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Who are U working For

To live, we must work to live.

But who are we working for? The job that works for the salary and income? The Career that pays for the vocation to spend emotional and intellectual passion? Or the faith that looks up at God and lives on its deepest and most powerful belief?

The Book of Job says we all have a job: the job of our life. The hobby of vocation is cared as Career. The conviction towards Faith faces all kinds of facial detention on top of racial retention.

In order to work for this job, we must care.

When the care turns into a career, it is a vocation that pays for the passion to presume to be busy, consume compassion, and resume to be sexily fashionable.

When vocation is over, vocal nation is live on the scream of broadcasting, to brand what is missing from vocation cheapened by the collision and cheated by the volition.

To voice on is to repeat after, but to voice over there is a penalty made.

When the immediate voice is rejected by the listener, silence carries the speaker to the anatologically boxed brain, so that palms can extend what cannot be spoken from the chest, to allow fingers to tap into sensory skins and verify what can’t be spoken.

By the time the triangle teamed by naked throat and two dropping, stretching, extending and rotary hands, anything cannot be touched by fingers will go down to the toes: to walk on, walk in, and walk through.

The body now resembles an upside-down tree: where the head and its hair serve as root and its extended branches; two arms are the first sprouted branches, to serve as the earth-skin-poking and sky heading leaflets; as the two deserves the final branching upon the tip of the central trunk, where the groin doesn’t grow outward, but inwardly.

Upon this head-ended and tail-bended groin, the sprouted branches will support the growth of peduncle: which is our neck. From this peduncle or neck, receptacles are formed as womb in human, sepals and petals will serve as umbilical cord, as ovule beneath and inside the stamens and pistils will grow eggs and mature into seeds: our fetus.

Having this structural anatomy, how can we merge between the tree of plant life and tree of lovely human life. Plant life grows upward from earthy soil to open space, as we grown downwardly from time-and-space capped head to air-wind-faced atmosphere, passionate love-cased lithosphere, water-laced hydrosphere, grass-paced biosphere, and soil-based geo-mesosphere.

When these five spheres turn into five senses, we can easily forget what a tree, a plant, a flower and a seed and its aromatic fragrances would do to our life’s waving frequencies.

Now, your time, energy and labor spent as the outcome gets payed by your earned, deserved or agreed income.  When outcome poured out by your job performance, your labor of love, and your truthfully devotion to your work, vocation and belief will reveal their naturally produced income. When this portion, this size and this kind of income welcome the world, you come to a place where you become what you have overcomed from, how your have outgrown and outnumbered between what the miscomes have unwelcomed.