Linguistic Image Commentary

Mountain SKYLIGHT's Linguistic Image can spark insight into what shines through each hexagram as each one holds a spiritual opportunity and promise behind and within its arrangement of solid and broken lines. When we read the English "name-label" for a hexagram such as oracle or fare we might be tempted to stick with the first, immediate thoughts about the word as commonly used in daily life instead of peering deeper -- allowing the hexagram to reveal itself as a synthesizing spiritual bridge.

In the linguistic sense, this proffered bridge instrumentally connects East to West using the basic elements of sound, alphabetic construction, and intuitive meaning so what appear to be differences between racial or cultural blood-consciousness can harmoniously blend or synthesize with one another. In the highest sense, this invisible bridge has the potential to connect soul to spirit, which is the ultimate promise in and behind every hexagram of the I Ching. To the awakened mind-heart, every image carries the potential to extend multi-dimensionally as the vertical path that ever and always leads to God.


Etymology of ECLIPTIC

Middle English ecliptik, from Late Latin ecliptica linea, literally -
line of eclipses

As an adjective:
Date: 14th century

of or relating to the ecliptic or an eclipse

As a noun:
Date: 15th century

: the great circle of the celestial sphere that is the apparent path of the sun among the stars or of the earth as seen from the sun : the plane of the earth's orbit extended to meet the celestial sphere

Etymology for ECLIPSE

Middle English, from Anglo-French,
from Latin eclipsis, from Greek ekleipsis,
from ekleipein -
to omit, fail, suffer eclipse
from ex- + leipein=
to leave

As a noun:
Date: 13th century

1 a: the total or partial obscuring of one celestial body by another b: the passing into the shadow of a celestial body — compare occultation transit
2: a falling into obscurity or decline; also : the state of being eclipsed <his reputation has fallen into eclipse>
3: the state of being in eclipse plumage

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Reading the English language etymologies for both ecliptic and its' root, eclipse, brings up the timely reminder of how powerful words are and how they can stir inspiration, revitalize the weary, provoke the sluggish, and eventually lead soul to the door to all wonders. How so?

This issue's Linguistic Image article tells us that Ecliptic's imagery is a combination of bird (Niao) and sun (Ri), which immediately gives rise to the vision of migrating birds travelling along the path of the sun, as well as the memory of Mercury's winged feet. Whether movement is initiated upon winged feet or winged soul-birds that appear as planets or persons, stars or constellations, insightful contemplation into the line of eclipses that stand between a solar sun and a galactic sun such as the center of the Milky Way, and between all such life-sustaining sun's and the behind-the-scenes Central Spiritual Sun - who is both the beginning and ending of all travels and migrations - is helpful in revealing the arduous journey of soul speeding homeward.

In this article, the source-full Spiritual Sun is considered the same as the One Life or God's Son/Sun -- the Cosmic or Universal Christ-Buddha, who is the sole Holy One on any heaven or earth. Regardless of religiosity's prescriptions of who? what? where? why? and how? used to describe God's sun's facial expression -- there is only One, even though called by many names.

Buddha, Jesus as Christ, Krishna, Laozi, Yogananda, and other appearances of Truth, who have come and gone over the ages, all taught about finding and following the path of Truth Way that clears and transcends (walks above) the murky obscurations that hide God's Glory -- like cataracts blinding the sight of an ordinary person. So as we peer into ecliptic, we must first consider it's root, eclipse, in order to understand the purpose of winged feet and soled-soul.

Eclipse means: to omit, fail, suffer eclipse, or to leave. Previous articles have discussed Adam-Eve's fall from Grace, how they were banished from God's Garden as personifications of pan- humanity's ancestral parents, and how each of us, incarnated on Earth, carries and is effected by this original seed-karma within the substance of the soul microcosm.

The article, The Fall of Spirits, describes in the Gnostic-tradition, the primordial eclipse or obscuration (forgetting) of God by the overshadowing of the idea or be-lie-f that one is actually an independent self, separate and apart from God. And how the idea of separate self is baited and hooked to co-mingle and join forces with other will-force principles to utilize God's Will for their own purposes and glory. In other words, each and every misguided "force" is acting upon God's ethers of Love to fulfill the desire to become like Him. In all such self-focused activity, the only result can be an ever-increasing eclipse of God's Celestial Body (His Kingdom) by the overshadowing of "another" body. What was originally unified and One, separated into two.

The Edenic Garden was founded in duality. The Light and the Dark were already separated, according to Genesis as the first act of the 7-days of creation work. The garden was originally home to two trees, free-will choice was always present. The various cosmologies describing relations between Creation and it's opposite, mis-creation, are repeated in every religion's teachings as wars in heaven over who really wears the "crown of Glory" -- a chafing conflict that is inevitably mirrored on every earth, every solar system, every galaxy in wider and wider fields of life by degrees of harmonization or in the governmental sense, ratification of God's Law of the land or others. The genuinely truthful mystery schools - including mystical Taoist Inner Alchemy -- tell of planetary and soul purgation and the periodic, cyclical cleansing of miscreants from the bloodstream of Holy Life. There are many inspired writings, from the Apocryphon of John to Buddha's Lankavatara Sutra, that speak of same though expressed differently to appeal to the differences in spiritual capacities. So, we need not look very far for toning keys that, when activated by mutual resonance in one's heart, can and will reveal the nature of ecliptic as the "path of return" or the Way soul must travel to reunite in and as Original Design.

Everything that is born must die. Even soul. And so it is important that soul begin to relate with the Divine spark - the image of God - that is in pan-humanity, even at this very late date in this particular galactic season. The golden thread of Truth is the longed for ecliptic path. But it cannot be found and followed if one is more interested in acquiring the progressive accumulations that soul, under the eclipsed influence of individual self-centered grasping to become like a god, is the path of travel. One cannot travel two paths, at once. Jesus as Christ said similarly when he admonished humanity that it could not serve two masters. In such conditions, a split or division will always be present until such time as the 'two become one'.

To move as an initiate who is genuinely touched by Divinity's Grace is to be quickened into Remembrance of God -- on both extremes of opposites, across the dualistic cosmos. Internally, a period of purgation will unfold, which is the end of all wars between inner male and inner female that eventually gives birth to the natural, reverent inner peace that seeks nothing whatsoever for itself. No longer following the orbital path of wish fulfillment, bedazzled and eclipsed by wish fulfilling stars, or powered by the wings of desire, the Middle Way opens behind humanity's Eve-astral body and Adam-mental body. The heart-mind or, in the lesser sense, emotion-thinking are unified and what was once cramped, conditioned, frictional, and limited becomes quietly empty and expansive as the soul-substance or blood is cleansed of all obscurations that prevent genuine commingling and communion with authentic Holiness. The purest water of Christ-Buddha's Life, the sweetdew of gnosis, the well-spring of Life begins to stream, then rivers, then oceans. The "door to all wonders" opens and revelatory Truth pours through the ethers to cleanse the landscape of obscurations that have long held humanity in bondage to serving the imitation self in rounds of miscreation that have led to this present-day condition. And what was once experienced as painful, heart-breaking purgation in the personal sense transmutes into voluntarily gifted worldly, solar, and galactic service as the cup of karmic blood is drunk to the last drop by the awakened Divine Spark in its Remembrance of Him (God). Only Christ can drink this cup, and only Grace can transmute karmic remembrance, transforming it into re-member-ing into God.

In God, genuinely in the Dao, there is no male or female, even though we may speak of Divine Male or Divine Female or Mother and Father. Revelatory Grace-bestowed "knowing" reminds us that any grasping to either yin or yang is a latching onto some identification, some personalization that "we are something". And even further, that "we must do something". When all the while, God is the do-er. God is Love. God is Life. And, God is the Way. In practical terms, what this change or initiation of our married Adam-Eve means is that God remembers Himself in the microcosm, all horizontals are flooded with His Light, which is precisely what transpires when the Divine Spark -- that tiny little fragment of the Central Spiritual Sun found in the heart of hearts -- awakens from it's slumber and stays awake by not falling into the coma-inducing, shadowing, sleep-eclipse of self-centered emoting and thinking, devotion and focus. Equally, soul remembers unto God in a gradual process that leads to faster and faster purification as signified by the Central Sun/Son standing behind-the-scenes, becoming more and more frequently and frequency apparent in this "realm of appearances" as the shadowing clouds cast by the imitation sun/son of self-identification diminishes. Truth's dawning light shines forth. Soul finally remembers that it is moved along the cosmic ecliptic path of millions-billions of eclipses upon the wings of the Divine Spark's feet, for the purpose of voluntarily rendering spiritual service to God and His Plan. And with such noble remembrance, the spiritual bride and groom of soul and spirit unify in the cosmos-shaking initiation wherein "I and the Father are One".

These are the promises of the I Ching as they are the promises of all that is devoted to the liberation of sentient beings, cosmos-wide. Whether helpful service in mortal realms or preaching the Dharma to astral ghosts, the liberation of re-union, the merging of male and female, the dissolution of all membranes that hold inner and outer apart -- all is the work of Spirit. And so in keeping with our present theme of drinking the cup of karma to its last bitter drop -- whether biological, cultural, racial, or ancestral, the dregs for the sons and daughters of Adam-Eve are the same -- whether one is living on Venus or planet Earth, or has trailing threads to Sirius or Laughius:

The celestial body that eclipses God's Holy Sun is delusion's offspring, the sun/son of possession and individual self that rose upon Eden the very moment two eyes opened and individual selves were perceived and then fed the fruits of dualistic good and dualistic evil. Every binary system, where two suns shine, displays this choice-making condition as a system founded upon free-Will. Yet, upon the wings of right choice -- freely-made and always honored, what believes itself to be apart from God can to return to living in God's Grace. Every dualistic opposite to the Sun/Son of God is gradually diminished in its' powerful force-influence upon soul-substance. Unified Adam-Eve are as feather-light as in primordial time. And as a pair of doves -- mated for all eternity, they move upon the wings of devotion and service, throughout the realms of God's Love until all their sons and daughters are returned to the sanctity of God's Edenic Garden.

May all remember the natural Grace of God's given Life, His Sun. Amen.