LAOISM: The Complete Teachings of Lao Zi
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Lao Zi left behind a treasure other than the Tao Te Ching, namely the Fourteen Character Couplet. This Couplet is the best representation of his two voume work, Tao and Te. It is the magic and taslismanical description of Lao Zi's understanding of the Power of Tao and the Action of Te in his own creative Chinese characters.

Each character represents a step, a stage, and a state of one-being with the Tao and loving with the action of Self. All together, the Fourteen Character Couplet demonstrates one of the most concise and visual spiritual disciplines among all the treasures of the world. It is time to present this treasure to the public, and Laosim, the complete teachings of the Tao Te Ching and the Couplet, is the result.

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shown in blue, below)
Part One: The Descending Order: TAO
Step 1: Jade  

The Introduction of Value
Body, the Troublesome Beauty
Trapping in Justifying Body
Oh, What a Body
The Evergreen Jade-body
Characteristic Representative
Meditation Practice

Step 2: Body  

Understanding the Form
Cauldron - The Self-Germinating Cooking Vessel
Recording The Cooking Vessel
A Cultural Norm
Historical Lesson
The Inner Alchemists' Forming Trinity
The Contribution of Three Cinnabar Fields
An Expression of Body

Meditation Practice

Step 3: Smelts  


The Ecological Structure of the Character
Lao Zi on Water
The Prime and Combustion of Water and Fire
The Practical Value of Water and Fire
A Hope for Life
Utilizing Water and Fire Within
Meditation Practice
Step 4: Chemically  
  The Picture of Five Elements
The Minerals of Modern Society
Minding the Minerals
Minding in Organic-Mind
The Practical Value of the Character
The Extinction of Five Thieves
Transforming the Five Thieves into Selfless Love
Meditation Practice

Step 5: Life  

The Designative Mind
The Power of Order
The Rising of Conscious Second Thought
The Empty Xing
Characteristic Representation
Presence of Flowing
The Beauty of this Character
The True Instinctive Behaviour
The True Spiritual Instinct
How Long Should the Will Be, Really!
Meditation Practice

Step 6: Perennial  
  The Meaning of Perennial
The Perennial Spirit
The Three Bodies We Have
Working Through with No Opposition
Lao Zi on Opposition
What Life Teaches Us
The True Meaning of Knowing
The Mystery of Perennial
Biblical Answers to Laoist's Character
Realization Upon Perennial
The Alchemical History of the Perennial Life Force
Meditation Practice
Step 7: Pill

The Nature and Triple Function of Spirit
What is This Life Pill
The Mechanism of Self-Water
From Organic Ocean to Cloudy Elixir
Beyond Science
A Comparative View of Water
Embodied Water
Why This Water-Qi-Pill?
Laoist's Position on This Water-Qi-Pill
Meditation Practice

Part Two: The Ascending Order: TE
Step 8: Right  

The Antithetical Beauty of Chinese Language
The Characteristics of Laoist Couplet
A Word on Right
Where Did Lao Zi Go Afterward?
A Religious History on the Character Zheng
A Historical Understanding of Zheng -y
What Means Right
Jade or Chlorophyll
Where Does the Green Qing Stand in Our Body
The Clarity of Qing: Water Plus Green
The Motion of Qing: Heart Plus Green
The Sound of Qing: Speech Plus Green
The Position of Right
A Word on Emotional Qing - The Drive
Laoist Further Advice

Meditation Practice

Step 9: Mind
  Tao, What Everything Right Rises and Returns
Before the Secrecy of Stealing
Involutionary Tao
Evolutionary Fusion of the Tao
Spiritual Action of the Tao
The Tao in the Couplet
What is Tao
Tao and Nature
Naming the Nameless Tao
The Tao of Mind
Meditation Practice
Step 10: Cultivates
  Where is the Conscious Inch-Size Tao
The Characteristic Representation
The Two-Way Journey of Following
The Origin of Heart
Animal Spirits
Celestial Spirits in Animal Form
Behind the Science
Taming the Heart
Meditation Practice
Step 11: Faithfully

Faithful Heart
Man's Way versus Nature's Way
The Characteristic Representation
The Meaning of Success
Between Realization and Actualization

Between Wish and Hope
The Content of Faith
On Trustworthy Speech
The Faithful Practice on Selfhood Tao
What Faith Means in the Art of Healing
Meditation Practice

Step 12: Immortal  

The Structural Content of Immortality
The Faith That Transforms
What the Faith Lives Upon - The Trustful Oneness
Characteristic Representation
Well, the Hollowing Well
Well, Well, Spiritual Well
The Nature of Holy Water
The Magic Play of Holy - Water - Tao
The True Object for Enhancement
Meditation Practice

Step 13: Self  
  The Characteristic Representation
The Literal Application
Conscious Dying Practice
What Does "Not to be Forgotten" Mean
Why "Employ the Tao of Today?"
Reserving the Climaxing Mentality
Tao and Aging
Meditation Practice
Step 14: Elixir  

Liberating the Man Within
The Resolution of the Man Within
Understanding the Spiritual Pregnancy
Tao and Qi
Laoism on Machine - Qi
Qi Must Be Sold
Individual is Qi
Establishing a Spiritual Family
Entering the Eternal Home
Choose to Die
Final Launch
Character Representation
Meditation Practice