Linguistic Image Commentary

Mountain SKYLIGHT's Linguistic Image can spark insight into what shines through each hexagram as each one holds a spiritual opportunity and promise behind and within its arrangement of solid and broken lines. When we read the English "name-label" for a hexagram such as oracle or fare we might be tempted to stick with the first, immediate thoughts about the word as commonly used in daily life instead of peering deeper -- allowing the hexagram to reveal itself as a synthesizing spiritual bridge.

In the linguistic sense, this proffered bridge instrumentally connects East to West using the basic elements of sound, alphabetic construction, and intuitive meaning so what appear to be differences between racial or cultural blood-consciousness can harmoniously blend or synthesize with one another. In the highest sense, this invisible bridge has the potential to connect soul to spirit, which is the ultimate promise in and behind every hexagram of the I Ching. To the awakened mind-heart, every image carries the potential to extend multi-dimensionally as the vertical path that ever and always leads to God.


Etymology of INERTIA

New Latin, from Latin,
lack of skill,
from inert-, iners

As a noun:

1 a: a property of matter by which it remains at rest or in uniform motion in the same straight line unless acted upon by some external force b: an analogous property of other physical quantities (as electricity)

2: indisposition to motion, exertion, or change : inertness

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Reading the definition for Inertia from the Latin - lack of skill - brings to mind the teachings of Buddha that point to the purpose for incarnation as the development and demonstration of it's opposite -- the presence of skill or spiritual expediency.

Inertia's definition as a noun /object/thing states that not liking to move is a property of matter (the dualistic opposite of spirit) that, by inherent nature, keeps matter/object stationary or moving on a fixed path unless this 'thing' is acted upon by an external force. This definition opens the door for us to consider the matter or substance of soul and how it is acted upon by God. In that context, Inertia tells us that soul-substance is either at rest or moving on a fixed path and that it prefers not to change, exert itself or move. In other words - sluggish, unmotivated, and stuck. And that another force that is non-inert acts upon it to initiate change. Sounds like a revivalist preaching to a crowd, doesn't it? Or a vehicle to be driven by something other than itself. Or distilled to another
interplay of yin-yang opposites.

Buddha teaches a doctrine of no-soul whatsoever. He tells us that everything is an illusion, a mirage, a bubble -- transient and fleeting. And if we delve deeply within ourselves and examine all our be-lie-fs about the nature of soul, we can see how the evangelist's preaching is addressed to soul to wake up from its slumber and begin it's inevitable journey back to what is Real -- the return to the Purelands of Buddha and Laozi, also known as the Treasury of Light of Christ. Even Jesus as Christ taught a doctrine of wind-over-water, spiritual movement over and in oceanic humanity.

There are many such models including the I Ching -- all of which are but fingers on the same hand, pointing to the Way of Liberation or the extrication of spirit trapped in matter. Regardless of the messenger, revered teachings discuss the graduations of original life-energy in what is all-pervading and evenly disbursed as stages of liberating relief wherein obstructions and obscurations dissolve via purification, and what is stuck, stagnant or stationary resumes its natural flowing course up to God. Therefore, to contemplate Inertia is to think upon initiation and spiritual changes along with the attendant graduations, such as revealed to those with eyes to see of the blights of accumulated karma that weigh upon the naturally resilient and transparent soul. In all such teachings, liberation is succinctly described as a lifting of burdens.

So for the purpose of conversing, we will refer to humanity's soul-substance as inertia/lack of skill and liberating spirit as expediency/presence of skill. Yet, always recalling that behind both these dualistic oppositions is a natural, original condition where soul is guided by its divine nature, in the very same way Jesus as Christ said, "I and the Father are One." And, deeper still, there is 'union' to consider -- the place-space where only God Is. In that sense, neither spirit or matter or "you" and "me", or vehicle and driver, or guide and what is guided can be spoken because there is no one to speak of self or other, no eyes to see subject and object, no ears to hear sound and what is sounding, no measures or weights to determine gradations, and no one to use the scales of differentiation.

It is best to remember that anything that can be discussed is a mirage -bubble, a temporary and fleeting appearance of something that can be utilized as an illusionary expediency that, if heard or digested by the listener, points up to God. To say that something is patently true is to automatically paint it false. Whereas Unfathomable God as described in the Apocryphon of John and the Tao Te Ching and The Diamond Sutra is void of void or the nameless name outside and beyond all boundary-images of time and space. So yes, the ideas we suggest are made of Maya -- illusionary forms that are not much different from the illusion of soul-matter. Yet, they are very different from the delusional blights and shades of darkness that abound where soul-matter is trapped in a fixed orbit around the sun of separate-self. So, please do not get caught up in words, definitions, and meanings. Inspired writings are merely gates and doors through which one, if sufficiently transparent and resilient, can point to the portal through which ALL must pass to enter the Dao. In the flesh, all we can do is approach. To enter the Dao is to die to all things of matter and spirit, dissolved into THAT which is beyond even truth and divinity.

In this journal issue, the Eastern-mind discussion is about change. This Western-mind discussion is the same, only stated differently. If one's feet are at rest and unmoving, to lift them up and take a step in any direction is a change. To be stuck in a rut or spiritually stagnant is the same. To orbit around the sun of self and then change paths or journey to a new orbital path around the Sun/Son of God is change. Ripples and waves are a change to stagnant waters -- stirrings of motion, which is how spirit expresses life. Spirit or expediency loves to move, whereas matter is indisposed to motion. Here is an example of expediency:

Something akin to a large rock is dropped into a stagnant, unmoving lake or pond. People, events, circumstances come into our lives and act as these expediencies. Babies are born into families enduring through collective sickness patterns. Sometimes, these children are like large rocks -- causing family and parents to change, to adapt in order to compensate for all the ripples and waves this disruptive rock-child creates without even trying. Such children naturally create disruption. It is their very nature because the incarnation was undertaken for service to others, as an instrument of spiritual expediency that can and will exert natural, invisible pressure and force on what is stuck by inertia. Or in the personal sense, there are those who are stuck in fixed routines like robots -- going through the spiritually bankrupt motions following a prescribed daily schedule that is as constrictingly bound-up -- a tight casket or mummy's wrapping. We can look at ourselves and the world around us and see the truth of how humanity is imprisoned in habit, how habit patterns are perpetuated, how the young are indoctrinated into frozen stagnancy by social-political, cultural, and racial influences.

Without the presence of skill, what lacks skill will sadly remain in its fixed orbit and the repetitive wheel of karma will continue to turn like a great waterwheel, scooping up portions from the collective pond, rotating them in 360 degree cycles, and depositing them back into the pond. What is contained in each portion of the very same water as it arises from the pond through the natural activity of this waterwheel's rotational travel to the zenith and descent back to the nadir is what is individually experienced within each small portion of humanity's soul-substance. Leaves might fall into one scoopful, dirt in another, toxic poisons in a third -- all returned to the collective or taken for consumption by those who rely upon that particular waterwheel and well to quench their thirst. Spiritually-speaking is mirrored in physically-speaking -- everything we can see, taste, touch, smell, and hear has an invisible, behind-the-scenes twin. Yet, this twin is not individual -- we, as flesh-bodies, are the scooped up portions rotating on the karmic wheel of life and death, while our twin is the collective pond, behind us. The imagery that blossoms from this seed-ideation has produced cosmologies, constellation-schemes, twisted dogmas of starseed generations, philosophies and orations about wider cosmic schemes and spheres. The danger in such matters is identification with all of that as home, the place to which we long to return. So even the study of starseed information can be a perpetuation of a diverted water flow rather than the needed and necessary change to orbit, once again, as a star in the firmament of God. So lest we be fooled by our own foolish want to be a star, all we can do is drink our cup of karma to the last bitter drop as we temporarily rotate on the wheel of fate as small karmic pools scooped up from the collective pond, while at the same time trusting the countermoving wheel that distills the sweet essence of the One Life behind-the-scenes and returns what is of God to God's oceanic pond.

Carrying this to the flesh-level: in the meridian system - tangled knots, kinks, frozen nadii or blocked chakras -- these are the silk threads of the flowing river of the One Life through all bodies of water. It is the same oceanic water, now considered horizontally and linearly like a landscape. There are trickles of water, drops of water, puddles of water that gather into groups. Through the workings of gravitational flow (an external force applied to what was standing still as a droplet), streams form and move via gravity's push and pull to form greater and greater bodies of water until all streams enter the ocean. Certain points in these streams of appearances become afflicted by sickness or disharmony. The lines and intersections of the horizontal water-flow pattern become obstructed and waters of life is either damned into stagnant pools or diverted to routes that are decidedly different from the original design.

Inherited karma creates the body we are given at biological birth. In it, from the beginning of our biological lives, are the propensities and actual disharmonies that come from the soul-substance, behind-the-scenes. Such conditions are reflections of what has rotated around on the ever-turning wheel of time-space-mind, behind all physical appearances, to be purified. This reflection of what has surfaced to be dissolved or un-bound in this particular incarnation is what is commonly called a "personality". Actually, there is no person or individual attached to this thing that has a flesh-body, an etheric counterpart, an emotional lake, and a mental-body sky. But that is a broad subject for another discussion. Simply said, we are born into the ocean of karmic sickness, scooped up from universal waters, to rise and fall on the turning wheel of display and then empty the contents of our journey back into the collective.

Our primary job is to untangle the knots, unfreeze the lakes, free the waters through purification. Or if over-standing, to drink the waters so they can be purified. Then our wee droplet is returned to the collective to either add to its diseased condition or adding its purified nature to dilute or cure whatever was troubling soul before the present incarnation into flesh mortality. In the grand scheme, soul-substance and journey is a constant purificatory endeavour. Yet, when the cup on the turning wheel is emptied of its last drop of karmic conditions, another great initiation change takes place. One of such a rarified nature, the delicacy and transparency of the empty cup-microcosm spinning on the great wheeled orbit of incarnation becomes a laughable image to those who would answer such questions as to who is the microcosm and who is the wheel and who is the water within it with this answer: spiritual expediency, the presence of skill.

Have you ever heard anyone use the term God's Plan? Well, God's Plan is you. You are composed of a tiny little slice of collective human conditions or soul-substance, appearing in this dense, earthly realm for the purpose of untying the knots that are out-of-sync with Original Design, drinking the bitter cup of karma to the last drop. God's Original Design is already in you --hidden deeply behind the scenes by all the accumulations of disharmonies in the microcosm. When these threaded knots are untied in the order in which they were formed, the original design for hu-man-ity will naturally flow as God intended from the beginning on the horizontal, landscape level. On the portrait or vertical level, the microcosm reunites with the macrocosm and the blights of separative individualities on all horizontals are dissolved. Flow then becomes mutual ascent and descent as what was once perceived to be down-flowing on the involution-side and up-flowing on the evolution-side of every 2-faced idea becomes merged into a single portrait -- God's face. In an orderly sequence that is instantaneous, horizontals and verticals, angles and influences are swept away until only what is of God remains. This is the fruit offered to soul, to over-stand along side Unfathomable God -- not as a separate self or individual or group. All such divisions are rendered to be as they are -- illusions and illusionary progress upon a wheel that is not turned by God Himself, but turned by others. And as long as any 'other' is present, as long as progressions and cyclic exchanges are governing law, matter or substance in which either transparencies or blights can be perceived -- even of the finest etheric quality -- will always be a potential bride to God's liberating spirit. On all stages and corners of universal life -- visible and invisible, the union of spirit and matter is the passion play of the times. The extrication of what is of God from both and their reunion into the natural state of indivisibility is the only purpose we have to be born and die, to spin through cosmic lives and lifespans. It is the purpose of every star in heaven and every soul on earth. And where there is shared purpose, there is the light of hope that all may come to enjoy the day together when Truth's light dissolves the separating discretionary and discerning differences that plague not only humans, races, lands but planets, star-systems, galaxies, and universes.

In this portion of the omniverse, earnest souls must know that they find their selves in a condition of suffering -- in the same way Buddha advises bodhisattvas not to panic if they look down and see themselves standing in the raging fires of human passions. Actually, such naked awareness of human suffering is a breakthrough of Truth's early morning shining rays. And because such a humble admission of seeing lack of skill for what it is, this very insight automatically invokes and calls forth God's Grace. This is why sages such as Buddha, Laozi, and Christ taught that this world is a world of suffering, the realm of enduring, and why such a realm can indeed engender liberation for all within it. If one goes about believing he or she or the world and others are not living in the conditions of suffering, the soul can never conceive the spirit of non-suffering. And so the completion of extremes, the synergy of the two ends becoming one cannot take place. The soul is stuck, the property of inertia has no counterpart, and the virgin has no bridegroom.

In simple terms, change is initiation. Yet, initiation can only come about when what is presently inert begins to quicken. In the highest sense of the microcosmic soul, the conception of the spirit of non-suffering can be compared to the mansion of the soul taking on a new inhabitant, a spiritual one of a highly delicate vibration. In all ways, the spirit of non-suffering is precisely opposite to the conditions (or properties) of the microcosm. Where there are mountains of scars and wounds, this spirit is the counterbalancing valley of tender resiliency. Where there is obscuration, this spirit is equally and oppositely clear and transparent. Gradually, these two spirits merge. And to such a process, the name-label of "evolution" has been given. And stories of spiritual marriage and spiritual pregnancy describe the interplay of these two necessary spirits and their roles as liberating agents in dense, dualistic kingdoms such as this world. But these spirits are not to be confused with a Buddha or a Christ, an Elohim or Divine Spark. The spirit of suffering and the spirit of non-suffering are equally the same as Adam and Eve, male and female. They were produced by something greater, by others in a creation-story chain that leaves one to wonder who or what separated the light from the dark in Genesis-time. Yet, in the perfection of God's Mercy, wherever there are flaws, faults and sickness, where unresolved or tangled karma appears, there is already and always a natural balancing counterpart. However, activation and demonstration of divinity's natural balance can only come through the force of spiritual will rightfully applied upon the ethers of love that are subject to inertia and all it engenders.

Dilutions of this interplay are demonstrated on personal levels -- in the reflected face of soul we call individuals and people. Male and female relations are balanced both internally and externally. The war between the sexes is still being fought in humankind, every day. Yet, behind the scenes we are living through a cycle and epoch designed as a stage in the return to natural original design or God's Plan. In lesser terms continuing to use the Adam-Eve story as our foundation, eventually humanity will return as a harmonious couple, equally yoked as a living part of God. Every dimensional plane is an ether of love -- the womb of the Holy Mother. And on every dimension, in every system of creation, these ethers are stirred and activated by the Will of the Father. The fruits of this interplay, will eventually be harvested as everything that is is produced or created will eventually -- even if the lifespan is a trillion, zillion years -- be destroyed or die.

Eternity belongs only to God who is whole and complete unto Himself, as Himself. Even the Buddha writes about the time of his extinction. Yet he reminds us that all buddhas are the same. So as we contemplate life and death, soul-substances, evolution, stagnant or flowing-- all of these terms have innumerable meanings and correspondences in the creative spheres where Maya is the substance of all things. And where change -- be it chaos or peace -- is inevitable until even the dance of illusion and reality melts away in the moment when ALL return to their natural state of enlightenment. The enchantment found in heaven and earth with evolving mind and things of progress is the single-most danger to those who long to return to the enlightenment state. And such a return is as possible for soul only upon the wings of Grace and the utter willingness to die to all identifications except the one that is true. When we find True Self, all other selves are burned upon the sacrificial altar that stands at the doorway of the Inner Sanctum -- the Holy of Holies. All processes, transmigrations, and changes are then seen for what they are -- a dance between the presence of skill and the lack of skill. The changes to matter that make it spiritually quick. Or the changes to spirit that make it drunk.

In the appearing realms, where the senses govern what is thought upon and be-lie-ved, the lie and deception of sensory karma is as painful to God's sacrificial lambs as is the karmic consequence of enduring a slow, agonizing cancerous death. Yet, for the sake of God's lambs -- those portions of the collective ocean that are incarnated as a tiny spark of the Divine, enduring such agonies is merely a contrast to fond memories of God's appearance in other realms. The Buddhas to do not compare their buddha-fields, calculating highs or lows, densities or blights versus transparencies. To them, ALL are already enlightened. And in the appearing worlds and schemes and systems, ALL matter and spirit possess the potential for instant enlightenment. Why? Because God is truly ALL there is, without division, gradients, or dimensions. So until and unless, humanity drinks the karma that comes from government by divisive comparison to the very last drop and conceives the spirit of non-suffering within the small portion of universal soul-substance that present-day conditions represent, the inherent property of Inertia in matter will continue its fascinated and fixed journey upon the outer wheel of fate. And the Mother, as matter's representative, will continue her bondage and sacrifice until all that was created from her womb remembers that it is God's face in the mirror-mind of 2-eyes and 2-faces, and the love affair with reflected images finally ends. Yet, even such Remembrance of high esteem is merely a change in the realms outside of God's Land where changing and unchanging are experienced as doors, gates, locks, and keys.

May all awaken from Maya-mother's dreams and remember God. He is the spiritual expedient we long for in our heart-of-hearts. Yet, He is nearer-to than our hands and feet. More powerful than any magician or false king and court of any heavenly or hellish dimension or layer. Unaffected by any knot, taint, or tangle that misuse of His Will and Love can create. And comes to shine through soul like a thief in the night, exposing the true, dissipating the false, inspiring the weak, healing the sick -- giving to ALL the remembrance of liberation and reclamation that comes when the wheels of rotations and turning universes stop turning upon themselves and turn upon Him by turning to Him. This is the promise of Inertia and change. Yet, for those portions of soul-substance who still feel they must accumulate virtue for themselves alone, acquire spiritual security, and build temples of false glory on delusional foundations of individual stature; and for those who carry an heavy burden of fear -- in perpetual need of flattering reassurances that God indeed knows every hair upon their tiny pin-heads, such a glorious liberation may be many lifetimes away and more suffering may have to be endured. But even the future is a mirage. When past and future die, when all hopes and wishes fade as they must, then and only then can God reveal Himself. May we all be present to witness this coming while standing upon the lighted ground of soul-substance that never journeyed away from Him.