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Charming or Alarming Words

Words are clueless, never there just for themselves.

Just like light is here and never there, its trajectory projection that carries light from here to there, we use word to extend from here to everywhere, and expand from here now to an everland. Just like love is here and never conditional, we rely one conditional state to capture unconditional realm through auditing our tradition.

If light can tell you what to do, and love reminds you how to live on love, what is the use of words? But if you see the light and others cannot, you need words. If you are in love, and other aren’t and never will, you use words.

Words are human’s best used tool and most powerful toy. Words are vital and essential depiction of nature. Words are the qualitative description of nature’s act in the midst human action and reaction. Words express on behalf of souls, can explain what any given reason is, and satisfy any reason will be. Words are the eye of God’s and His lights, the heart of Universe and Her hearty waves. Words are the fictitious factory of mindset and factual faith of heartbeat. Words are a mixture of vital supersonic waves of vowels and conscientious fiberoptic bites of consonants. Words are like nutrients in food, energy in a battery, color chips and pigments in paint and illustration, musical notes and scales in sonic waves.

In practice, words separate a learned and educated person from an untrained and uncivilized being; as words are used to: identify worldly images and their manifests from what is been attracted and aroused, triggered or inspired in one’s inner world; extend and record one’s needs beyond physical expression; describe what things are and what is happening, extract one’s internal images and feelings for others who cannot or haven’t, define what it is from what is happening, and crystalize what is going on in life into like god’s act and nature’s seal.

Words are created to communicate the lost self with a higher and divine power; words are also invented to replace color chips and pigments, as well as musical notes and scales. Words are learned utilities; as they have been used to describe or defend; employed to convey or convince; deployed for display or explain. Words are carriers for what the souls want to say, how senses to convey, how a mind needs to explain.

All words being used range from safe and comfortable, cheerful and pleasant, sweet and charm to alert and separate, warn and differentiate and alarm and disconnect. Your world of needs and expressions are represented between these charming and charming words.

The charming words make you feel like you are as ease as being at home, as comfortable as a cozy bed, as safe and sound as all is excellently good, as gifted and starry as you are so valuable, irreplaceable.

The alarming words will alert you with your subline awareness, warn you in your surrounding environment and its limitation of courteousness, and finally alarm you by those safe-threatening, dying-welcoming and death-driving dangerous and disastrous signs and realities.

Words are used to describe current situation so as to recall second past and ageless old history. Words are light-ends tails and space-rounded retails. Words are eventful receipts and memorable chips. Words are cellular and inorganic, personal and impersonal; individual and collective; conscious and energetic; vibrant and deadly; vital and violent… Words are endless and useless….

If you stand right in between what is charm that is opposite to what is alarm, you are in a neutral position, mutual space, indifferent state; words have no use here, words are mingles here.  If interpersonal bridges are well there and intrapersonal stages are sound here, what are the purpose of using words? If nothing is alive nor dead, what-else and whereabout can we put a meaning into words.

Never Begin, Not In

To begin with N anatoligcal unit, as a third and a fourth of 7th Realm of Conscientious Fiberoptic Site, we begin with never: such as I never eat, you never sleep, they never work, nobody is never here, but ever there, for the eternal forever.

To start never, Eve is in the middle of n and r, like near-your-ear kind of thing but not for no more kind of tone. If Eve is in, all things are on for a thing, in each given every evening. Then, Eve becomes ever, such as a diligent sever, a well reserved preserver, till this ever notion extends into what a never can stop.  Never begin, that is God’s Work! God never starts a thing that makes us startling, nor finish a thing up, has not done any. When a no word spoken from O of Heart drives itself down to E of Pelvic Root, and reaches further at V of Right Foot, then backs up to E of abdominal cavity and R for Neck, Throat and Tongue, everything needed to say from the left crown to the right foot is perfectly said: NO, NEVER.

Then, to begin after never is to beg in, or beg oneself to be in; completely, totally and wholeheartedly in. With in as an ending particle or traditionally called suffix (suffering case), g leads in into gin, for you to beg in. To beg the gin in your system, Gin and Tonic is served as popular drink, so that you as a beggar leads your leg into some real place for something that is as cool as real can get in.

“I beg your pardon?” is the polite question.

The answer is “I am in a garden near Canton.”

“Never been there, how is it?” is the first person’s second question.

“Not that it not Necessary, but that it is not my natural necessity.”  

To beg one’s pardon is to simply find an excuse not to accuse this person.  In this route, in state is gladly tagged by g– anatological bite, not by p as pin, nor by s as sin. From this point on, more words such as abstain, akin, again and skin will stretch their arms and hands till the biggest heart 心 xin takes over the biggest universal space occupied by 阴 yin.

To begin with in, this –ing active constant moving power inks you to think and links you to blink, Now, in is inside the ink to which we paint with pink color or write with stinky favor.  By the way, similar to English word nun serving as the simplest noun, there is a Chinese word for nin as politely respectful you. To call the person in front of you is like to address anyone or anything not as first and primal as I am, but as my eye-on object, my secondary sectary. As I being the first foremost important figure or creature, everyone else works for my eye-I and everything surrounding my eye-I will be included inside a conclusive YOU.  To say to 你 niyou as 您 nin-you, the personal ni-you will be raised high above what my throat can spill, till your head willingly drops down and bows to ME, the object of I that controls all means and meat.

To be in, like into, inside, or in-between, you must beg your legs to move in. Before you are in, you can replace with a, e, o and u, even y such as above-mentioned yin word, in order to have an, en, on, and un.  Further, to extend in or en, we ink or end.  If we play these two words in their 360 degree circular ring, ink interchanges with kin, and nik (short for Nick), and  end intertwines with den and Ned. Same for and with Dan and NDA (nondisclosure agreement), one with eon and neo.  

Now let us take apart the biggest realistic 3-dimensional n word nation. Counting backward, we have on, ion, (tined) tion, (action I think) and finally nation. Nation now can be defined as on the ion action with non-stop nervous nerdy nostril. Since nation is one of many words that begin and end with n, nun and noon as two good nouns will take nylon and niton to Nelson orJohnson so that one’s nation becomes newborn nitrogenNegation takes in negotiation, so that nutrition can turn into a nonvegetarian.

As for all the N beginning-and-ending words you can think of and make use with, nun is the simplest, and salient one. If you can become a nun, nation becomes nature. With no self-procreation, nature pictures as nurture, and is the structure of both food-based agriculture and house-laced architecture.  To capture the nature as tincture, there is no future culture, only furniture serves the lecture.

Things are near are next to nose, nearby note. If you can smell with your nose, and read your note, what your neck needs is what is necessary, what is new never says now, but pronounces as either the news upon noon, or night’s knights.

In the end, what a nation leaves behind is what ion can turn i on.

Who are U working For

To live, we must work to live.

But who are we working for? The job that works for the salary and income? The Career that pays for the vocation to spend emotional and intellectual passion? Or the faith that looks up at God and lives on its deepest and most powerful belief?

The Book of Job says we all have a job: the job of our life. The hobby of vocation is cared as Career. The conviction towards Faith faces all kinds of facial detention on top of racial retention.

In order to work for this job, we must care.

When the care turns into a career, it is a vocation that pays for the passion to presume to be busy, consume compassion, and resume to be sexily fashionable.

When vocation is over, vocal nation is live on the scream of broadcasting, to brand what is missing from vocation cheapened by the collision and cheated by the volition.

To voice on is to repeat after, but to voice over there is a penalty made.

When the immediate voice is rejected by the listener, silence carries the speaker to the anatologically boxed brain, so that palms can extend what cannot be spoken from the chest, to allow fingers to tap into sensory skins and verify what can’t be spoken.

By the time the triangle teamed by naked throat and two dropping, stretching, extending and rotary hands, anything cannot be touched by fingers will go down to the toes: to walk on, walk in, and walk through.

The body now resembles an upside-down tree: where the head and its hair serve as root and its extended branches; two arms are the first sprouted branches, to serve as the earth-skin-poking and sky heading leaflets; as the two deserves the final branching upon the tip of the central trunk, where the groin doesn’t grow outward, but inwardly.

Upon this head-ended and tail-bended groin, the sprouted branches will support the growth of peduncle: which is our neck. From this peduncle or neck, receptacles are formed as womb in human, sepals and petals will serve as umbilical cord, as ovule beneath and inside the stamens and pistils will grow eggs and mature into seeds: our fetus.

Having this structural anatomy, how can we merge between the tree of plant life and tree of lovely human life. Plant life grows upward from earthy soil to open space, as we grown downwardly from time-and-space capped head to air-wind-faced atmosphere, passionate love-cased lithosphere, water-laced hydrosphere, grass-paced biosphere, and soil-based geo-mesosphere.

When these five spheres turn into five senses, we can easily forget what a tree, a plant, a flower and a seed and its aromatic fragrances would do to our life’s waving frequencies.

Now, your time, energy and labor spent as the outcome gets payed by your earned, deserved or agreed income.  When outcome poured out by your job performance, your labor of love, and your truthfully devotion to your work, vocation and belief will reveal their naturally produced income. When this portion, this size and this kind of income welcome the world, you come to a place where you become what you have overcomed from, how your have outgrown and outnumbered between what the miscomes have unwelcomed.

Choose the Belief, or Believe to Live

I was a believer, and has been.

Looking back, I didn’t believe in me, nor believe the life I must live. I choose the best Belief among what I have searched for and decided on.

Now, the season is gone, and reason sits in.

Belief is to Be a little falling fall Leaf, not a spring if; while to Believe, you must Be Alive, Be the Live One in order to Believe in You.

That is what I know now.

I want to live and believe, not to pick and choose among beliefs, not any among no more.

To live on belief is heavy, and it is useless in the end, because:

1: Heaven and hell don’t care what you believed in, nor what your belief is and has been; since beliefs have no space to exist below the hell and above the heaven. Below the hell lives the very slow to the stop point of inferred intimate Inns, and above the heaven is ultraviolet light shining through dark matters that are against anti-matters, where only ants are the matters.

2) There are so many beliefs out there, for you to pick and choose. Different time period creates its vast belief system, and different culture thrives on their own racially tamed and facially glued belief patterns and customs.

3) Once you pick one, among many, this very Belief in you will fight with you to against many other beliefs in order for itself to live, for you to believe what your belief is the real deal, the best, and the only.

4) Now, when you and your belief get matured enough,  you are Not You no More, and your Belief is in You, lives on You, demands You and controls You. You have nothing left but your single lonely belief. Your Belief is now your only loved one and worst enemy!

5) To agree and follow some’s belief for the rest of your, you give up yours, what is in you, forever.  Who knows there are better ones, better than the best one you know, are out there for you to search and ponder, here for you to pick and taste.

5) In the end, all beliefs are bunch of dead words and concepts.  God never dies, and life is to live moment by movement, to live for season after no reason, and to live forward and move on what dead have not and future will not.

But to believe, I just live, you simply live, as we all believe to live. With or without a belief, I live, you live, and we all live.  Life lives on, as if life itself always believes in you and me. We live on one another so we must believe in each other. So, just be a spring green leaflet, or a falling fall colored leaf.

Either way, I am as lief as I believe to live as of a single simple leaf!

What Does Dream Do Its 3Ds?

By the time the sun’s sparkling light welcomes the darkening night, day-dreams and their conscious streams will be taken over by the archly lunar creams, deepened by real dreams.

In this state, the  lovely daily icy creams from the heart, gut and soul will take over any head-streams, so that bed-dreams can alternate conscious streams as subliminal and unconscious realms. Further, the scaring loud screams voiced out during the day change, quickly and without notice (not ice), into deva-stating worst nightmares, where only knights can dare, only angels can fair.

Whether sunbeam or moonbeam, beams of lights are a team, to steam the deep water, cream the icy emotion, scream the eternal love, and gleam the headstreams as either mainstream audience or microbeams upon fiber-optic gravitational waves.

Solar light is solid but alone; while lunar lights are the reflections from any lightening and delightful solar or cosmic refreshments.

When the solar light lights up your head, lunar light delights your dream state. Light-long ends with head strong, what is gone with dream is what could be wrong with scream. Dream’s dimensional division is devotional decision.

To re-state, your Dream as first D is dimensional, what it Does as second D is divisional, and what dreams can Do as third D is devotional. So, what Does Dream Do is dimensional, divisional and devotional.  These are the 3Ds.

 What the light did during the daytime is its dimensional streams. How the night can dream is are as individual as any divisional stream would beam. And what day-light and moonlight cannot Do is the devotion from inside a dream that is above a light can stream, that is beyond any night can cream.

To bream what seems in your head, chemical lead lets the mechanical leader  to be codified with an official letter. To lead as the head gets the chemical lead in your head, as this particular lead poisons your head-stream with lunatic creams.

What seems real is either that daily light streams, or nightly dream creams. What seems really real ends with all kinds of reams, or rims and edges; so that to redeem is to re-dream the daily deed, re-stream the lucid dream, and re-cream universally scream-able creams.

To read a dream, its conscious mind must be more conscientious than a dream interpreter; and its conscious streams much change into lucid but conscientious creams, with no memory chips, no remarkable memorandum, nor memorable remembrance.

To lead as the head of a stream, mainstream will be the upstream, to out-stream any side-streams as either out-streams or down-streams.

What does your Dream Do to your dimensional, divisional decision?

The answer is:

Choice does all the chores for dimensional,

Voice streams any dreamed divisional,

Noises don’t beam or stream what devotion can dream or cream.

My Solar Ecliptic Experience

Two day passed now since 2017 total solar eclipse passing through American Continent from  the northwest Oregon to the southeast South Carolina, which lasted a total of 4 hour. It began at 9:06 PDT (12:06 EST) as being observed from Madras of Oregon, and ended at 4:06 EST at Columbia, South Carolina.

After 12:10, I was with Liz and her two younger boys at the Fort Massac State Park, Metropolis of IL. The park was right on the north bank of Ohio River.  What I saw through solar/sun-glass and felt were still beyond words. The saddest part was that I didn’t see from the very beginning.  At 12:44,  I  was alarmed by the voice of John the little boy,  in the same very moment my legs felt like being touch by the wind.  This was near the total eclipse, about 20 minutes to go. The image of more than half covered sun was like 5th or 6th night of a new moon.

A few minutes late, a big cloud touched the east-portion of the phenomena, and it took about 7 minutes or so to pass over. At this moment, the visible arch was little,  like the beginning of a new moon.  Then a small cloud came through, but lasted only a few minutes. About a minute or so before the total eclipse, this cloud moved away.

I was so lucky to see the total image of the solar eclipse, which lasted about 2:20 minutes.  Right before the total ring closed its mouthy lips, there was a quick solar flair flashing on the southeast end. Sky became bluish grey,  exciting human voices mixed with the sounds of crickets singing through the trees. There was a subtle but swirling wind coming down from the sky. Temperature dropped immediately. The entire view of the horizon was blueish grey, but not dark, as if dusk before darkness takes over or dawn before the sun leaps its head.

In terms of physical sensations or feelings, which were the most important part of being part of this phenomena, my chest and heart were the sensors or vibrators.  My chest became that moon-covered space inside, and ring around was vibrating through me, through this space.  And I will inform when this sensation ends.

As for the visual images, or the images my eyes perceived through solar glass around the ring of the ecliptic phenomena, it was a mix among the image of the handle portion of a gun, about 15 minutes or so before the totality started, to just purple flair coming down at my visual space, and a west-point arrow in the beginning with three vertical lines crossing the horizontal bar of the arrow head in the end. This final image was much like the triple cross, but sun-pointing end was a triangle or a arrow head-like look.

Yesterday, I found out that Carbondale IL will be at the center of the cross between this 2017 northwest-southeast curving line and the next 2024 dashing line coursing from Texas to northwest New York. In this cross-image, the river-lines where the Missouri and Platte River merge upon south Omaha and east of Lincoln of Nebraska in the west will meet the Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in the East, where Buffalo of New York and Cleveland of Ohio will be in this central line.

In the immediate south of the cross centered upon Carbondale is where the Mississippi River continues the Missouri River and Ohio River.  On the east of Mississippi River is Paducah where Ohio River in which the state of Ohio was named  takes on its largest tributary from the Tennessee River. On the west is Cario IL, where the Missouri River joins into the Mississippi River. This makes Missouri and Ohio rivers the two largest shaking sticks from the solar cross formed between now and 2024.

Can you see, tell us, and explain what will be happening in and around this solar ecliptic cross covering most US land?