Excerpt from Step 10: Human plus Follow plus Heart

Meditation Practice

Heart is empty, it resembles the cosmic womb.

Heart is love, it attracts the chasing light.

Heart is the center, it balances the conscious intention and its physical action.

Heart is where the heart meets, the love dances, the body sweats, the spirit delights, and the soul cries.

Heart is an empty vessel, the instrument of the Tao, the maker of unconditional love, the central peace for justice, the refiner of all wondering souls.

Heart is the caldon of inner spiritual fire, the wheel of life, the fortune of make-belief, the elixir of healing, the igniter for liberation.

Heart is the source of life, the home of the couple, the school for education, the justice in a conscientious society, the temple of spirit.

There is no materinal in the heart as it becomes visible through the materials of love.

There is no vibration in the heart, longing and echoing are dancing through the heart.

There is no lawful punishment coming through the heart, sacrifice and forgiveness are the justice of the heart.

There is no projection or rejection attached to the heart, acceptance and understanding are the heart.

Love is the instrument of the heart, thoughts are the vibration of the heart, mechanism is the suffering of the heart, faith is the examiner of the heart, children are the speaker of the heart, machine is the comforter of the heart, pet is the understanding of the heart.

Life is the inspiration of the heart, consciousness is the flow of the heart, behaviour is the role-palyer of the heart, result is the reward upon the heart, death is the birth of the heart, enlightenment is the bliss of the heart.

Light is the lover of the heart, colors are the matchmakers of the heart, wisdom is the spirit of the heart, gut feeling is the arousal of heart, intellect is the eye of heart, love is the play of heart.

Feet are longings of the heart, arms are the angels of the heart, embracement is the oneness of the heart.

Being content is the attitude of the heart.

Dream is the art of the heart, wish is the planning of the heart, hope is the encouragement of the heart, success is the consequence of the heart.

Virtue is the judge of the heart, kindness is the response from the heart, compassion is the heart-blow, stillness is the heart-containment.

Heart is for one at a time and heart for all in no time.

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