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Jin - Ecliptic, Hexagram 35 of King Wen, Hexagram 61 of Moondial

Linguistic Image:
Jin - Ecliptic


Migrating immigrant

Thanks for the heaven, the almighty creator, to send and confirm me the power of Jin hexagram. In the middle of three-month assignment, I tried to understand its linguistic structure, two birds on top of sun, and I was ready, as a single bird, to fly soon to Brazil. This was the time during the middle of fall. In the sky, the birds were flying in a V shape or arrow-head pattern, towards the southern hemisphere. On ground, I was booked, an online ticket, with a man-made bird, airplane, to fly south two months late.

This divine trip started five years ago, when I saw an article written by the sponsor living in Brazil for a Taoist website. The article describes how the stars in the southern constellations would map the human hemispheres. From this article, I knew that the sky in the south tells a different story of human conscious interaction with the nature. I equally knew at the moment that how difficult it was to map the Chinese 28 sky-mansions in the sky at the time, since the land mass of China was in Northern Hemisphere. I would wonder then how accurate the map was, since the ancient Chinese astrologists had only the ability to observe the sky physically as south as Vietnam or Thailand would extend. Theoretically, the Red Phoenix was the power of the binary star Sirius, or the longevity star governing the southern sky, as the Chinese called it. But practically, there was no Chinese would live in the southern Hemisphere, whether in South African Continent, or South American Continent, thousand years ago. There maybe some information received from the travelers or traders from Africans, but never Mayas.

Though, we humans have the ability to consciously tap into both the north and south poles, because our body of perineum and mind of crown have been designed so. But to actually sit on the Southern Continent for a northerner like Chinese, and see the southern night sky, was a not realistic task, and almost impossible at that time, three thousands years ago. Maybe they used astral traveling power, or applied their telepathic skills to communicate with Mayas or Africans in the south. Since human vibration is, by nature, polarized; and in each given situation when one thinks or feels, there would be a corresponding same but opposite reaction done or respond deeded by the other. When the workability of our physical vehicle teams up with the possibility of our conscious mind, everything is, and has been, essentially and virtuously, connected. We as humans have the same basic vibratory devices, to communicate physically or mentally, between any two given genders, races or situations. This has been my conscious traveling journey, since I migrated from China to the US.

That is why it was a heavenly blessing for me to be able to travel south and see the night sky physically. Regardless of how many Chinese had migrated into the south, examining the sky from the Taoist or I Ching's perspective is entirely a different task. To take the essence of I Ching and expand beyond the territory of China is my life call. Jin hexagram made this possible, and I am very thankful.

About 3 or so years ago, while I was working on wind-over-earth hexagram, the linguistic structure of Guan (Temple) gave me such a powerful confirmation that birds were the ancestors of humanoral languages. Since birds are the most sensitive seasonally timed creatures, our human brains receive from and respond to what differentmigrating birds havetraveled to present. The Chinese character for Guan or Temple was a giant bird carrying a frightened and crying baby. Because our body is not designed with wings, we cannot fly like our friendly bird-angels. Those bird-angels are the daily and seasonal messengers. Without birds, we do not have the natural alarm o'clock for the morning call, or seasonal installment. Though some birds live only in tropical regions, like the Brazilian national bird living in Amazon jungle, or others resign only in Poles, like penguins, most of bird clans move up and down, and travel back and forth, between two hemispheres.

Understanding this character, I image that maybe due to the grasping claws or biting bill, a giant bird pulled off our earliest ancestor's horns attached above his or her ears below the temples. This is maybe another reason the most sacred place with most sanctuary facility is called temple in English language, and in turn, the definition of the side brains which function like fish while breathing and eating. When you observe some who is eating and drinking, or speaking and shouting, the muscles, blood strings and specific pressure points along their temples would become alive as if a rhythmic flow and chorographic display. This answers also why the three eye-docked meridians loop and zigzag along sides of human brain before they gig-tag down from the back of the neck and trunk. Further, we invented the word angel, to remind and inspire us how we should use our armed handy fingers. From this, we, me and Yin Yang the co-author, named our first collaborated project as Angelic Wings, to describe the origin and function of human meridian system.

Flying Machine - Fei-ji

In our modern time, an airplane or aircraft, which is a man-made bird, would departure, fly across the sky, and land like a bird. And it is designed and manufactured so! At least the Wrights Brothers had talked to the flying creatures, eagles, hawks or falcons, and exchanged their information, just like Natives would do those free-flights, to perform and complete their ceremonial practice. As for me, bird feather would be my air-ticket, and bird dung would be my receipt. I knew for sure, when I visited the Wrights Brothers' testing site for the first flight, they wanted to travel across the Atlantic Ocean, by air, like a bird, to go home, just that.

Nowadays, with so many airports constructed all over the world, a plane cannot fly simply like a migrating bird, from north and south in one season and then back to the original place six months later. Everything of a man-made bird is computerized, digitally controlled, and light-housed through GPS system. Reading the flight-manus for a pilot is like reading the legal document for a lawyer. And they are being paid well, if they can advance themselves into the elite brackets.

But imagine now, realistically and scientifically, a bird flies from one hemisphere to the opposite, carrying in its stomach the seed-food. By the time it lands in the new home, the seeds stored in the stomach would sprout in the new land. With the same token, a plane carries dozens or hundreds of people, like seeds, places them in their assigned seats, flies across the sky, like a how a boomerang, a arrow, or a bullet would behave, and lands in a place many passage-birds had never been there before, as if new seeds. Those passage-birds, called tourists, diplomats, or business men and women, have to present that they have and can, and exchange with what the locals provide. Unfortunately, a modern day American would find his or her national brands anywhere in the world, from fast food like MacDonald, to instant talker like cell phone, to fastest calculator like a newest computer. For many Americans, born in America land and grew up with America English are enough of a deal, to the lower and poorer citizens in the rest of the world. I am a Chinese immigrating in North America and I am a migrating bird visiting South America! I am a migrating immigrant!

Landing in Brazil

This is what I have discovered while I was I Brazil. I stayed in an American hotel, spoke half-broken and half-frozen American accent, presented the information in the workshop written in American English, being treated as a first-class guest in a five-star hotel, and had a good time. I was astonished to discover that American is the market place for the world. If any traditional product or ethnic brand cannot be updated with American English and upgraded into computer language, it would become obsolete like an indigenous language extinguished or endangered species disappeared. At the workshop, I presented the information of Taoist Inner Alchemy, and Chinese I Ching, but I had to deliver them like an American produce, and an English product. Who am I then, aside from being a national Chinese, a native Taoist, with an immigration statue of America Visa?

The sponsor in Brazil had revealed to me, subconsciously, that I was the first Chinese born instructor she had invited. This made me realize that how powerful the United State of America is and how useless to be a native and national Chinese. Yet, deep inside, I am still a Taoist, and outwardly, I am still a Chinese. What I have realized some days ago, "We belong to our ancestors, but America belongs to us." is true and powerful. America becomes the golden land for all human races; and America markets not for Americans but entire world.

During the time while I stayed in San Paulo, the clouds were the boss. I wanted from my heart to see the clear night-sky of the south, but clouds keep blocks the sky and flocks with spring rains. Only on fourth night, just a few hours, I was able to see the moon in the sky. And it was opposite! Opposite to how a moon face races in the north! Consciously, with the earth axis as the straight line from northeast to southwest, I placed the same moon but two and opposite looks on both sides, where the northern moon looks toward southeast, and southern moon faces towards northwest. The S line of the tai Chi is formed, and the S shape inside the Tai Chi circle is domed.

I never saw the southern blue or golden night sky during the 5-day visit. Yet, I was not being disappointed. Conducting the last meditation practice, my temples were eye-glassed, and I became in my visual world that giant bird described in the Guan or Temple hexagram. As soon as the temple-socked eyes were extending leftward and rightward, I was gone. Then in my mind's eye, I saw a baby sitting underneath the bird's stomach, like a white dot. This white dot was wired with light lines, to centralize into the conjunction between the baby and belly of the bird. Afterward, the wired light lines would wire through bird's body, and form a dome above its back.
The giant bird was flying southward, as its left wing was touching the land-point of South America and its right wing was blowing the land-point of South Africa. Its head rested like the Australian Continent. Inside my mind at that point of time, I saw a V shaped three stars were locking and rotating the cup or cubic shape of four other stars, and three other above the cup. All the stars were shining as black dots inside the red flame, much like black seeds inside watermelon.

Next day, a student who lived in southern part of Brazil, presented me a gift made from wood with the South Cross on it. As I saw the patterns, The V shaped Crux constellation was the same shape I saw during the meditation. The cup of cubic shaped stars is, for sure, part of the Bigger Dipper. Finally, clouds did not prevent me from seeing the southern sky, and stars were talking to me.

By the time I returned back to Cleveland, OH, my mind was wired differently ever since. Like evenly scaled, neutrally appointed, my conscious awareness was centered, but not focused, balanced without trying to achieve so. A few weeks later, as I started the second chapter of Tao of Change, I was able to complete the map of married between northern and southern skies.

Blood is thick than Water

Upon returning, the energy gathered during the 5-day visit in Brazil was cooking and buzzing heavily in me. In the end, I am still a Chinese, as the destined fate tells me that I should not be naturalized with American citizenship, that I must retain my Chinese bloodline, not for racial color, but for spiritual lineage. To be a Chinese and Taoist, I was double-blood-charged. And there is no other way round, or around.

China is the Dish, and Taoist is the Fish! That is the realization I came to actualize. The English name of China is dated back to how the Silk Road Trade was established, where the fine dining dishes and cups were made in China, Zhong Guo or the Central Kingdom. The English name for China was not named after the Central Kingdom, but after the chinaware. The power of smelting chinaware was originated from the power of fingers, which in turn, the power of assembling the textures of mother earth.

Not only is a truely awakened Taoist a fine dish to serve the fare for humanity, but also a golden fish to glorify the golden dome above the earth! This made me not to imitate how a westerner would present a time-tabled and lime-structured presentation, but prepare enough just to be there, feel the entire atmosphere in the room furnished and textured with attending audience, and perform magically like a live conductor live-frying and drying all different music instruments played by various musicians. For any Westerners, you can cut, divide, and package the Taoist Inner Alchemy, and Chinese I Ching, but you cannot slice and dice the golden elixir that was cooked the golden fish inside a golden vase and decorated with yellow flower. Taoism is the golden means, and Taoist is the golden fish lining up all the live and organic meridians with universal live firmaments. A Chinese born and baptized Taoist is a golden fish of China. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Thus, from this first international lecture, I truly know that I am a Taoist Fish selling Taoist golden flower, and smelling allover like a Taoist golden dish. That is the true assignment from the Taoist sky, to travel like a golden bird, which contained the golden seed inside the stomach of golden earth, and promote globally the golden flower of humanity shining above the mountains of earth and zones of birth.

Musical Fragrance

I realized then the gestation womb is the quest's tomb! Why so? Working on Brazilian people and dancing with their meridians, I noticed that by the time an individual retrieved back to his or her womb, the legging posture was totally different from hundreds upon thousands of quests who were conceived and born in the Northern Hemisphere. There is something about the people conceived and grown up in the Southern Hemisphere were musically free. Being musically free is all what I can describe about a Brazilian. Regardless of original blood line, the meridian lines of South American Continent did some fantastically good to the children born on that particular land. This answers also why the entire world is now imitating African blooded but African American flooded rap music, and street rappers. Slavering mentality has never, and will never, legalized the divine African blood line. And white race can never whiten up or down the black face. The drumming tongue as well as the Adam's dam born inheritably inside an African people can never be erased or tinctured.

The same truth goes to Brazilian music! It was not the Portuguese who whitened the black out, nor the indigenous native can never white the potato flours with cow's screaming white cream. It is the two arms of the Mother earth's armory land. When one arm of South Africa and the other arm of South America are teamed by Atlantic Ocean, the songs produced by these two continents are like the twin-souls sewing the love lines and longing lines inside the sacred and holy songs of love, below or beneath the mother earth's heading crown, Australian Continent. August strains the harvesting food, and Australian strings the telepathic wool cooled inside a human fool. In human temple, as A is formed by legs and pelvic form, and U is crowned and enthroned with skulls, the cosmic gust is the holy must, the white breath of God, and white cream screaming inside the universal womb.

What am I now? I was born as a yellow race whose angelic mother was a Black Mindanao. I grew as I was unscrewed with the alphabetic riddles of the White Race, so as to speak with English as the latest and most updated legal codes constructed by the alphabetic griddles. Now, I was in South American, stretching my arms down like how the South American Continent and South Africa Continent would reach, towards the beheaded island of Australian Continent. When my eye sees, it is the original land that human eyes spotted upon, in the midst of embryonic and abdominal oceans. I am all four races, by now, and the only truth left is the central yellow sprout plowed by the golden moon upon the golden land above the sky of the earth.


It is at this point, I understand the dual bird stroke on top of sun stroke in Chinese Jin character, or Ecliptic hexagram. The dual bird on top of sun is one bird, flying and migrating back and forth between two hemispheres and two equinoxes. The equinoctial arch on top of earth would resemble how a plane would fly from New York to San Paulo, or from London to Cape Town. As this plane flies from north to south and then back home to complete the round trip, the smoke from the tail of the plane would draw a nice and fine equinoctial or ecliptic line in the sky. Most of the time, the round trip flight uses the same airplane in English, or same flying machine -feiji-in Chinese.

Between migrating bird and flying plane, my mind is zoomed into the ecliptic power of sun, and my hearts rings the ecliptic flower of moon. By the time these two sky-eyes view the day and review the night, my thought flies like a free bird, and my heart dials the free-trials, where the plane spreads and explains. Working through this duality is working through the realistic city. In actuality, the realistic city localizes most of our working citizens into two homes: one business or professional home, and the other family or residential home. Fathers labor most of time in their business homes called companies or corporations, and mothers labor majority of time in their residential homes called families or home-dishes. This is the normal route of a day, or in any given day, for a normal adult or working citizen, to travel back and forth between work and family, where family needs the working capital, and job deeds the family castle.

Bird does the same, though the difference is in 6 month-period, instead 8 hr period. Six months in one place and another six months in another place, bird spreads the holy springs, the falling seeds loaded in its stomach, to invest into spring plantation. By the fall, during the return, there would be new harvesting seeds waiting to be billed. Historically, bird did not only carry agricultural seeds in its stomach while traveling and returning home. It carried, once in a while, a human seed, as well. This answers mystically, why and how humans lost their horns, or antennas. This also answers my previously digested Guan hexagram, Temple, Wind over Earth, where the linguistic construction of this Chinese character was giant flying bird carrying a frightened and crying baby.

The pattern of a bird's traveling behavior is called migration. This could be the name-character for the hexagram Jin. Between Mig (Russian Fighter Aircraft) and ration, my action upon my nation will be rated. By adding "I am" action, migration extends into immigration. The trouble is that a migratory bird has a natural dual citizenship, but not all humans. Many countries do not allow or permeate their citizens carry dual passports. Racially defined nationality is a tough ration for any citizens to immigrate.

Dual Equinoctial Powers

Reviewing the above, between spring and fall seasons, birds fly back and forth along the shades of sun, planting seeds into the field and constructing nests for the new families. Afterwards, summer grows with rain to invest the feast and winter rests with snow to destroy the nests. The power of vernal equinox verbalizes the power of joy through the voice of phoenix, so that summer solstice can have a say about red fire. The power of autumn equinox automatically sums things up through the rising mists into the sky and numbs things down through the cooling sensations of coming nights, in order for the winter to win the terms of all sorts of firms. Along this process, watermelon juice cools into fermented colorful wine and afterward distilled clear oil. Flowers blossom into juicy beverages, so that bees are forever in rage. Seeds contain oil, so that nothing can spoil its distilled white spirit.

When the bird tells us that the seed it flies into two hemispheres is the same, but contains - after harvest - dual equinoctial powers. This is because in equinox, the sun produces naturally dual heads or seeds, where one head or seed produces the spring and youth, and the other materializes autumn and wisdom seed. Equally, when a man is young, sperm-head is mostly stronger or physically potent than the thinking brain or thought-head. But when a man reaches his wisdom age, his white-haired head is more sharp and virtuous than his retarded and rejected sperm-head, and his thought-sperm and ideal-chromosome is purer and more potent than the vegetation oil contained inside the vegetable or agricultural seed. Thus, his migrating journey along the mileage produces the true lineage, the combination of wisdom wine and white line.

This ideal of lineage, which has been existed in the East from the get-go, is most forgotten, mostly misunderstood, by the west. Now view and review this, image and immigrate this! In the East, Buddha placed his ten fingers inside his two palms, to produce the heart-sutra. In the West, Moses breathed his whitened mustaches and beard, along the white breath smoking through the Mountain Sinai. The moment the combined and extracted breath entered the stone plate, his ten fingers were gone, but alive through Ten Commandments. One lost his ten fingers into Nirvana, geo-domical head of white brain. The other lost his ten fingers into ten abstracted laws, ten commanding rules. One is atoned into the thoughtless brain, and the other is stoned into calligraphic stone-plate, the white rain inside the total entrainment. One awakens digital brain head, and the other wakes up the divine heart.

Now place the Buddha's head inside the spring thunder, and see how many frightened babies as followers are scared. Further and then, place the Ten Commandments inside your heart, and read the Bible not scribed by fingers, but described by the fall seeds. A thought thinks about the seed produced in autumn, and a Word is a Sword dancing through the snow-capped Russia and above the ice-diced swan. Do you want to follow the lineage or obey the law? Lineage tells the mileage from the pilgrimage, and law saws through the jaw beneath the floor but beyond the flaw.

By the time the mileage turned in order to return to cave, the brave is toothless, and his jaw smiles like a boomerang. The vampire in the cave stole the canal teeth from the wolf, before the monster man-slaughtered the defending dog. The cat got rid of bat, and enjoyed the fat glued and reduced from beef jerky. The cave is booted by the booming sound, and you ran and ran until you destroyed all sand-doomed ranks as the thanks from tanks whored, snored and stored by banks. The cave saved girl but enslaved the wife. Herbal is now verbal and Hebrew is then what he brewed. A vow is a vowel to regain the power, and a consonant is a consoler's ant before his aunt, who is consolidating the single nay into a silent prayer or a violent spray.

When ants run back and forth between weather and feather, the consoler knows well, from the marked footage circled by traveling ants, how to defend his aunt's compatible pants. Not long after, yet, no longer afterward, the wholesale pales out all the spelling retailers, but statesmen are still angry, salesmen are still hungry, and consumers are forever thirsty. The thunder thrusts through the under, and your underwear understands what means to undertake an underdog. Now, you have cell-phone named as Samsung. When Adam slammed Uncle Sam, snaking power of am from the sun stands as tall as how sand piles up the earthly land, and your gland, accordingly, into never land.

The heaven is even now, the upset is down-sliced and uprights are downsized. The rights remains left behind the sealed jar and bailed bar. What is left by now? The Buddha's head is fashioned with Ivy League, and Solomon's Psalm is cashed out by advertising smile. When you can see the smile within a mile, your sinfully sick piled as a file will sink the ink to think for the mileage smiled from the lineage. The East knew well now the prince gone away from palace is the principle soon welcomed by the lineage. And West knows that when Solomon took the Moses' Staff, solo's molar ring from the monk's stinky punk teamed up the beam to elect the President and crown the Pole.

But for our humans, being bi-racial is to buy the opposite gender. Only a few females throughout the human history can begin a holy conception, which means that she is rejecting and injecting the hustling husband, but receiving and conceiving the white sperm inside the white father. Double yangs are materialized in this bastard, the best ass retarded, where one yang takes care of the pineal gland, and the other spares through the thymus gland.

What does a bird's migrating pattern follow? It is the ecliptic pattern of sun. During a day, sun is seen from east to west, but throughout a year, sun shades between north and south.

Relocating from Eurasian Continent to America Continent has been a major shift for a humble Taoist. It was needed, and nothing personal. The sky changes, so does everything under and around. This is why I have to rewrite I Ching under the order not from emperor but from sky, not from church or state but from the change. Doing so, I have to load what ethnic Chinese have fabricated so well, precise and accurate in their native land, to the land of promise, to replant the seeds of eight trigrams, and nurture them with collective and universal heart and mind. In truth, those eight precious seeds did not belong to Chinese from the get-go. They are the eight dancing postures between heaven and earth, and what mother earth has eaten, digested and defecated. They are what we as traveling spirits have migrated, and miles long grated. for thousands years in their own occupied land, serving the hand of emperor, so well, so precise and accurate that they can predict astrological events by zoning the land of China into 28 sectors. If not, their loyal, professional, and slavery heads would be chopped off: an order of their Emperor. Emperor did nothing, but was controlling everything, because half of his job was being the heavenly son, and other half was to utilize everything under his kingdom.

How difficult it was, without modern technological aids, those poor astrologists had to use their little heads, heading towards the mighty and vast sky, to pinpoint which star was exactly influencing the designated local region, and how. And they did it. By now, I know this, if my call is easy, I would not accomplish the huge task undertaken; and if my life is easy, my spirit would not do anything else; and if life does not present me enough of a challenge, nothing extraordinary can be accomplished. Any great task requires great sacrifice, and if the person's sacrifice is not big, there is nothing preciously valuable about the task. Massive commons would do it easily.

This is back to the danger of lifeline, beneath the skyline, away from shoreline, right on board line, and it is a top line. This line is as precise as the purest though can intend, as speedy as light beams, as thin as a second could fathom, as delicate as silk can bare, and as precious as life endures. Where is the equipment needed to measure this line? God needs this line to create His kingdom, universe needs this line to sustain all galaxies and each of their belongings, and we need this life to live through life, before the danger is ahead of death ranger.

I have been living under this intensive pressure, this thin and delicate line, this life taking and spirit-rewarding line. I am the littlest puppet under the sky, the smallest one among giant monsters, and the most precious one among all the spirit-bugs my ancestral clone has fashioned. They reward me the map, the direction, the gate, and entrance to heave, and I have to live, experience hellish stuff and then transform from them.

Since I could remember, I have been searching this precious line, from the marks of my father's handwriting, Chinese characters, local costumes, and of course, foreign tones, and alien atonements. Knowing that what I cannot get and what I cannot keep are the same line, and in fact is, this precious line. Lord gives as the cord takes; sword takes away the ford as Lord rewards on behalf of God! It is the same line, same thing, and same stuff!

Not because I do not want to cause trouble, but because I do not want to lose this life line; not because I care for about this life, because I do not want to be totally abandoned by the love line? When light shines its beaming line, we do not call it as a ling or a link, but a line with an electric outlet of E to line the fine things up, a vine that is mine, to dine the sinner as a dinner. The Chinese Jin, which ends with -in, has many siblings, relatives, and friends, that it is not possible to list, and enlist all the characters here. Just Jin and tonic, Fin and phonic, Lin and long lick, tin and tonic, and sin and sonic, are enough of a job.

Since I have gone through the board line created by men, and government collectively, I came to know this thin line. And in fact, we are all inside our own accepted and assigned and associated and assisted prison. This prison is a pri-son, whether the pri- is primal, a price, or a prick, we are in. Because of so, we have to daily and eventfully, rely on this precious line, a combination of life line and reality line, a light line and a love line, a dream line and a cream line, as well as a thin line and a sin line. My wish sold this line, my body trades this line, my emotion promotes this line, and my mine refines this line.

This line is called Jin, which is commonly translated as Progress in English. The conscious and insightful image of this Chinese character is a sun stroke sitting or beholding a double bird stroke. Whether it is a messenger bird, or an Egyptian bird, whether they are two birds sitting inside one nest, or one bird viewing two directions, Sun treats them all the same. With only 12 minutes, between Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice, entire 6 months are under the surveillance control of this 12-minute line.

How do we know this? Because the bird migrates, and we immigrate upon how our mind is migrating. Leaving during the fall and returning upon spring, the same bird eating in our backyard casts two dotting seasonal points, but one traveling line. Because of so, I became a migrating bird, upon this Jin hexagram, to move from the falling season of the North Hemisphere to the springing season of the South Hemisphere.

What does this migrating line, or predictable pattern do to my hemispheres is another matter to be discussed upon the return of my trip from Brazil to Cleveland. I finished the assignment for this hexagram, this heavenly assigned and defined line: the ecliptic line from the casting power of the Sun! This is the definition of Jin translated from Chinese to English.

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