1st law of Attraction

Gender vs Agenda

At the moment conception, the law of opposite attraction sets in, so your genderless spirit will be assigned into the opposite gender by the attracting parent.

Upon birth, gender matters. That was how the grown-ups saw us as, either like them or opposite to theirs. That is how our body is classified, since spirit has its twin qualities to be differentiated.

Growing up, gender is ahead of senses, from the smell of breath, the size of body and its weight, the style of the clothing, to toilet-training, the tones of voice, the shapes of bones, and structure of a personality. Society defines, confines and refines us through genders.

Once the body grows into its pubic stage, gender materializes its creative and reproductive physicality; but it can confuse the emotional soul, and will torment the genderless spirit. Any person can be straight, homosexual and monogamy, bi-sexual and dualistic, unisexual or gay.

Taking from the root meaning of Latin as six, the English word sex serves in total sextuple, such as sixth sense, so that entire process of hydrogenation can exist, to sustain in the plasma-like flat-land environment made of hexagonal spheres for the light to volt, vote, and void.

Water is life, and hydration is where and how the holy spirit to be hydrolyzed and oxidized by the holy water.

Aside from the physical gender that is needed to explore, exercise and express, personality gender is subtler, more troublesome to grasp, more difficult for the task, and more challenging than any given physical expression.

The expression of soul carries its gentle gender or gentile.

This is why over thousands of years, gender difference has been the key to either King or Queen, upon crown or thrown, onto kingdom or motherland. The battle for dominant gene through dominant gender has been the case for both races since the birth of humanity. This is where the innocent prince or princess will grow into fatherhood or motherhood, becoming potentially as either a king or a queen. This is how the journey of gender has its tree-mounted summit to climb, till the climax closes the gate of birth, or opens the page to either death or immortal.

Entropy sets in upon ages of 14, 18 and 25, to limit the physical gender and its expression. This is where the soul recognizes that gender isn’t everything, and physical climax doesn’t do anything more, and further.

In midst of mid-life, gender expression is everything because if the gender expression is not exercised with full and complete satisfaction, agendas begin, and they are endless.

Sonner or later, the thirst for quest the gender is over, and power of flesh means nothing to worn-out senses and rotten bones. The concept of twin souls enters life, to replace the conception of physical gender. The time to search for and mate with twin-souls or soulmates commences the second-time life quest: for creation, collaboration or collateral damage.

What is the expression of soul, through soul-mate?

Historically, among all kinds of kings and queens being glorified, and all sort of emperors and empresses being disasterized, there is another set of people who are dedicated to inner growth. They are called highest priests and priestesses. They talk to star-sense instead selfish senses. Rather than taking in control of land and country, or mind and individuality, these two kinds of people are service for higher palace and inner court, their own bodies and their inner selves.

By the time the soul is left with no mate, the living soul has nothing left to claim. Rest is to be flamed or blamed by the twin flames. From power-trip to leg-see (legacy), missed-treat to mystery, oral seal to oracle, majority to magic, all back to the star-seeds or starry dust as twin flames.

Thus, the journey of life goes from twin spirits down to dual genders, twin souls to dual personalities, and twin flames to primal dual oppositions of god’s mind.

Which one of these three have you mastered, made peace with and be contained? Which any has still room to grow, groom to bloom, the space to trace, and the depth to dive or die into?
Below are some of the questions of self-assessment on genders and related issues.  

Do you like your birth-on-gender?

Do you know that your gender was the FIRST result-ful application of law of attraction?

Are you sure that which your parent specifically exemplified your very gender character upon your conception?

When did you notice that you have a gender-defined body, a gender-differentiated observation, a gender-based knowing, a gender-biased view, or a gender variable viability?

How old were you when you saw that your body has its gender significance or difference?

From which gender (whom) that you saw you began to define your own body-gender as being a male or a female?

When did you know that it is the structural quality of delta-pelvic region that defines the characteristic physical gender and water elimination process?

How much have you master your own gender in front your similar and same genders, and before and towards your different and opposite genders?

Are you fully conscious of your gender-carried state and its functionality?

Are you aware of that many of your gender-related-issues didn’t never begin with YOU, or any gender?

Which is more primitive, more primal and prouder: gender or agenda?

Why are we still dragged by and tagged with gender, genders, endless gender stuff and useless gender views; either before our naked and truthful spirits, or in front of left-behind and leftover white bones?

When did you realize that you ARE GENDERLESS?

Where is the end of gender, gender determination, gender qualification, gender explication?

Are you free from gender issues, awake from gender-biased views, above gender-carried dues, and beyond gender-packed dews?

Are you fully intergraded between two opposite genders?

Are you totally balanced between two official genders?

Have you mastered and liberated from both genders?


A Story of 4 Bronze Coins

A Story of 4 Bronze Coins


I knew the value of a coin, such as a quarter is worth of 25 cents. Quarters are most commonly used largest coins, even though there are standard silver dollar coins, golden bullion coins, or numismatic coins that are worth of thousand or more dollars.

That is where historically how the heads of important, powerful, extraordinary and genius people are priced or valued, such as the head-face values of Nazi Hitler, Saddam Hussein, or Einstein.

 “If you can bring me the chopped-off head of our enemy’s command-in-chief, I would grand you thousand acres of land, gold worthy of millions, hundreds of servants and a royal name your ancestors never had.” 

That was the standard order giving to a sniper or an assassin by his head-master. That is where we get the idea of a head-price of a human being. The loser’s head would be hanged on the pole standing above the main gate, his price-tagged money would be awarded to the killer; while the winner gets his head face-value on the coin.

You can see the  images of US head-side coins: 1) the first US president has the highest commonly trade-able quarter coin in the country; 2) the  president Lincoln gets just a penny, one cent of value; 3) the Dollar Coin has the head-body image of the Lady Liberty.

Now each US dollar you earn or spend, President George Washington has four of his head in it, while President Lincoln has 100% cents in it.

What are they truly worthy of and for?


I don’t know, at this time, how much my head would be valued, since most of time I have to pay for it, and I don’t think it would be priced before I become headless, let alone the footage reveals its legacy. Yet, the story below reveals something else: a boy’s livelihood witnessed by his caring Taoist master.

In early 1920s, there was a monk who lived in the White Cloud Temple in Shanghai. He took in a 14-year old boy who lived on streets, wishing to train him as his disciple. At the time, the boy’s mother washed clothes and repaired shoes for a living, and the boy begged on the streets, and ate restaurants’ leftovers.

The monk saw the boy had a Taoist-like look, though shorter in height and dirtier with worn-out cloth. He questioned the whereabouts of the boy and his family. The boy came from another province to escape from the war. His father was dead, and no siblings.  The monk asked the boy to tell his mother if he could stay at temple, while performing certain needed duties, and even get paid. The mother agreed eagerly.

Time passed quickly, and the Chinese New Year began. The monk requested the boy stay at the temple performing choirs till the full moon passed before he could visit his mother. It was the busiest time of the year at the temple, and he really needed the boy’s help.

Equally, the boy got to attend the night carnivals being performed on the street, ate delicious leftovers food being donated to ancestral spirits, and received lucky money.

Towards the end of 15th full moon festival, the boy got four silver coins worthy of 40 dollars at the time: two silver coins from the temple and two from a wealthy worshiper. That was enough to feed his mother for four years.

The boy wrapped carefully each coin with a small hand towel. Then he placed towel-wrapped coins inside a bag and tied the bag tightly with a thread. He carried the bag inside his huge pocket and was eager to go home. The pocket in his cloth was huge, truly, and that was how his mother made it for, to place any and all valuable stuff in, including lunch bread and dinning bowel.

Before departing, the boy went to the toilet. The public toilet in the temple was much like public restrooms in our parks. There was neither drainage system built in, nor running water to flush. It had a big open-spaced basement to collect the coming-down falling from the person kneeing above.  And it would at least take 5 years to pay for a janitor to come and take out the ancient piles of feces.

Out of nowhere, the money bag slipped out of his huge pocket, dropped hurriedly and horribly into the feces below while his body was kneeling like a standing bell above.  The toilet door was locked at the time and there was no way for the boy to obtain the key. Further, there was no way for him to squeeze  his body through the little hole-opener of the wooden toilet floor,  in order to collect his bag now being buried by both fresh and old feces. And it was 16th of the day, the Chinese New Year was over and he wanted badly to pay visit to his mother and gave her the coins.

On that evening, the monk saw the boy was back, quickly, but with a sad look on his face. Normally the boy would be gone at least for at least a week. Why was he back this soon, this early? The monk wondered.

Before bedtime, the monk asked: “Is everything ok?

 “Fine,” the boy replied.

Day in and night out, the boy became sicker and sicker, and he was dying after a week long. The monk safeguarding the boy tried to figure out the whys, or the true reason behind the boy’s illness. He had food to eat, a place to sleep, and there were no ill physical symptoms whatsoever before this. What was really happened.

Finally, the monk threatened the boy to tell him the truth, as the story went above.

Right upon listening to the story, the monk discussed the situation quickly with the chief janitor what was happening. They must dig the coin-bag out immediately to save the boy’s life.

And it took a week for the entire crew of 7 janitors to remove the collect feces around the bag. By the time they unveiled the bag, it was coded with thick blood.

Strangely, as the monk’s reason went, the red blood went from the boy’s body, carrying all his hopeless longing, suffering and misery to the bag of coins buried by the human feces. Each layers of blood-clog were every means of his suffering and agony. Entire liveliness of the boy was invested into this blood-clogged bag.

After removing layer by layer of blood-cloaked fabrics, the four coins were there, safely.

Shortly after, the boy recovered from his dying illness.


My guess and suggest after the story are:

“Are the boy’s coins bloody or filthy?”

“Did the boy concern more of his mother or his coin”?

“What do coins represent: the source of liveliness, or the force of blood?”

“Are his coins containing his value or retailing his sickness?”

“Did the monk find the root cause of sickness or prescription for the cure?”

“Did the monk save the boy’s life or his coins?”

“Was the janitor the transport or the doctor?”

“was the story more about the energetic transmutation between a person and an object, or the relationship between the monk and his disciple”?

“What did the boy gain  or lose eventually”?



sensory wordy fibers

When our innocent infant senses start to make sense through our vocal expression, adults would insert purposefully and viciously their learned sound-words, to jam up our true vocal cord with their false vocal muscle, so that our expression becomes a description of a thing, like A is for apple, and T is for tall.

Even so, alphabetic letters don’t connect to or relate to our natal senses.  they collect and accumulate what have been happened. What is happened is gone, like a coming new second defeats a passing old second, but what happened to the body and mind through senses will forever be codified, modified, and edified through letter formed words.

Slowly, a few words become a concept, and many words are required to define and explain this few-words-formed concept.

Before, inception and deception work at each other all the time, so insight and decision can find their own space-required places. Even a war is taking place before all sights turn into an single meaningful insight, and lots of perceptions are being decided away by the deception so that hopefully a real decision can follow afterward.

Along this process, sensory receptors are codified by words made letters, so that any perception can be mentally make sense.

Then makes sense or not, you got to believe it.  To believe is to convince others what your sensors have sensed, and what you perceived has been determined by neither the inception nor deception, so that a decision from what the mind has decided can convince or order others to believe, or a choice based on that the decisive voice can dice or lice others’ mind or action.

What happens to innocent infant original authentic senses?  They are merely sensors, and in turn secondary at most.  The numbers on speedometer verify what mercury has edified, and in turn, the description of words would sacrifice what the world has done to the sensory receptor and what our senses are perceiving.

This is what I know so far. Whether there is so little there and so much in between, this is how my senses are minded!


Why we humans must use language, civilized official language on top of body’s sensory and expressive language? why must we use language to perceive, know, expressive and interact? how much or little that conscious and linguistic codings change what was exactly happening? when will be the end of language?

In our daily world, how much do we rely on words or languages to make use of things and life in general?

I don’t know much of other use, accept in the area I need language to know what we humans have created and accumulated, and in the time I must ask God or Creators through word.  Whether or not I got an answer,  word will speak for the truth on behalf of heart and mind’s conviction.

The things that challenge, puzzle and bother me are: How much can we do about life experience without words or its content as language?

As a coming second takes over the previous one, and breath goes moment by movement, how much can we make sense of everything, and how little if sensory preceptors don’t let you?

I sense is once an experience was interpreted as an event, randomly happened or purposefully scheduled, the real experiential matter became then, from this point on, a linguistic matter. life becomes thus language matters.



Welcome to blog page of ascendinghall.com, a gateway to the Taoist Inner Alchemy and Dragon Gate Lineages.

Since the birth of the Yellow Race, the Inner Alchemy lineage has been there, and is here, forever.  It is through the Dragon Gate lineage, the integration of three among Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism can co-exist inside a temple building, profess in front of all seekers to the East Wisdom traditions, and serve as a wholesale package for each and every souls, without discrimination or exaltation.

It is all in your head, and your matters the most.

Just as Universal Truth spins through annual rotation, as annual loop is colored by the Green of the Spring, the Red of the Summer,  the Gold of the Autumn, or the Black/White of the Winter, wisdom traditions speak through different languages used by those few who are aged and wised enough to say so. Not a conclusive farewell; just dare enough to serve as a remind on universal mind, to deserve as a remark on where the footage has parked, to reserve the siting-bones to dock on the ocean of life, or to preserve the brain to be wired by the universal light and wined by the eternal love.

So, Lord Buddha, Supreme Master Lao Zi, or Grand Master-teacher Confucius have been serving their wired and wined stuff through oral or written transmission.  Those stuff are just enough for the time being, for me and for you to quote in a conversation,  lecture in front of ears, speak for our inner conviction, and exalt the Celestial Beauty and Vast Almighty through the ground-hell,  the round-maze and all-around blinded gaze.

When the ground says hello to hell, what is coming is a rounded maze so you can be amused by that is amazing, and what has been there all the way toward the all-go-around becomes that Universal Eye to gaze at you, piece into your soul, and reflect each your need, and every of your deeds.

So welcome, as those who are well will come; as only the well can come!