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Linguistic Image:
Song - Fare


From the onset of life, mouthy lips, tongue and teeth form the most powerful survival tool. All together, they serve as the first set of food grinning and grinding process. Without able to use hands and elbows yet, eyes are the inviting boomerang, and mouth and tongue complete the notion of arrow on target process.

2007 Summer: Song / Fare
Table of Contents
SONG of Chinese Verse
Natal SONG, September 7 - 12 - "You have given me nothing, done nothing!" That is the sound of watery tongue spoke through every daughter who is going to be a lover, a wife, and a mother. Because there isn't enough lighted heat, water is always thirsty for heat. And without heat, water is as solid as ice, and as immobile as a dice...
120 Year Cycle of Natal Destiny - SONG
How Does Waterish Affair Host Heavenly Fare - When the water of body communicates with the matter of force, from breath to nutrients, it moves as blood flowing, nerve targeting, pore sweating...

Observing the eating habits, where some, like cow, use more of tongue, and others, like donkey, apply lips to place food in between the teeth. With few animals have developed, evolutionally, the power of using their feet and claws, mouth, teeth and tongue are the only survival instruments. Whether aiming at the standing and growing grasses, or speed targeting at others' throat, teeth become the powerful tool to separate other livelihood between alive and dead, so that food can be cut by different set of teeth inserted and framed between upper and lower jaws. Thus, teeth become the blatant blade, and swift saw, deserving itself the most powerful law. ARTICLE CONTINUES

from the Tao Te Ching

1 Those who boast lose their stance.
   He who displays himself is not seen.
   He who justifies himself is not understood.
   He who self-promotes has no merit.
   He who is conceited does not endure.

2 In the sense of Tao,
   This is eating too much and acting too much.
   Then even matter revolt.

3 Those who desire will not endure.

Daode Jing
Chapter 22:
~ Laozi
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