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2007 Spring: Huan / Oracle
Table of Contents
Readings - Long after the sky stretches his long arch, and the earth rounds her mounted ponds, living things flourish as the accounted amounts...
Huan of Chinese Verse
Linguistic Image: Huan -
Natal Huan February 5 - 12 - Under the power code of Tempered Strength, Thunder over Heaven Hexagram, February brings about the coldest season of a year...
120 Year Cycle of Natal Destiny - Huan
How to Interpret the Natal Oracle (text and charts) - As we see from the numerical values mapped around the hexagram, Wind over Water, from 59, 5, and 2/2, to F6, 19, and 63b, the entire history of I Ching is speaking numerically here...
Moondial Analysis (text and charts) - In Animal and Vegetation wheels, top trigrams begin to spin first, right to left. While in Solar and Lunar wheels - lower trigrams rotate, and with solar from left to right, or counter clockwise loop ...

Linguistic Image:
Huan - Oracle


When King Wen placed the Huan Hexagram, Wind over Water, into his numerical order, he carried through a specific power code of human lifespan before the cycle of 60. This 60-cycle is played out by the numerical exchange between ten fingers and their relating body parts on one side and twelve months and meridians on the other. Equally speaking, when five fingers are working on particular six senses, or five toes on the other six, the completion is a combination of ten and twelve. When the basic five senses add the sixth one, whether head-on thought or gut-looped feeling, or left brain of thinking or right brain of intuiting, five fingers and toes complete the four-cornered stretching cross, while six senses on both ends deliver twelve lyric meridians or musical notes. ARTICLE CONTINUES...

from the Tao Te Ching
  • 1. A good traveler leaves no trace.
    A good speaker is without artifice.
    A good diviner needs no tool.
    A good guardian uses no locks, yet their doors cannot be pried open. A good weaver binds no edge, yet their fabric does not unravel.
  • 2. Therefore, the sage is good at rescuing people with no abandon.  Nothing of value is lost. This is called being in the tow of enlightenment.

Daode Jing
Chapter 27:1-2: PRINCIPLE
~ Laozi
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