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Inner Marriage Reflection

Fallen Eve (no matter how or who the form-body is presented) must be awakened, then find her way through the maze to the outer door, and then return to grasp the hand of her consort, fallen Adam -- so both are led to the light of day, together. One cannot be liberated without the other. The door only opens when the 'two are one'.

You often speak of the inner marriage. And this, too, is reflected in the outer. Adam or Eve appears in our life, physically -- representatives of the living Eve and Adam within the One Heart. When this occurs, the living spirit of Adam or Eve enters into us, peers through, and sings the song of love to its beloved partner -- whom it recognizes, re-members. It is our fondest wish that this re-union happens for all.

But not all are capable of allowing such vulnerability to express through these limited and oft-contaminated vehicles. So Eve waits to be found, Adam waits to be held -- and those who are no longer identified or associated with masculine or feminine wait to assist.

When the door is unlocked for the decidedly yang soul, Divine Feminine can play the harp in that yang-yang suit of flesh it wears. When She comes for you, it is not in the guise of another's flesh-body. Eve'
s body are Grandma's flower girls, sparkling reflections. But inside each of them is a male consort too (Divine Will). And so, liberation occurs internally and externally -- Will and Love, hand-in-hand. The horizontal -- right and left, east and west, unite. The vertical -- above and below, north and south, unite. The center is all directions and no directions. Sex or division on one-hand, opposition on the other, feet planted below, head in the sky.

Everyone is here -- for the end of the cycle. Either off-planet, invisibly waiting, or on-planet, through faces / representatives. The dragon-land tells us that no one is absent as every dot in the cosmic landscape is accounted for. Behind all the shapes is the Dharma -- perceived as the bright, diamond mind. In that, there are no ancestors or forms -- only sparkling clarity. But its appearance is rare, so in day-to-day, we use lineage as the conventional term, the communication 'device'.

Strength is God's gift, Christ's virtue. Hard as steel. Impervious. Indestructible. Forever. Infinite. All-pervading.. This is the Divine Spark. God's lineage. It dons a microcosm as its robe. Like a monk's colorful costume. The imitation ceremony of religious practice. That soul- robe represents the detailed lineage, teachings, habits, patterns.. It has a history, memories, and companions. But it is not the One Lineage -- only a piece of it, a facet, a color palette -- like the yellow robe. It is one of many colors. A vibe, a range of motion, a vocal chord. It may sing soprano while another sings basso. It might marry blue to bring forth the green child. But it is much more than a yellow robe.

The beginning 'dot' has no color. The diamond mind is the prism, reflecting and giving birth to all colors -- a gazillion colors. All of them are ancestors, our kin. And all of them are present, as we speak. It is heartening to know there are those who are completing the yellow race obligation for the sake of the entire cosmic lineage -- which necessarily completes a link or spiritual nerve (nadii) to home planets and constellations. 'As above, so below'. So much of our work here is electrical, repairing damage or completing neural networks -- linking and straightening pathways.

This is the secret of talismanic writing. Every word is a sorcerer's tool. It is etches a mark into the blank landscape. It creates valleys or hills (mounds or berms), convex or concave. The One Life flows everywhere -- like the ocean. It fills the valley and washes over the hills. It permeates the word marks, but is not the marks, themselves. It is neither a mark, a word or a sign. Or not-mark, not-word, not-sign. The microcosm is a magnetized word-form. It has the grooves and humps of words -- all of which, in the human sense, we call 'wounds' and 'scars', 'voids' or 'memories'.

The alone long pray for the company of evolved companions with milk, sweet dew, truth. The longing is a magnetic need in the microcosm we inhabit. But it is not our personal need. It is a memory-need. Even the microcosm (what we call 'soul') is not ours, personally. It is a space suit. A vehicle. A piece of wearing apparel, the monk's robe. Temporary, but with a far longer life span than flesh. As the emotional / astral wrappings around the heart are processed and refined, whatever was frozen by that magnetic need will melt. It must melt or forever be bound to the graveside of Adam and Eve, like a ghost. Hun and Po.

Fallen Eve must stop her grasping to hang onto Adam for her fulfillment. She lives out the godly curse of 'lust for husband', which eventually must give way to 'lust for God' and then such 'lust' must be shaken loose by an earthquake induced by the turning Dharma wheel in the very center of the heart. Desire and no-desire. Lust in its thrusting, produces. It breathes. It moves, like the Dao bellows. But it is not free because lust objectifies itself. It attaches to someone or something. And so it can take us a wee bit higher upon the spiral, but of itself, it has no liberating power. I do not know why we are speaking so about lust other than it may be present, influencing, stirring up feelings to merge, to synergize -- that in and of themselves are not right or wrong, merely diversions to sexless, nameless, formless synthesis.

When the soul who holds the gatekeeper's vibrational key appears, s/he is a catalyst that has mated with the magnetic need in the soul-space suit to complete a necessary linkage in the cosmic strings of fate / destiny. God's own harp sometimes needs tuning for all the sounds to be pure, all singers to harmonize. This harp of silken strings is the same as the prism's children -- a gazillion colors and sounds. And if the "she" or "he", by the vibration from whatever constellation and even higher behind them can help tune the body-mind-soul harp so it can played upon by God's living spirit, emitting and transmitting a higher song than biological, ancestral, and cultural without the obscurating overtones of past or future, then it is well worth whatever temporary pain, confusion and dizziness may arise. These are all parasites -- screaming.

Let the earth quake and shake. Let the heavenly palaces collapse. Mental acuity is not the Way.

Such souls (as "vibrational key's") are rarely met since you have waited all your life for that right 'key' to appear.

Adam and Eve must eventually meet.

Unless Eve is well ready to return to Eden -- surrender her "i-ness" back to God ("without Thee, I am nothing"),

she will try and try to cling to Adam, keep him chained below with her, in personalization.

"He said, she said" drama. Everything relating back to self -- usually as being unique or special.

So Adam must leave her to find her own way out of the labyrinth maze.

Which she must do alone, by seeking God's Way -- following the golden thread of Truth.

No one has a special dispensation to circumvent repentance.

Karma converges with the Divine Plan.

Yet, it's workings must transform from personal karma (such as cleaning up ancestral residues) to global, then solar, then cosmic karma.

Progressively, a united Adam-Eve serve within the spiritual hierarchy or the one river or umbrella of lineage stream-faces that are all devoted to the very same thing.

When Adam and Eve so seek to soulfully (solely) serve the Omni-verse (every universe in every direction) by simply and humbly seeking to know and follow God's Will for all humanity (cosmos/omni-verse wide), there is nothing more to say or do, personally -- whether alone or together.

They are eventually given transfigured personalities, what Buddha calls that subtle turning about in the deepest seat of consciousness or what Christian mystery calls the Fundamental Reversal.

Restored in sanctity, they rest in trust inside God's Plan. That is primordial Eden: God's living Law. What Buddha calls the Sangha, the community or commune of unity. What, in a lesser sense, is contemporarily sought as the "New Earth" on a planetary level.

These transfigured representatives have then changed from self-seeking, self-promoting fallen humans to pan-humanity's sacrificial lambs -- completing the Return of "I" back unto God for the sake of humanity in every star system, every universe, every species -- from the depths of the lowest hells to the empyreans of the highest heavens. Or said in the Christian-sense: they have completed their journey of carrying the cross of self and selves to the 'place of skulls' [Golgotha] and there, self dies.