Excerpt from Step 14: Nine plus Pure

Final Launch

Just as the outer alchemist designed the fireworks by experimenting with the timing of various explosives, inner alchemists refined the biospiritual fluid into golden elixir to enjoy the cosmic communication. Just as scientists invented and launched the satellite, hoping to discover and receive accurate information of either self-projected or alien habitation, Taoists returned to the deepest basement of earth-building --- cave --- in order to launch the spiritual flight and understand the cosmic construction within the watery muscles and shining bones.

In 51st hexagram [ of the I Ching ], the second line expresses vividly this journey of transformation. "The arousal thunders with lightening by bringing forth the critical transition. You must lose a hundred thousand shells and climb the nine hills. Do not go in pursuit of them. Within seven days, you will be back home again."

The "arousal" is zheng or the first sun, representing God's arousal. Its power is lightening and thundering, bringing forth necessary crisis. This crisis stands for the critical transition. Lke a hatched bird pecking through the shell and becoming individualized, the spiritual liberation lies precisely in the power and the ability of the transforming spirit -- from bodily realm to cosmic home. It relies on the swift speed of lightening to burn the flesh, in order to free the spirit. It is a massive arousal to the spirit, and the most surprising shock to the consciousness.

Therefore, the consciousness must prepare to sell a hundred thousand shells. Shell represents the skin and entire body, the number represents the total number of individual parasites within the body. Each parasite is a spiritually transcended conscious cell and a concrete object based in a breathing shell. In order to fly, consciousness must die; spirit must liberate from these shells.

The only choice is then to climb the 9 hills of the brain palace. There are 9 openings in the brain skull, each forming a printed mark, a suppressed hole, emitting the light coming from the star. The middle hill is called crowning point, where a hundred thousand spiritual conscious lights unite and become as one singular spirit-light. When the power of lightening and thundering comes through the journey of climbing, the spiritual fire rests at the crowning point, readying its flight to heaven.

Seven days represents the 7 layers of cosmic creative foundation, the 7 holes within the face, 7 colors of the rainbow arch, one hydrogen and six oxygen molecules, and earth's 7 conscious days of creation. When the spirit travels across the seven layers of cosmic creative foundation, it is finally home. The Pure Person is welcomed by all the enlightened sages and celestial beings. The journey into the Tao is actualized. It is the conclusion of sacrificial indebtedness that faith is rewarded.

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