in God. Such a need will eventually lead to its liberation, which is actually a 'death'. The habit, like a parasitical colony, will die. And the substance behind it will recycle in the cosmic purification scheme until such time as the seed habit/karma to turn away from God is replaced by the natural state of turning to God.

This is not to say that anyone's devotion to or use divination tools is bad or good. They are just a tools, when used as a truth-seeking laser can help shine a light on whatever situation is the stirring wand to rile up a froth of confusion, like winds whipping the surface of a calm, placid lake. So we have to remain very detached about whatever arises in a divination reading, taking none of it personally since everything we see is this realm of samsara are mirages; temporary appearances that cycle around with the seasons, arise and disappear as those winds stir up and blow. It is all part of that life-dance, yet as the dance teacher, one must see all of those microcosmic inhabitants as a line of waiting dance partners whom we must carefully lead back to dancing in tune with God. So our work, in that sense, begins with the inner dance with all of those habits and patterns and knee-jerk reactions inside. A Buddhist might say that we read and preach the Dharma to and for the sake of the microcosmic residents, beginning within ourselves. In widening circles, eventually, everything is seen as a part of ourselves.

So the task is not to master the outer world at all. All of that is merely the Reflection Sphere of what is residing inside the microcosm, a movie projection. We must master the inner world. But to do that, we must find the Maestro, the Orchestra Conductor -- who lives in our heart of hearts. It dances with us, in silence. Like tinglings or a flowing wave of goodness. We know IT when we feel IT. That is the only One who can master anything. So we have to get our "I" out of the way and seek nothing but to dance in tune with the Dao or said in the Genesis way: align with God's Will, obey His Law.

The very minute we feed the thought that we need an external master, someone will appear in our lives to fulfill such a wish. But that is not necessarily the most expedient thing as so often we are disillusioned by these master-people, which is usually the Plan so that we, in our utter disillusionment, finally make that turn in focus to seek the only Maestro within, who is perfect and wise -- the Inner Authority or Truth Itself. So our eyes must turn away from the enchanting and tempting Reflection Sphere, altogether.

Buddha wrote a helpful and inspiring sutra about this: The Sutra of Complete Enlightenment. It speaks to what is needed by earnest souls in this Dharma Ending Age.

The gnostic-oriented book Servers of the Divine Plan speaks to the natural synergy between, among, in, around, and through divine sparks. It tells us factually that a broader field of service cannot open until soul's karmic inheritance has been drunk to the last bitter drop. For the "door to all wonders" to actually open in gnostic revelation, the soul cup must be sufficiently empty. In these writings, Servers means Divine Sparks -- not to be confused with recycling soul, rather what is utterly immovable, pure and of God, buried deep within the soul. Or in Buddhist tradition, a bodhisattva who has already attained enlightenment, yet not entered Nirvana, voluntarily incarnating over and over to liberate all sentient beings.

When each Server, through individual experience, has learned and synthesised the lessons assigned to their own personal mission, they will be ready to effect their specialised facet of service in unison with the group work. Such individual contributions are integral constituents of the One World Service, and also of the much larger overall Cosmic Task that ultimately employs countless legions of Servers within the various great Confederations of Helpers in service to the Divine Plan throughout the universe. The work of Servers upon Earth, then, may be regarded in its truest perspective as just a tiny holographic aspect of a vast intergalactic operation of universal government, which necessarily functions under the auspices of a united awareness.


Eventually, on the Day of Remembrance, Servers will again realise upon this, their current, and for many, concluding assignment upon Earth, that their true Self is far more than their imitation ego. Meanwhile, as they evolve from their preoccupation with the personality, the Servers' reality will grow progressively broader, for in their expanding perceptions they will be able to behold more and more of the divine grandeur, beauty, interconnectivity and magnificent all-pervading intelligence of Creation. Following the piercing of the veil of forgetfulness - attained only through purification of the imitation ego in world service - the personal self will dissolve, merge and become fully united once again with the group-soul, while lifting every painful Earthly experience into the light of transmutation. By way of the Law of Synthesis, humanity's long-standing condition of suffering will thus be remedied as the entire planet is positively transformed. Surely there can be no greater honour and joy in the whole world such as this. Indeed, at this momentous time of completion, so intense will be the exhilaration of Servers, so profound their bliss, and so ineffably spiritual the experience of divine reward, that each and every soul without exception would gladly repeat the same sacrifice in service all over again. Such a consecrated attitude is mentioned in John's Book of Revelation in the New Testament when: ". . . the four and twenty elders throw their crowns [halos] down in front of the throne of God." - Rev. 4:10.


In order to grasp an even deeper understanding of the purposes of and requirements for the greater influx of incarnating Servers at this time, it will be helpful to consider something of the present status, intent and mode of operation of the Earth's own planetary Hierarchy, the functions and purposes of which are reflected both upwards and down throughout many different spheres of universal life: "As above, so below". Like mankind, the planetary Hierarchy is itself presently at a point of spiritual crisis. Many of its members now stand before the Portal that leads to the Way of the Higher Evolution, and the entire personnel of the Earth-Hierarchy is patiently waiting to make a united move forward, parallelling - on its own level - the move forward that humanity is about to take.


Now, under the Law of Synthesis, mankind's spiritual Elders are able to move forward and upward only in so far as their efforts encompass all densities down to and including the physical plane. Humanity and its Hierarchy of Great Souls are essentially inseparable; the efforts, successes or failures of one inevitably affect the other. Hence the necessity for the incarnation upon Earth of members of the Guardians of the race, and the demonstration of their united ability to work from the physical plane all the way up to the highest in order to move collectively through the succeeding portal and further along the Way.


The advantages of a united or group consciousness working as one unit for the receipt and transmission of divine forces are legion and extremely powerful. The principle of synergy, which is only applicable in group work, shall contribute toward rapid global awakening like never before upon Earth, as the process of radiating the Christ-Consciousness unfolds worldwide. Once mankind observes the far-reaching significance of selfless co-operation and divine fellowship, the advantages of utilising the complementary virtues of individual group members for the greater whole will be actualised all over the world, and consequently a brighter, more expansive light of a new and harmonious way of living will dawn within the minds and hearts of humanity. It is at this time that the secret of the Law of Synthesis will be restored within humanity's consciousness (having been mercifully withdrawn in Atlantean times), and only then will the world's problems be resolved as the natural planetary rhythm is stabilised and elevated to a new order. Such is the magnitude and import of the task belonging to present-day Servers who will exemplify the new spiritual standards for the Aquarian age and so lay the foundations for the next step to be taken by mankind.


Sadly, it is the rare soul who resonates with this lofty topic. Yet, nothing is more important than transmission, as described above. But for that to ever be possible there must be consecrated and devoted souls who are willing to put their very lives on the line, jettison their fascinations with worldly ways, and devote themselves to whatever is needed to be or remain viably able and ready when the Maestro from the center cues the waiting Orchestra, as the spoke-beams.

The invisible side offers so much help. Even in the smallest of things. And each of us must pass through that sewage tunnel of cleaning-up biological karma. But that does not have to be all there is, at any given time. Untying familial knots can take years and years of patient waiting. So we seek that wise counsel within for what is needed in the very next moment. And as we do that more and more until it becomes our new way of life, we can feel the change inside, the draining when an 'aeon' is fed, we feel the time to step away or move closer; and then, before we know it, we are dancing every day, in every moment. It is a beautiful thing when that peaceful way is present. And such a gawd-awful contrast if our toes fall into the waiting pool of self-pity or self-focus, at all.

The wonderful gift for once or twice appearing starseed generations is that such kowtowing to microcosmic inhabitants (biological or cultural patterning) is not entrenched by lifetimes of following the ways of those long-bound in more hellish realms. And so those generations have the marvelous opportunity to just make the necessary Fundamental Reversal, at any given moment. Quickly. Instantly. Not the years of plodding that have characterized those who have been in residence upon earth for ages. That is not to say that older, more entrenched generations cannot also suddenly shift. Only that it is harder for them unless they are the rare soul who has already learned the hard lesson to not ignore spiritual conscience and intuitive promptings. Every time we do that, we are pushing Truth or God away and choosing to feed the Reflection Sphere as if the mirage world is true, when it is only an imitation.

Buddha, Laozi, and others left a legacy that leads to the Way of revelatory Truth-Light. But, unless their words are heeded inspirationally and feet actually begin the pilgrimage, their fruited legacies are nothing more than a dinner to be eaten on another day. Ignorance is the same as ignoring. So until soul pays attention to God's ever-present voice, the opportunity or potential for liberation from the wheel of life and death that is available in this lifetime of unprecedented, cyclic opportunity, such transformation (change) is pushed far out into a future -- another incarnation and another round of suffering.