Hexagram 50 -
2006 Winter:

Wok Does The Work
Fire Keeper
DING Natal:
December 7 - 12
Linguistic Image:
Ding - Caldron

120 Year Cycle
of Destiny - Ding

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Linguistic Image:
Ding - Caldron


Having learned the lesson from the past issue, Firmament, or Water over Earth, which I had to meditate on the entire three due-months before the concept flashed magically out of the first chapter of Genesis and onto my eyes, I want to start as early as possible so that I do not have to chase human innovative conscious loop in order to see its snapping hook but dashing look. So right here and now, just a day past the Fall Equinox of 2006, I immediately work on the conceptual aspect of the hexagram so I do not have to re-experience the dragging, nagging, and sagging process.

Fire over Wind hexagram is the last hexagram in the Moondial. Unlike revelation in the Bible, which plays the movie or DVD filled and recorded in the cosmos and screened and flashed upon the inner eye and heart of John, the hexagram of Ding or Caldron as Chinese has applied is about creative invention, innovative procedure and technological advancement. It is about going back home, the heart of universe, not through mental images but with mechanical technologies, not with visions and hopes but with spaceship and satellite. It is about landing on God's right feet with thrusting and dusty power manifested originally in the universe but applied in

reversed order, opposite direction, introverted stance, in contrast to chronological order, instinctive act, and extroverted glance. It is the homecoming party with computer gadgets, and digital equipments, and satellite-televised live performance. It is about the first and final glow of universal power and its look: holding with dualistic manner and matter the indestructible light and power of central creation, the eye of God.

This eye of God is the immortal being sitting and shining in the middle of nowhere, above the branched cross of Divine Pedals, Diverted Sprout, Divorced Result, where the dualistic process, evolution and involution, creation and destruction, is mutually present in the suspended hoop of that pendulum swing. The dot in the middle of the linguistic construction is the look of Sun, the image of glory, and the fine display. While the woody branches or logs or petals are the holding ground, standing feet, embracing arms, and flying wings.

from the Tao Te Ching

1 Nature has no benevolence,
   It treats all things like strawdogs;
   The sage has no benevolence,
   He treats all people like strawdogs.

2 In between heaven and earth seems like a bellows:
   Empty, yet inexhaustible,
   Force it, and it backfires.

3 Taking in too much is exhausting,
   Why not be centered?

Daode Jing
Chapter 5: CENTER
~ Laozi

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