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Huan - Oracle


When King Wen placed the Huan Hexagram, Wind over Water, into his numerical order, he carried through a specific power code of human lifespan before the cycle of 60. This 60-cycle is played out by the numerical exchange between ten fingers and their relating body parts on one side and twelve months and meridians on the other. Equally speaking, when five fingers are working on particular six senses, or five toes on the other six, the completion is a combination of ten and twelve. When the basic five senses add the sixth one, whether head-on thought or gut-looped feeling, or left brain of thinking or right brain of intuiting, five fingers and toes complete the four-cornered stretching cross, while six senses on both ends deliver twelve lyric meridians or musical notes.

Ending with Virtuous Lake hexagram to display the eight virgin power codes, life cycle begins its final six powerful launches. The utility of body goes through recycling process, from mouth to bathroom, land to dish, and dreamed surprises to raided supplies. As this utility process expands from a cellular body into the seasonal earth, sweat or pursuit becomes storm or volcano. What is so called Disperse as commonly translated becomes the cognitive approach to how the Mother Nature milks the fruit and silks the oil.
Creative flood purges as depressive blood, so that the food chain becomes the fool's change. The sky says it is cool, but mother earth beholds the fools as toothless stools, like a naked tree or a baked rock, a resting mummy or a stiffened bone. Her birthing power now decays all her babies into broken shells and loosens sands, to supply the mud from shorelines through mobile wind and transportable water.

Before the abyss tells the dark night to blacken the topsoil with white snow, tide waves smokes the lung-less clouds. Ocean travels as love to exchange must so that traveling season can transport trading reasons. To buy the double S from the abyss is to bye to double miss watered by love and washed by blood. When a miss misses the extracted reason, she feels into the protracting season. When S slides and swings, essay escalates the elevating cells as uplifting spell. You are about to miss the abyss, but ready to see the aural figure as oracle finger.

Like a flying creature stands on the tip of a rock, viewing the dews rising above the ocean, and welcoming the sun to tell the morning to stop mourning, the character Huan distracts each verse as passing mouth so that only oracle can ovulate what is really happening along the orbiting power. Mouth is filthy, but oracle is wealthy. When the tongue disputes each reasonable fashion, throat boats the astral Ruth as universal Truth. As you travel, you are conversing with astral figures. As you and knee reverse the nerves, what is true to the living world glues towards the invisible world, and what is really true sends the clue as the blue to glue the visible world as the bridge between the skycap and oceanic lap. As the clue includes each glue inside the blue, you are about to tell what is true from what a truth can prevail.

Truth is ruthless to the feeling but sensible to the bleeding. When the gut tells the brain to head after the light, what is going to be right will endure the night. As silent light empowers the knights, the conversing temples above the ears dial at the tower to dialogue the dying logs. By the time the orbiting power stands as a giant tower, the creator smiles behind the tower but smells before the flower blossoms and after the oil is boiled inside the soil.

A standing figure watches peacefully at the tear glands, as if the rising mists fogs the brain and clouds the sky. The son within sees the sum of all truth, just as the sun sees all truthful figures beneath the horizon. Land sleeps with shore, and gland distills the oil from each laboring organ. By the time the sand sends a hand, what is reachable is traceable so that the shore shoulders the core and scores the law.

Like Water over Thunder, the third hexagram, the expressive power of love is ready to come to its own fruition. Wind is ready to extinguish the firehouse fermenting inside the solid water line given by the igniting clock of the universal timing. When the water molecules rise to their highest ceiling, the ozone or oozing and oxygenic one, light is very tender and gentle, because the radiating power of heat is subtle and boundless. And right before the 60 cyclical pointed or patterning hexagrams are finished, this Huan represents an initial powerful onset before the breakthrough takes place. To finalize the Nature's cutting point, wind and water engage in a power of what Nature has granted: killing and completing. Wind takes away the breath and water sinks into glacial face.

The 60 joints or patterns of Nature as represented by the 60 hexagrams are the timed dots, daily cycles, seasonal patterns, as well as annual loops. This Nature's cyclical power is orchestrated by the outside constellation around the solar system, to the degree the entire planets and moons within the solar system have to react and respond to this powerful yet subtle influence. The numerical value of 60 is a combined interaction between five and six as half of the demonstration, and ten and twelve as a complete set of combustion. Ten as a cross and twelve as the overlapping ring interact each other to complete individual set; a total of 60.

In human civilization, both the East and West have been using 60 as a fixed but indisputable power-value to observe and measure what the Nature forever is and how the Being is eternally about. Yet, the difference lies in that the Chinese mind-set looks toward macro scope, while the Western mentality examines from a micro scale. To the Chinese mind, giving and stating an absolute yes and no is almost impossible, and to state anything with such a mind-set sounds very iffy and is sensory absent. The root of the Chinese mind is not about how to come to a fixed point, then conclude it and control it. It is about how to deal with instantaneous and transitional change. Nature changes its daily climate; emperor changes his mind, and survivor changes his or mind reaction. There is no way for the Chinese mind to isolate a change into a fixated and controllable fashion. Singly because the I Ching's mind is and has been about the minute and fractional change of time and space within a given situation; and because the Sun is constantly orbiting itself, the Moon keeps forever changing her face, and earth has to change her strategies accordingly.

Giving the situation of time and space as a measurable fact or common ground, the 60-year cycle of the Chinese is a macro-based map, and 60-seconds of a minute as a way of calculating the fractions of time in the West is a micro-based cap. This initial difference had might occurred, when the value of the Cross, in the Western mind, was empowered by the absolute Trinity: the Eye of God, the Word of God, and the Voice of God. In turn, as this Trinity moved about the chariot-like cross, the pentagonal scale of a star was lured inside a heptagonal spell. Inside the four pointing powers of the Cross, the heartbeat was the subtle measurement, where each stage of a complete beat was a unique but different scale to utilize the power of he Trinity. This four was then numerically calculated as a quarter of 100 percentage, but 15 within 60 as a complete unit. In the end, each breath is measured by four heartbeats, and four 15-second breaths conclude as one minute. A quarter or 25 is used to complete the ring of disc, while 15th of a point dials and travels along the loop of 60. Further, quarter gives birth to one-fourth of a year, and 15 create the 7 music scales circulating within octagonal power code, since 7 is the magic power of creation and 8 is ever presence of infinite. The difference between 25 and 15 gave birth to magic 10, while the difference between 100 as percentage and 60 as unit gave birth to the power of Cross as 40, and the Magic Dome as 16.

Oppositely in the East, the Trinity as it is represented by the Sun, Moon and earth is measured through the hexagonal power within the pentagram. The hexagonal power completed the dual exchange within Trinity, while the pentagram opened magic power of palm and its five fingers. In the Chinese mind, four is an enclosed cube, a box of containment, and a square of vertical structure. The power of eye-on-fingers gave birth to the recognition as well as foundation of 5 in the Chinese mind. Within the six combinations, five fingers were ready to point and grasp, so that day and night could complete 12 periods, and each period was an interactive interplay between the 60 minutes of yin and the 60 minutes of yang. Five fingers in a hand created five energetic elements, and ten in total completed the exchangeable transition of life between fortune and misfortune. Six was the power of dual interactive triad, as 12 completed the annual lunar cycle around the Earth, by giving birth to 12 living and dying meridians in human.

Recognizing the above difference, we can link with Skin or Revolution (tentative) Hexagram, Lake over Fire, on one side, and Oracle Hexagram, Wind over Water, on the other side. The surface of human skin creates personal revolution, and the surface of earth's water creates natural spreadsheet. When fire of Sun evaporates oceanic water, misty lake power rises above atmosphere to conclude the expansion of summer, the final growth of our skin as well. By the time the power of summer is now replaced by the power of winter, wind takes over lake by cutting through the water-based ice, as well as moon-faced night. The visible display of Wind trigram signifies the final stage of magic, so that water path as a foundation makes its magic change and transformation.

From 49th hexagram to 59th hexagram, the surface of our individual human body is replaced by the natural surface of universe: the harmonic wave and display of wind as a means to disperse, spread, mass, net, and web the skin of universe.

In human life, instead of being engulfed and fluxed by the fire or light as the passionate horse, the deepest state of psychic condition is now pushed and dispersed by the drunken love. Only mouth functions to exercise and express its unknown and uncontrollable power of love.

Linguistically speaking, the knife-piercing, milk-wrinkling andlove-rattling tongue of an infant blades its mouth internally and immobile body externally is the right stroke Huan of Oracle.
The transliteration of this Huan Chinese character means one-great-voice. Structurally, Huan character has a knife -- on top, inside stroke of --, and twenty or great stroke of -- at bottom. At the birth, the tongue of an infant is a living knife, by knifing at nipple and love at same time. With this knife, the trunk as inside and skeletons as great or twenty are wrapping around. The voice is everything for any infant, regardless of gender or race. This voice is the call from a great Oracle, to the call from dreaming and wishful parents and community at large. And this Oracle goes back to the grandma, to the Angelic Mother. Angelic Mother is the Oracle. This Hun or one-great-voice is the drum of God and rum of spirit. From this voice on, other strokes are amplified: such as hand, mouth, water, fire, and immobile illness.

As the infant grows and expands, this one-great-voice slowly makes use of hand, the left-side stroke of this Huan character, meaning exchange.

Then it is the turn of mouth, the left-side stroke of this Huan character, meaning inviting or calling.

When these two physical components are utilized, it is the time to play with fire, the left-side stroke of this Huan character , meaning luminous.

This Huan character now represents the living fire in the eyes, the happy smile on the face, and infectious glow of spirit.

Afterward, the joyous power of water, the left-side stroke of this Huan character: meaning Oracle, enchantment, or disperse. This character is about playing with the power of waterish ears, or the power of listening to the sound.

These four Huans are what Chinese can fathom about the living cross, or mystic chariot. The boss or spirit is the right side stroke, relating to all four possible powers along the four skeletal extensions, towards four outcomes.

When all is done, the fifth Huan adds ill or sick stroke (without the internal stroke of --) on the left once again: meaning epilepsy or immobile.

From miracle as birth and Oracle as aliveness, the infant finally reaches to the state of mummy corpus, and its circular life comes to an end.

To finalize these five volumes is a real something to Chinese mind in general and the Chinese character inventor in particular. There are a total of six characters described from above, one serves the root character or stroke, and the rest five are being added with different human behaviors or expressions, both physically and energetically, seasonally and psychically.

All are pronounced as Huan

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