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Song - Fare


From the onset of life, mouthy lips, tongue and teeth form the most powerful survival tool. All together, they serve as the first set of food grinning and grinding process. Without able to use hands and elbows yet, eyes are the inviting boomerang, and mouth and tongue complete the notion of arrow on target process.

Observing the eating habits, where some, like cow, use more of tongue, and others, like donkey, apply lips to place food in between the teeth. With few animals have developed, evolutionally, the power of using their feet and claws, mouth, teeth and tongue are the only survival instruments. Whether aiming at the standing and growing grasses, or speed targeting at others' throat, teeth become the powerful tool to separate other livelihood between alive and dead, so that food can be cut by different set of teeth inserted and framed between upper and lower jaws. Thus, teeth become the blatant blade, and swift saw, deserving itself the most powerful law.

Initially, infant lips are for kisses. When the lips of an infant touches the dome of mom's breast, its tongue sends a demanding signal to the nipple, where the nailing and tipping head of the tongue fires at the minute hole of nipple. Then sucking the luck or fortune begins.

Luck means the wishful wants for the milk, while the fortune tells the infant that this food is several months ahead of kitchen and table dish. Mom is the milk, the drink, and spirit.

Slowly, another tripled boomerang has developed. Thumb and index fingers form tiger's mouth, the most outreaching boomerang. Elbow joins and unites the two sides of arms. And the armpit joins and unites its armor and trunk.

The Chinese character for elbow, constructing the lower portion of the even or balance character, gong, is initially a triple woman. Its active meaning is the private action for the purpose of pacifying the darkness, blackness and ugliness.

With the top section of gong serves as eight or ba, meaning that two people are standing side by side and facing at each other with their backs.

With all the sensory holes and pores are absent, and extending far apart from the merging and aligning spines, even structure of their physical poses speaks naturally, and vulnerably, the balance and peace.

Then, the speech part of the Song character: straight talk or Yan. Having its meanings as speaking the difficulty and discussing the fair balance and peach, this Yan character forms the earliest and final human action: to pronounce life and renounce death.

Tool of tooth is cool, like wool, demonstrating cruel and cool upon the nutritious pool. With this tool, the cook can take a look and book the took as if a crooked nook, a spooky brook, and a spooned rook.

Speaking the wants and needs, fair and justice, truth and peace is the nature of this hexagram. Does the showing, snowing, flowing water speak the fairness, justice, truth and peace for earth and sky, human and society, and life and hook?

When each human figure stands and separates through his or her spine, the pine tree stands and hovers all with its umbrella roof and shading skirt. The -ine words bines the chine, clines the fine, shines the pine as the nine for mine spine along the vine and wine. Truly a divine, this spine as eight opens the crown towards the sky, extends the trunk through feet, and arches the needs with wants, peace with justice, and silence with violence.

Only wind blows below the fair, and only ash asks and answers the fare. Air is fare, and dare is fair.

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