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who are anatologists

when a physical body is being viewed objectively by an anatomist, the role of an anatologist quickly steps in. Why?

This anatomist describes our body that is structured with different sections, segments or parts with descriptive anatomical words: such as head is called brain with hemispheres and nerves, and fingers from a wrist out is called hand, which differs from an animal’s claw.

Like an interior designer, which categorizes the interior spaces of a house surrounded by walled blocks into such as guest room, living room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, bathrooms, basement, loft and so on, an anatomist describes our human body with three cavities, forelimbs and ten systems.

Now, count this, from top to bottom, our body is being described as: crown, hair, skull, forehead, face (eyes and ears, nostrils and mouth, tongue and teeth), throat and neck, shoulders and armpits, arms and elbows and hands, chest and breasts, stomach and belly, abdomen and pelvis, hips and thighs, knees, shins, ankles, feet and toes. And there are hundreds and thousands more words being used to describe what is going on inside our body’s hair and skin, sweat and nails, blood and nerves, bones and gut.

Then what? How about functionality?  Or probemality?

Once problemality distorts its so-called regular, normal and healthy functionality, the role of this anatomist changes into a pathological anatologist:  to mix up the anatomical words with pathological words in order to become an official doctor: to describe what is going wrong with YOUR BODY, and to make a big deal out of YOU.

“If you don’t do this, or just do that, you will die!”

Now the anatomical features serve just like alphabetic letters. Just like the English language is constructed by its words made with any of 26 English alphabetic letters, our human cavities, forelimbs and interior sections are placed into 10 systems and filled with all kinds of detailed descriptive Medical etymological names.

Once there is a name given, our body will be objectively and anatologically investigated, and what is going on/wrong will be examined, monitored, watched for a period of time, till the normal functionality overrides the anatological description, which is called pathological function; or we die,  are being eulogistic-ally described by any anatologist as: we have died from this or that problem, this or that sickness, this or that sin.

Here and no-where, then and there, what is going on is no longer the job of an anatomist, but the power that is beheld by any anatologist’s mind, eyes and hand.

This anatologist now defines, describes, prognoses, and pathologizes what is going in your body and its senses, personality and its emotions and mind and its beliefs. This anatologist can be any specialist dealing with human health and wellness, such as from father and mother, brothers and sisters, relatives and neighbors, friends and enemies, doctors and psychologists, social workers and criminal investigators, lawyers and judges, mentors and priests.

In short, we are all anatologists by culture; because we live on and thrive upon those cultured words and logos.

Now, an anatologist is person who uses words to be on our side or to against us.

The moment we hear those sayings, such as “you are cute, smart, little, fat, ugly, nasty, my worst enemy”, is the moment we are being categorized by an anatologist.  It doesn’t matter who said it, but how we are being described and defined.

Are we all anatologists?!