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When Words Become…

Words are charm and alarm,

as they are

either charming alarms

or alarming charms.


When words become a charming alarm,

It wakes you up from a sound at its sleep;

Since when sound is asleep

voices are in the void

to avoid your hyoid.


Then, suddenly,

God cares you

out of nowhere,

as He dares to

place His magic arm

inside your holy temples

to alarm your dreaming a stream conscious

into a thinking an ink-fool-sunk conscience.


When the charming words are alarming,

It will turn on your emergent alarm o’clock;

When this alarm sound becomes a military horn,

War zone is on the headstone

to against

any worship can zoom

in any given room;

When a charm word rings at your heart,

your soul melts down a chocolate bar

as far as

a star can tar;

When a charm word pertains to a lipstick,

The lips are fearlessly fictitious;

When a charm word has a high-pitched tone,

questionnaire defeats a millionaire;

When a charm word ties the lips into a corner,

your ears hear this honor eternally

as your mouth shuts down its order permanently;

When a charm word speaks for the cheekbones,

arrogant loans the applicant;

When a charm word roofs on the forehead,

dearest honey is the worst enemy

without money to pay for a rental key;

When a charm word ends its tone upon a fingertip,

your bodily freedom will be jammed on a zip-drive;

When a charm word finishes at foot,

Goodbye is ahead of a good night!


Charm expression is to

sweet any automation

along normal regulation,

plus standard registration.

Alarm expression is to

change sweetened hibernation into a wake-up alternation,

expand normal regulation into a vast nation,

and transform standard registration into a harmonic ventilation.

Timing is charming with second after decaying decade

But charming timely is

alarming with no time left to lift you up.


I want sweet voice to charm my ears and heart,

I equally want reminding voice to alert my avoidance.

The sweet voice keeps me alive, as if immediate digestible nutrient;

While it is being overly reminded,

it becomes cold and sour, bitter and tarry.

Sweet voices are good, fine, excellent,

as all is well, under the control;

Alarming voices

fire up your frozen soul, broken heart, belief-dammed head,

destroy your overly complacent habitation,

wake up your regulatory automation,

and expand your vision

from your eye-to-foot long safety

into sight-to-vision distant imagination.

When words are straight,

silence obeys the constructive commanding tone;

When words are indirect,

hint might invite hindrance;

When words are encouraging,

your head will lift your feet above the couch-potato;

When words are discouraging,

your will-power will drop your head down to a helpless ground;

When words are cheerful,

pleasure is sentimental;

When words are cloudy,

indifference invites foggy state to a depressed scale;

When words are critical,

things are crucial;

When words are condemning,

you will be eliminated and humiliated;

When words are stoning,

you will be sentenced to jail or ex-communicated to wildness.


When words become disciplinary,

Foundation must be funds amendable

to the point of fundamental ;

When words become open-minded,

what you stand expands what you understand;

When words become phony,

Distrust settles inside phonemic awareness;

       When words become inauthentic

Suspicion takes on defensive demise;

When words become disloyal

Get-out teams up get-away to get over;

When words become criticism

Mystic mistake destroys many a morphic mystical;

When words become intelligent state

It promotes either your intellectual space or interracial face;

When words become emotional

Feelings are racing after fleeing;

When words become physical

Confrontational eyes are on alarming arms, or walking away legs;

When words become ….

not good, inadequate, not enough, useless …

Charming or Alarming Words

Words are clueless, never there just for themselves.

Just like light is here and never there, its trajectory projection that carries light from here to there, we use word to extend from here to everywhere, and expand from here now to an everland. Just like love is here and never conditional, we rely one conditional state to capture unconditional realm through auditing our tradition.

If light can tell you what to do, and love reminds you how to live on love, what is the use of words? But if you see the light and others cannot, you need words. If you are in love, and other aren’t and never will, you use words.

Words are human’s best used tool and most powerful toy. Words are vital and essential depiction of nature. Words are the qualitative description of nature’s act in the midst human action and reaction. Words express on behalf of souls, can explain what any given reason is, and satisfy any reason will be. Words are the eye of God’s and His lights, the heart of Universe and Her hearty waves. Words are the fictitious factory of mindset and factual faith of heartbeat. Words are a mixture of vital supersonic waves of vowels and conscientious fiberoptic bites of consonants. Words are like nutrients in food, energy in a battery, color chips and pigments in paint and illustration, musical notes and scales in sonic waves.

In practice, words separate a learned and educated person from an untrained and uncivilized being; as words are used to: identify worldly images and their manifests from what is been attracted and aroused, triggered or inspired in one’s inner world; extend and record one’s needs beyond physical expression; describe what things are and what is happening, extract one’s internal images and feelings for others who cannot or haven’t, define what it is from what is happening, and crystalize what is going on in life into like god’s act and nature’s seal.

Words are created to communicate the lost self with a higher and divine power; words are also invented to replace color chips and pigments, as well as musical notes and scales. Words are learned utilities; as they have been used to describe or defend; employed to convey or convince; deployed for display or explain. Words are carriers for what the souls want to say, how senses to convey, how a mind needs to explain.

All words being used range from safe and comfortable, cheerful and pleasant, sweet and charm to alert and separate, warn and differentiate and alarm and disconnect. Your world of needs and expressions are represented between these charming and charming words.

The charming words make you feel like you are as ease as being at home, as comfortable as a cozy bed, as safe and sound as all is excellently good, as gifted and starry as you are so valuable, irreplaceable.

The alarming words will alert you with your subline awareness, warn you in your surrounding environment and its limitation of courteousness, and finally alarm you by those safe-threatening, dying-welcoming and death-driving dangerous and disastrous signs and realities.

Words are used to describe current situation so as to recall second past and ageless old history. Words are light-ends tails and space-rounded retails. Words are eventful receipts and memorable chips. Words are cellular and inorganic, personal and impersonal; individual and collective; conscious and energetic; vibrant and deadly; vital and violent… Words are endless and useless….

If you stand right in between what is charm that is opposite to what is alarm, you are in a neutral position, mutual space, indifferent state; words have no use here, words are mingles here.  If interpersonal bridges are well there and intrapersonal stages are sound here, what are the purpose of using words? If nothing is alive nor dead, what-else and whereabout can we put a meaning into words.

Choose the Belief, or Believe to Live

I was a believer, and has been.

Looking back, I didn’t believe in me, nor believe the life I must live. I choose the best Belief among what I have searched for and decided on.

Now, the season is gone, and reason sits in.

Belief is to Be a little falling fall Leaf, not a spring if; while to Believe, you must Be Alive, Be the Live One in order to Believe in You.

That is what I know now.

I want to live and believe, not to pick and choose among beliefs, not any among no more.

To live on belief is heavy, and it is useless in the end, because:

1: Heaven and hell don’t care what you believed in, nor what your belief is and has been; since beliefs have no space to exist below the hell and above the heaven. Below the hell lives the very slow to the stop point of inferred intimate Inns, and above the heaven is ultraviolet light shining through dark matters that are against anti-matters, where only ants are the matters.

2) There are so many beliefs out there, for you to pick and choose. Different time period creates its vast belief system, and different culture thrives on their own racially tamed and facially glued belief patterns and customs.

3) Once you pick one, among many, this very Belief in you will fight with you to against many other beliefs in order for itself to live, for you to believe what your belief is the real deal, the best, and the only.

4) Now, when you and your belief get matured enough,  you are Not You no More, and your Belief is in You, lives on You, demands You and controls You. You have nothing left but your single lonely belief. Your Belief is now your only loved one and worst enemy!

5) To agree and follow some’s belief for the rest of your, you give up yours, what is in you, forever.  Who knows there are better ones, better than the best one you know, are out there for you to search and ponder, here for you to pick and taste.

5) In the end, all beliefs are bunch of dead words and concepts.  God never dies, and life is to live moment by movement, to live for season after no reason, and to live forward and move on what dead have not and future will not.

But to believe, I just live, you simply live, as we all believe to live. With or without a belief, I live, you live, and we all live.  Life lives on, as if life itself always believes in you and me. We live on one another so we must believe in each other. So, just be a spring green leaflet, or a falling fall colored leaf.

Either way, I am as lief as I believe to live as of a single simple leaf!

Y (WHY) Letter, NOT Number

First: 5 and a half

Thank You, Letter Y.

Though You were being placed next to the last or 26th letter Z in the English language, next to omega, next to zero, next to nothing, You were able to reduce the original 7 vowel letters into 5 and half. This means that you carry historically the lost weight of 2 vowels, by presenting yourself  both vowel and consonant, the only letter that has both purpose and power in English. And it is You Y letter that extends the vowel formation into 5 and a half.

In this 3 dimensional world, 5 and a half are all we needed.  Why?

When a thing, organic or inorganic, superconscious or artificial, grows from a dot, to a line, to three sides and more, pentagram is most it can in physical matter. In order to live, believe and then liberate from those five-sided components, such as our fingers and toes externally, and five senses and virtues internally, the narrow gate has to be there. You Y letter is the narrow gate in English, so that the merging and diverging point formed in the your middle can serve as an arrow head. This arrow head with three points has the power to zoom for the five-sided 3D world, by zooming into the infinite space formed by endless and virtuous hexagrams. Here, you don’t need a grammar, just a gram of Y (WHY).

Structural 3D Y

Your capital case Y is formed by V on top and I as the single standing leg.  When three  legged structural Y is circled or walled around, a simple 3 sided triangle is formed, on 2 dimensional sphere; and if it is in 3 dimensional, it is tetrahedral state.

By the time we place 3 dimensional Z and N around, a cubic state is outside, but within, the Y spins and rotates in each and given way. This is how our 7th chakra brain functions. Externally, knotting N- YES with head up and down, while swinging Z-NO by turning head left and right.

Ironically, the 7th chakra crown never moves, it is the neck above the shoulders that move head and torso, producing zigzagging Z and up and down N.  In the center of the head, where V and I are joint to form Y, and Z and N surround to produce 4 different Ys inside, divine is happening.

Try it and see how your brain really function with these three letters: Z and N around, Y inside.

When this God’s eye image is alive inside, 7th chakra will descend and merge with 6th chakra formed by F on right, R in the middle and T on left. When those two sets work together, fifth vowel U is complete.  as such, with the fifth vowel letter U, you Y on top of central sphere of 7th chakra will complete for entire 7 letters, Z and F on left, and R below you Y, and T and N on right.

From Tetrahedral to Spherical 

Knowing that both the etheric world and material world work through hexagonal state, the universal flat-land needs physical flattery gland. And these two worlds need hexagrams to form hexagonal states and scale hexagonal waves.

It is through hexagonal sphere, three sides of etherical world will team and cream with the three sides of the physical world. The three sides of etherical world are: heptagonal sphere, octagonal sphere, and nonagonal sphere. The three sides of physical world are: triad triangle, squared cube, and five-fingered and toed pentagram. This is why the best military headquarter in the world is built with the structure of pentagon: a five-sided building, to stretching five fingers into the world by landing five toes in air and on water, upon land and into any country.

This is also why our thumb finger and big toe are made of two bones, while the rest four have three in order to form 12-sided dodecahedral nature that can be added with or divided by 3.

Then: Letter Y

In capital case, dear Y (WHY), You are made of double vowels between U on top and I below; while in small case, You are made of consonant letter V and little vowel letter i.

Shifting from U to V, You are the Victory, my dear letter Y; while lifting from V to U, the right foot that represents V, or the donkey’s assuring foot, who was the child from a horse father and donkey mother, will rise from the sea line and the footage of a mountain, high up into the cloud-smoked sky, to tell our heavenly father “I am coming.” and by spelling earthly mother “I am leaving water and dust behind.”

It is You, dear letter Y (WHY), that allows me to zoom into the geometric structure of an alphabetic letter, its linguistic forming process, and its anatological expression. Because our body can stand and pose, sit and amuse, and lie down and glance, our anatomical feature will produce its zigzagging and swirling motion, its rotating and spinning promotion, or its swinging and suspending demotion.

Coming from U and/or V, the capital case “I” lifts You Up into your highest Victoriously Unified, Vaguely Vaulted, and Invaluably United Velocity. In this above-mountain high state, dear Y (WHY), You are truly facing up, totally up, while being supported by letter I, where the dot dangling eye above the nose or the Adam’s Apple and Dew hanging above the hyoid bone is head-topped into the bottom of your V section.

As such, the standing I serves as a cosmic chimney, where multiple helix moving in and out, removing up and down. When the sky is thundering and lightning, raining and smiling, the hell below licks it all. After the hell licked, we have helix.

When the sky coming down from the heaven meets and greets the tongue of “what the hell heck”, holographic helix is formed, as the single chimney is standing long and strong, to keep the hellish tongue licking ever and clicking forever.

But, if we change the small vowel letter i into a big letter I, it changes the subjective i into objective me as I, by reducing the dot above the vertical line of I. No dews or news left, nor Adam’s Bone or Apple left behind. Just the merge of V above I, where V stands on the tip of I, as if the tip of a tongue, to declare that: “Victory is above I that teams mostly me,  somewhat my me, little bit my mine.”

Now: Y (WHY) 5 and a Half

So, in order for the two worlds co-exist, we need water: holy water and fishy water; physical water and spiritual water, beverage water and glandular water. This is the power of water that speaks through six-sided snowflakes. Snowflakes are standing Now Flowing on Lakes. We need a half, just a half, so that 5-sided us and this world can increase and 7-sided that world can produce on behalf cosmic creation, and universal recreation.

This is the power of 5 and half.

As a whole letter, dear Y (WHY), You reveals me that the angular portion inside the V, is 72° degrees, while the angles facing southwest and southeast merged and developed between the bottom of V and top of I are 144° degree each.

The 144° degree on both sides of I represents those appointed, chosen, and worthy 144000 souls in and out of earth’s atmospheres.  Those fixed but fluctuating numbers are forever there, to speaking for on behalf of God’s Jaw, dear Y (WHY), Your V above my I, or the Openness into Heaven.

Adding existing numbers up, whether it is 72 or 144, they both end up 9: to demonstrate the power of nonagon, or nine-sided polygon.

Dear Letter Y (WHY), are U a Letter or a number, either and or, or Both for the More?

Word – Conscious Sonic Fiberoptic Sensory Bite

Words are conscientious.

Once you use, they have your consciousness.

They are idealistic, thoughtful, intentional, unbelievable.

In the beginning, a word serves as a conscious offspring to baby its idea.

When a word is spoken, it carries lightning particle or living wave.

When a listener receives this sonic bite, this heard word will activate its hidden cream: its frozen conscious stream.

When an observer registers this very ideal image – the word for thought – inside his conscious realm, words created as conscious offspring are now the ideals to dear the del-light and make deal with the coming ideas.

To idealize these ideas, thoughts are formulated. To think through idealized ideas as conscious streams, thoughts have their juicy sonic detectors and lovely fiber-optic re-generators.

This is because if words invented and created are conscious, they must be first sonic to light, wave-creamy to love.

Thus, words are the offspring of in-light-ful and sonic particles, and wave-lengthy echoing hollow-graphics of love.

By the time words can be re-listened, re-ascribed, reused, re-digested, reprogrammed, reeducated, reprinted and recycled individually and collectively, words finalize as light-catching particles, love-sensing waves, conscientious fibers, thoughtful optics, and opportunistic to any and all actions, reactions and interactions.

Words are sonic to solar heat, echoing for lunar flairs, spacious re-indicators, and life re-generators.

Along this process,

an idea is a creative conscious stream

for that specific thought processor.

A thought intends for an active practice.

An active practice is an act upon that very thoughtful practice.

The thought-out practice is the product of that idea;

The goal of that thinking;

The believer among listeners;

The tools for the propagandizing programmers.

To profess and prolog those grammars,

Rams are locked on the dock of dams.

Adam’s Apples are fried, and further French-fried,

So that vowels are repenting through true vocal cord,

by escaping the surrounding false vocal ones.

Consulting consonants are wrapped and strapped around vowels as colorful tinctures, live pictures, enliven mixtures, subtle physical poses,  exploding postures, reverberating textures.

Once the tip-down rod of Adam’s Apple is downsizing, the real physical dam that is made of two pieces of hipbones can dam up the recyclable nutrients from dis-chargeable portion as either watery salt-enriched oceanic smelling urine or soft fibrous poopy fragrant feces.

Now the Dammed-up portion needs to be aroused, inspired, and uplifted, while the dam-down lotion can be recycled for next idea, next thought, next person, next time, next generation.

The next never get to exit on any inspiring and excitable insights,

but will go for any open and invited entrance.

Once an ideal enters your ear, it is very dear to point you as an ideal;

Once a though enters your conscious, your brain becomes trance, so the income of this thought can be translated through glandular fluid as self-igniting tool, or reusable stool.

The outcome of these ideas and thoughts are as cool as a tool can utilize them.

They then serve as wool to stream your thought and action, as stools to use inside classrooms at any given schools: school of academics, school of educational, school of collegiate, school of doctoral; or any school of soft ideas and hard thoughts.

Urine coming out of body is like tidy waves of rising ocean, hurricanes and typhoons, before they become cloudy storms.

Feces are the upside down reddish lava eruption, lavish volcanoes before an earthquake takes the space over.

Afterward, they return to land, recycle as part of dirt, reused as vital soil.

While words created from ideas are flesh litigators and refresh re-generators,

Where every open pore will be coded with incoming words and each its core will be delineated and desolated with their outgoing scores.

Words invented by thinking tanks will be used as phrases and sentences to form belief patterns and unbelievable paramount throughout commercial banks and official ranks.

To be reused, words never land on riverbanks, but they can get into your memory tank as memory chips, feeling dips, hair-lining dips;

or to be reused as memorable bites, conscious cites, unbelievable kites.

Going out of mouth, vocalized words are heard as following instructions and obeying commands.

Finger-printing down, words are the written seals, hidden minerals inside stones, beholding pearls, shinning lights, eternal love.

Words are artistic in the state of super-conscious realm, as they are artificial for pseudo-intellectual programs.

Words savor the thirsty souls,  or poison ready-to-be programmable minds.

Words can be used as holy as holographic spheres, as enlightening particles, as ascending articles;

Or to poison the virtuous conscious and mental streams as dead concept,  deadly weapons.

In our civilized state, words are everywhere; and you can’t escape from them.

But how to use these words, it is not just up to your cognitive mindset but mostly up to your conscious state;

How to apply those words, it is not only up to your conscious state, but truly up to your super conscientious estate.