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The Plague of False Contentment

Christ serves no one, but God alone. And God is no respector of personalities or entrenched human habits as described in The Fall of Spirits. God is not the fulfiller of our self-centered and self-focused desires, hopes, and wishes. When one prays, seeking to acquire or gain something for themselves, no matter how nobly such a prayer might be disguised, they are not praying to God. And it is not God or Christ, who answers such prayers like a universal Santa Clause. They are, each and every one, praying to the pretender, wannabe luciferian god, who will dazzle, enchant, and beguile the gullible and ignorant with spectacular displays of miracles or personal gains in order to hook and and so chain ignorant souls more firmly to the cycle of spiritual death and blindness.

The hallmark of the profane is teachings and undertakings designed to take one in the wrong direction -- further and further away from God. This is visibly seen through the vibration of self-focus that stands behind such actions and words. The hallmark of the sacred is what takes one further and further away from self and ever-closer to God and what is genuinely holy - the Dao. Distinguishing between the two is no easy task if we are blinded by personal questing, led by desires ever urging us to make our selves bigger.

The self-honest soul search of a thorough life review leads one to see how often appeals to god to do one's personal bidding, grant individual wishes as one would have them granted, and buying and selling for acquisitions and gains have been utilized under the guise of prayer. Such a soul search will also reveal those moments of intense suffering when personal wish fulfillment and all other possibilities for gain exhausted themselves, leaving one feeling utterly futile and helpless. Such a collapse always reveals the expedient course of action: a surrender to whatever God has in store as His Will only, which isn't or wasn't necessarily what one hoped to gain or achieve. The soul can only utter one of two natural prayers: "Oh God, help me". Or "oh God, how can I help you?" Anything else is TRULY a personal appeal uttered by desire to over-ride natural soul-prayer, which is always and ever spiraling up to God, in devotion to ever moving closer to Him, regardless of desire's temptations or cries.

There is also another, far more important consideration relating to approaching the Dao: So far in life, most souls have only experienced teeny little dilution of the Dao's Truth-Light. And those experiences have been infrequent, sometimes many years and even lifetimes apart. With the prevailing conditions on earth, further exposure to That could prove harmful. Truth-Light has one function and purpose: to liberate the Christ-within from imprisonment in servitude to man's desires. You might surmise from what has already been said that any soul that is simply not yet ready to turn its back on what is decidedly profane, cannot move closer to that Divine Light which necessarily incinerates everything that holds the inner-Christ captive.

Given the seriousness of what is coming to humanity at the close of this cycle, there is critical need for as many souls as possible to walk the painful path of purification that is required before humanity, or even one single soul, ever approaches the Way. Yet, even now, we find that popular preaching, that which indulges ego fantasies, encouraging souls that are sadly not ready for the magnitude of planetary initiation to rest in a season of false contentment, clinging to the trails, ledges, and handholds of the imitation temple mount that is constructed of self-crowing and self-crowning glories such as: man-made knowledge, personal opinion, mimed techniques, complex mentation, and self-centered purposes. This is the way of the left-hand path as encouraged, perpetuated and fed by New Age glamourites who compete with God, wanting to imitate Him rather than submit to Him as All there Is.

There are so many who have been swimming in the glamour-pits of dabbling and manipulating dualistic forces to get what they want, to fulfill desire for themselves. And by their fruits and ongoing preaching/teaching, they perpetuate and add to the glamour-field of sticky, gooey sweetness that characterizes those who say they love God, but they love themselves more. By their service, what is loved most is always revealed. So, to find a genuine aspirant who can utterly surrender self-seeking is truly rare.

Sadly, serving the egoic self ahead of all else rather than seeking to know and serve God's Will is an intensifying factor that perpetuates and prolongs this terrible period of human suffering because each and every misguided soul knows only enough to be dangerous to themselves and to others. And all the while, they run around and infect others, encourage others to be like them -- to twist and turn the Truth to suit them, to keep Christ enslaved and captive as their personal servant. And all the while, they are knitting tighter and tighter knots which eventually have to be unwound, one day down the road. So opportunities that may have been present in one life are then postponed to a more opportune time, in the future. And then the new inhabitant of the microcosm will inherit and even larger mountain of karma to unravel. Why? Because the ignorant went about creating more and more new karma by ignoring and/or opposing God. When, if any had bothered to truly seek God's silent voice within and heed it, such an awful cycle of mis-creation would never have been possible. This is the plight of humanity, as a whole, and the plight of every soul incarnated here. The task is to clean up the old inherited karma and not create new karmic knots and tangles. And so through ignorance and entrenched defiance, the cycle of being nailed to the wheel of death and re-birth goes on and on and on.

By the law of free-will, anyone can choose to ignore what the avatars of the ages have been preaching for the last 3000 years. Or ponder deeply. In what remains of this particular lifetime and planetary cycle, there is no time to waste. Opportunities for every part of soul to make that fundamental turn-around, choosing God above all else, have come and gone, usually squandered in favor of indulging in worldly ways, upholding social traditions, and fulfilling highly personalized ideals that have nothing whatsoever to do with the soul purpose for being here. If one is interested in actually giving birth to a genuine spirit of helpfulness in what time remains, s/he must disengage from clinging to false contentment and actually be of some practical, useful service to others. Who among us can continue to deny the geological and biological events that are now unfolding so fast, except for those who only care about protecting their personal well-being? As global conditions intensify as they must and will, the evidence of wide-spread human suffering cannot be denied or ignored. And who among us can turn his or her back upon those who are in genuine need of help. Such a ripe condition offers a grand opportunity for the conception, birth, and living appearance of the spirit of helpfulness or brotherly love.

Rest assured that when Judgment Day arrives as it will, soul is accountable for what it has nurtured, and what purposes and principles it has supported with it's small share of God-given talents and wealth. The excerpt below from the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus as the Christ, offers a timely reminder:


The Christines go to a place apart to pray. Jesus warns them against the leaven of

the Pharisees and reveals the fact that all thoughts and deeds are recorded in God’s

Book of Remembrance. Man’s responsibility and God’s care.

NOW, when the feast was finished, Jesus, with the foreign masters and the

twelve, with Mary, Miriam and a band of loyal women who believed in Christ,

went to a place apart to pray.

2) And when their silence ended Jesus said, Be on your guard; the leaven of

the Pharisees is being thrown in every measure of the meal of life.

3) It is a poison that will taint whatever it may touch; and it will blight the

soul as sure as the fumes of Diabolos; it is hypocrisy.

4) The Pharisees seem fair in speech, but they are diabolical in heart.

5) And then they seem to think that thought is something they can lock

within themselves.

6) They do not seem to know that every thought and wish is photographed

and then preserved within the Book of Life to be revealed at any time the

masters will.

7) That which is thought, or wished, or done in darkest night shall be proclaimed

in brightest day;

8) That which is whispered in the ear within the secret place shall be made

known upon the streets.

9) And in the judgment day when all the books are opened up, these men,

and every other man, shall be a-judged, not by what they’ve said or done,

10) But by the ways in which they used the thoughts of God, and how the

ethers of eternal love were made to serve;

11) For men may make these ethers serve the carnal self, or serve the holy

self within.

12) Behold, these men may kill the body of this flesh; but what of that? the

flesh is but a transitory thing, and soon, by natural law, will pass;

13) Their slaughter only hastens nature’s work a little time.

14) And when they kill the flesh, they reach their bounds of power; they

cannot kill the soul.

15) But nature is the keeper of the soul as of the flesh, and in the harvest

time of soul, the trees of life are all inspected by the judge;

16) And every tree that bears no fruit of good is plucked up by the roots and

cast into the flames.

17) Who then shall you regard? Not him who has the power to kill the flesh,

and nothing more.

18) Regard the mighty one who has the power to dissolve both soul and body

in the flames of nature’s fire.

19) But man is king; he may direct his thoughts, his loves, his life, and gain

the prize of everlasting life.

20) And you are not abandoned in your struggle for the crown of life. Your

Father lives, and you shall live.

21) God has a care for every living thing. He numbers stars, and suns, and


22) He numbers angels, men and every thing below; the birds, the flowers,

the trees;

23) The very petals of the rose he knows by name, and every one is numbered

in his Book of Life;

24) And every hair upon your head, and every drop of blood within your

veins, he knows by number and by rhythm.

25) He hears the birdling’s call, the cricket’s chirp, the glow worm’s song;

and not a sparrow falls to earth without his knowledge and consent.

26) A sparrow seems a thing of little worth; yea, five of them are worth two

farthings in the market place, and yet God cares for every one of them.

27) Will he not care much more for you who bear his image in your soul?

28) Fear not to make confession of the Christ before the sons of men, and

God will own you as his sons and daughters in the presence of the host of


29) If you deny the Christ before the sons of men, then God will not receive

you as his own before the hosts of heaven.

30) And more I say, Fear not when men shall bring you up before the rulers

of the land to answer for your faith.

31) Behold, the Holy Breath shall teach you in your hour of need what you

should say, and what is best left unsaid.

32) And then the Christines went again to teach the multitudes.