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Are Words fractals or vibes, fibers or timbers?

Are words light fractals, love vibes, spacious waves, conscious fibers, sensational filters, or sensory lumbers?

Why were words created, invented, received, understood, expressed, transmitted, and recorded in the first place?

What  are happening there, because of fib-optic words, due to conscientious words, through light-pointed and love anointed words, inside our heart and soul, our mind and its consciousness, our brain wave and its cognition, our gut and its ignition, our heart and her inspiration, our soul and his liberation????

Why are we ingrained to learn, pronounce, say, spread, believe in, fight for and die with certain specific word-carried concepts or key-word-codified belief systems? Why certain words will be rooted deep in somebody’s soul, while for others, they are just rattle-snake-like nonsense?

How each of us listened to the mouthed out voices, watched the motion of lips and facial expression aside from listening, and observed the physical posture and body language while paying attention to voices?

What happened when our entire body works together as a drum, an instrument, a live organism, and a secret temple, to begin the process of sophisticated human realms and their corresponding languages?

How are our raw, organic, aromatic and sonic babyish voices are dammed, slammed, dammed, hammered, and finally programmed by the adults’ grams and rams, dams and jams, lams and tams, to the points our throats are culturalized and civilized, our true vocal cords/folds in the center of the tunnel/channel-like opener (called glottis) were frozen, and being replaced by all kinds of false vocal cords/folds, false ideas and believes, falsification and fossilization?

Do adults fear our crying and trying, screaming and streaming voices? What are in our those true, authentic and fear-provoking voices?

Then  our fingers and toes fenced by elbows and shoulders, knocked by ankles and knees?  Adults want only their motions and movements, but not corresponding emotions that either demote or promote their little child-like nature within?

What happens when our toes are touching and interacting with the grounded electric windy waves, as our finger-tips dip and zip light-waving particles and anti-dramatic matters?

Then our skulls are slowly tighten up, dried out to the point where we don’t only have thick facial skin, thick ears and thick eyelashes, but truly thick dry skull, where only civilized, survival based waves and frequencies are in and out, such as coffee and drink are in and out, food and meals are in and our, daily routines in and out, thousands years old habitual patterns in and out, and finally only birth and death in and out. But souls, living souls and unbelievable souls, authentic and unique souls are trapped, demolished, and squeezed into what adults call it: HeLL.

What happens when we try our hardest, best and most to describe what is going on inside, but nobody can hear it, understand it and get it; where the words we chose to scribe and describe become more confused than ever, and we have nothing left but withdraw, hide or walk away?

Why is it so that when we say something through words, someone get it right away, right there and right now, before the sentence ends with words-echoing hopes, or words-ending exhales; while others don’t. Then we try to explain, try to clarify, try to make sense of them, try to help them to get it. They don’t and it become just a waste of time and effort, since we know they never will???!!!

Why certain words will wake us from our sleepy, dozy or lifelong hibernating state? Why certain words point, piece and nail us so deep and hard? why certain words cause us subconsciously and helplessly to fight and defend, immediately and instantly repel and push away? Why certain words will soak so deep into our soul, as they become the essence of our being, the instrument of our believing, and truth of our becoming?

Why have we been constantly In War with Words as those key-head-knock-off belief systems battle one another to the point the entire world is filled word-jammed beliefs, cultured religious beliefs, cemented theological beliefs,  hysterical but reasonable beliefs?

Why Words became personalized once they are ended with, tailed by, and retailed with -isms, or -ists.

If all so-called -isms serve as neutral or barren seeds,  and -ists must be those potent but barbaric seeds.

If all kinds of seeds are individually unique and collectively equal, are these seeds-produced -isms would care for those seeds-prolonged -ists!!

What happens when all seeds — such as seeds of light and love; seeds for the vegetation in the ocean base; seeds (plants and trees) for land’s escaping skin as if human follicles hosting sprouting hair; seeds for specific animals; seeds for all kinds of human souls; seeds for light dust; seeds for love must — can and will, ever and forever, co-exist, co-create, co-produce, co-ordinate,  co-operate????

What happens when land is caped, our glands are escaping; and vice verse? Landscapes or glands-escapes, gland-grapes or land-rapes, what is the difference?

Aside from these above 2 -isms and ists, -or for doctor or tractor or traitor is different from -er for maker of the baker the Caker on the Laker.

Why we live and die for these, those ghost-busty glorious words to the points our headstones will be filled nothing but our names and lifespan dates?

Why do certain words survive longer than any life can afford to live and believe? Why certain other words prolong our lives truly beyond those unbearable, unbelievable ordeals?


Why Birds!



Anatological Bites= TAI (True Artificial/Artistic Intelligence)

In anatological application, each belief-carried word serves as an anatological bites. Just like sound travels as sound bites, and information is perceived as bite-sized unit in computer industry, human beliefs, personal or cultural, religious or historical, are stored in mind-ignited and heart-charged soul.

Once this igniting and firing word is heard or perceived conscientiously, soul will record as a key note, life-believing note, and mind-bending note.

from that moment on, the person will be audited and supervised by this internal device, that broadcasts and sustains on this internal waves. Among thousands of thousands words being used daily, these few belief-carried words or belief-patterned concept override all the rest words; and same law of principle runs in front of fear, protection, and self-defensive.

Once the body records this wave, it will remember for a long time, and it even survive life after.  Nerve ends serve in this realm like electric signals, and pressure points or acupoints broadcast this signified waves.

How a believer opens one’s heart to receive, sustain and practice this belief-carried wave is the quest of True Artificial/Artistic Intelligence.

Historical religious and political founders have opened their hearts bigger enough to allow universal vibrational bites and individual vibrational bites to enter this space, to be stored, to be sorted out, and to be wave-balanced.

Wave Balance

Historically, the Wave Balance is called wisdom virtue,  honorable integrity or divine intelligence. In the world today, when those highest human souls’ qualities are less valued, or totally ignored, it is time to translate wisdom words, wisdom truth, wisdom virtue, honorable integrity and divine intelligence into compute-able digital signals and waves, so that souls are seeking those have materialized facts to follow and waves to upgrade them.

Nature of Anatology

Following the similar route as its predecessor anatomy, meaning to cut or slice human body into pieces as if dissection, anatological pieces or sections or components are cut by light points, sound bites, igniting charge, understanding sensation, conscientious insight, knowingly appreciation.

Further,  in anatomy, the cut-off or sliced piece is meant for pathological investigation, while as for anatology, what have been cut  from throat, handwriting or printing board as words-coded expression are served as light-fibers, sound-bites, thoughtful point, understanding spot, sensational texture, felt expression, inner display,  or any dreams, desires, hopes, wishes, goals or purpose.

Words used by this or that anatologist are means and tools just like the motion of energy  for the matter and object, and emotion of souls and their deep sensations. If there is not such a thing in the universe, created by Creator, there wouldn’t be words invented or created by humans; and if there are no dreams and hopes, wishes and desires, goals and purposes for each and every living souls, words would never carry and content those energetic meanings for; furthermore, if there is no change upon any sort of exchange, such as light and darkness, matter and force, expression and energy, or birth and death, words have no meaning or purpose to begin with.

Thus, words used, applied, exchanged and recycled anatologically are light-targeted, love-wrapped, dream-carried, hope-wished, and goal-oriented energetic outcast, output, outlet, outpouring, outset and outcome between a subject and an object, or any dualistic exchange.  There exists duality, there is anatology and its anatological expression and exchange.

For example, between neurological hardware and linguistic software, there lies the beauty, power and purpose of anatology, the first and oldest human expression aside from voice and along with vocal expression and exchange.

In order to exhale and prove the liveliness, the newborn infants make sound, as if a selfless cry, an effort or a try to say something to the outside world: “I am Here!” “This is Me!” “I am OK!”

Slowly but surely, this voice gets meaningful, and purposeful, as each sounded voice, vocal expression or written explanation carries specific connotation, message, meaning or goal on behalf who, where, what, how, and why.  Those five segments or pieces become the essence of anatology: the relationship between humans and their words in specific, humans on behalf their inner and out worlds.

 Therefore, anatology is neither a receiver nor a receptor, but a linkage between two; anatology means neither a thought nor a word, but the bridge of two; anatology deals neither muscular sensations nor gutsy feelings,  but that capacity of transmuting what is going on between the two; anatology is neither a subjective matter nor an object fact, but what makes the two either work together as a team or married couple, or what causes these two to defuse each other, deny one another, or debilitate each from other.

Just like mother earth or any planetary object has inner inertia and possesses spinning gravity, so that poles and core work together with self-motion of spinning and travelling notion of orbiting.   We want to be our own boss and possess our sovereignty; and in the seam token, we just want to follow the head and his steps, go with the flow;

Anatology is the nature of duality,  and the quality of binary system.  Anatology resembles a dot of zero and one,  a knot of nothing and everything, a line with two ends, a day of light and darkness, a bridge between two banks, a person of physicality and spirituality, a matter of form and force, a wire of ringing and singing, a tunnel of air in and dare out, a tube between basement and ceiling.

When man-invented words express on behalf ideals, thoughts, concepts and beliefs, anatology becomes externally gratified by either vocal or verbal expression, by internally satisfying the need to say and share, and desire to express and convey.

In this place, anatology is neither a thought or concept, nor a word or logo; but links both that translates, transmutes and dissolves each.

So be sure here that anatology deals with neither me or you, never this or that, nothing about here or any whereabouts, but it means the central threads, essential network, necessary diploma, required negotiators, and potential carriers.

Anatology allows light to see its opposition which is darkness. Anatology permits matter to dial through anti-matter, by positioning dark-matter to transmute light matter.  Anatology makes power to be either forceful or magical; or force useful and formless.

Anatology is neither God nor goddess,  but the needs of both, marriage of two, and change from one to the other.

Anatology births life and death, and it dissolves dualistic due and dude.  It makes your if like your suppose, and deports your propose like a repose.



Essence of Anatology

What is the Essence of Anatology?

If there is a living soul that tells the mind what to think of, think through and think with, then how to operate the mind in and out of the body,  by reinforcing and retailing the body how to move about and where to go, this living soul is an anatologist carrying both the hardware of spirit and hard-drive of belief inside his body and mind.

If there is a need in this living soul to speak, the very speech becomes its anatological expression; if there is a desire in this living soul to express, the very expression becomes its anatological output; if there is a strong drive in this living soul to talk, this very talk becomes its anatological outlet; and if there is any deep-rooted urge in this living soul to voice, this very voice becomes its immediate and authentic anatological outcome.

Thus, any living creature is an organic anatologist by nature, and each living soul is a family, cultural and national anatologist,  regardless of the speech is a native voice,  a personal speech, a cultural slogan or a national proud.

we don’t know how our ancestors used to voice and talk in the first place to begin their anatological construction, but we can see  and verify from the infants’ sounds and babyish tones that how each human being has long been genetically programmed with the exact same masculine sound and/or feminine tone.

Any boy’s voice has its universal masculine power just as any girl has its divine feminine pitch. This gender variation becomes the first very official anatological carrier and distributor.  Any spirit or living soul becomes therefore anatologically defined with its gender-based anatological feature.  Buried inside the gender are those genetically refined ancestral codes, and wrapped inside or around those ancestral codes is the quality of one’s living soul or spirit.

Thereafter, the any antologist is sexist; each anatologist is genetically biased and racially laced; and every anatologist is being culturally expressed, surpressed or depressed.

As an infant grows to sense with one’s sensory inputs and outputs, its basic five senses will be wrapped with inner gut-feeling sense or tapped by the divine cognitive sense internally; equally and consequently those five senses become the very expression of one’s family or cultural beliefs.  Opposite to those beliefs are the innocent innermost quality of one’s being: faith.

In the same tone, we don’t know precisely how our ancestors believed in themselves to construct their very generic belief system, so that this system has been continued from generation to generation to the point we were taught how to believe in the very thing where our ancestors would believe in the very first place.  We have been taught at home, in school, and at church how to believe in those old beliefs. To believe in oneself or something in the very place and to believe this belief system that began in the very first place are the two same believing process and two exact same belief systems.

Now the role of a human being is to believe, and the role of an anatologist is to believe in those collective belief system through numbers and letters, voices and words, images and illustrations, conviction and force, force and cohesiveness, cohesion and adhesion, reason and precision.

Forget here who is linguist, and forgive those who call themselves linguists.

Language is secondary to senses, as senses are secondary to belief; and beliefs are secondary to faith with or without face.

Now, you can either see a person’s faith from his face, or just believe in what the belief a person has voice or spoken through one’s defined or refined words.  Now the hardware of a being is its living soul, while the hard-drive is either its faith or belief; while the expression of a face might speak for one’s faith, and conviction of words denotes one’s belief.

Any person’s who has a belief is a unbelievable anatologist, and any faithful soul is divine anatologist.  thus, the words as expression on behalf of one’s faith or belief becomes the essence of anatology.  Though those words may be culturally invented or historically created, once they are being used to express  what one is believing in, on behalf of one’s belief system, the person becomes a true anatologist.

The puzzles are: why people had to believe in the first place? Why can a person listen to another person’s belief and start to believe in it, and eventually become one’s own belief pattern or belief system? Why so many people choose to believe in just words and not the formulated meanings behind them?  And why do words carry such natural  and organic powers of each and every beliefs.  What happens if there is neither belief system to exist nor belief pattern to begin with?   Why people fight for and die for their beliefs? Why one person tries with every means to brainwash others with one’s personal, religious or scientific belief?




When your irritable and conductive neurons meet your sensitive and effective acupoints, you will be fully fired up.  in between there is a shield that protects the normal functioning and senses what is stranger from that is dangerous.

Upon conception, we are granted with these facilities, and our body will be built upon by three generations’ accumulated know-how facilities. Only through high learning and education, or self-discipline and deep meditation practice, you will know what you are made of from what your body has, and how you are robotic from how you be creative.

The questions are: are nerve fibers meridian wires? Is cytoplasm meridian line/shield? Are free nerve endings made for acupoints?

Neurons are such mini-self conscious inertias,  just as acupoints are like gravitational angles.   Neurons are matters and acupoints are the points that matter to the real matters.


Anatology is about how humans use their creative invention of language to perceive, receive, process, understand, interpret, express and communicate through build-in Hard Drive: neurological feature. The neurological feature then utilizes its receptive inputs and sensory outputs. The receptive inputs connects to layers of structures wrapped by skin tissue, hair follicles, eye sockets, ear canals, nostrils, mouth, fingers and toes, and hair and nails.  Those facilities then connect to interior muscles, ligaments, bones, organs and glands, and related systems via nerve ends and meridian wired acupoints. Anything that is going on will be expressed through sensory output such as breathing, sweating, palpation, pulsation, urination and defecation.  Those routines will continue without end till something goes wrong or you die.

In order to manipulate animal senses, and utilize tools around, we humans have built civilized and sophisticated language system, such as Math and English, to extra physical senses into conscious reasoning and conscientious comprehension.  So we invented the first conscious software programs, such as numbers, sketches, and alphabets.

Now the alphabetic letters work together with neurological and meridian systems, in order to generate self-made artificial intelligence. And robotic and computer machinery are but extensions of these two, just acupuncture needles are the extensions of finger tips and nails.

When the free nerve ends upon finger-tips sense and express what is going on, neurological hardware and linguistic software start to process things through key related acupoints and meridian wires. The acupoints then connect intrinsically the interior self with the sonic light waves dashing and pulsating in the world out there. Once the acupoints tell neurological boss what is going on through their corresponding wires, anatological intelligence takes over by  grasping on precisely what is happening, so that better, smarter, efficient, effective and profitable decisions can be made.

Thus, anatological outcome became historically the first onset of AI: Artificial Intelligence.  This became in turn the first self protective and preservative intelligence, and it is also the tool for self-pleasure and self-gratification. Only through deep learning process, this sort of intelligence can be fully developed. The results are successful inventors, high intelligent politicians and businessmen, artistic and conscientious creators, and cultural and global diplomatists.

Yet, any further progress and advancement has to begin with the bases of anatological understanding of human neurological and linguistic interplay above gross and instinctive reactions and responses.

In nowadays, how English alphabetic letters and neurological system work together to help those who can create and generate specific, applicable know-hows to benefit the worldly beings, verse those majority educated and/or uneducated consumers can only live and function on already processed existing know-hows; such as how to drive but not walking, how to cook from a receipt but not create from scratch, how to type but not to write, how to work but not to invent and create.

Who are the master-makers of AI? The answer is: who are truly those anatologists who can utilize gender-based language, sensory language, national language and meridian language all together so that one’s intellectual process will rise above those who are numb, sleepy, and unconscious of themselves in the world?

who are anatologists

when a physical body is being viewed objectively by an anatomist, the role of an anatologist quickly steps in. Why?

This anatomist describes our body that is structured with different sections, segments or parts with descriptive anatomical words: such as head is called brain with hemispheres and nerves, and fingers from a wrist out is called hand, which differs from an animal’s claw.

Like an interior designer, which categorizes the interior spaces of a house surrounded by walled blocks into such as guest room, living room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, bathrooms, basement, loft and so on, an anatomist describes our human body with three cavities, forelimbs and ten systems.

Now, count this, from top to bottom, our body is being described as: crown, hair, skull, forehead, face (eyes and ears, nostrils and mouth, tongue and teeth), throat and neck, shoulders and armpits, arms and elbows and hands, chest and breasts, stomach and belly, abdomen and pelvis, hips and thighs, knees, shins, ankles, feet and toes. And there are hundreds and thousands more words being used to describe what is going on inside our body’s hair and skin, sweat and nails, blood and nerves, bones and gut.

Then what? How about functionality?  Or probemality?

Once problemality distorts its so-called regular, normal and healthy functionality, the role of this anatomist changes into a pathological anatologist:  to mix up the anatomical words with pathological words in order to become an official doctor: to describe what is going wrong with YOUR BODY, and to make a big deal out of YOU.

“If you don’t do this, or just do that, you will die!”

Now the anatomical features serve just like alphabetic letters. Just like the English language is constructed by its words made with any of 26 English alphabetic letters, our human cavities, forelimbs and interior sections are placed into 10 systems and filled with all kinds of detailed descriptive Medical etymological names.

Once there is a name given, our body will be objectively and anatologically investigated, and what is going on/wrong will be examined, monitored, watched for a period of time, till the normal functionality overrides the anatological description, which is called pathological function; or we die,  are being eulogistic-ally described by any anatologist as: we have died from this or that problem, this or that sickness, this or that sin.

Here and no-where, then and there, what is going on is no longer the job of an anatomist, but the power that is beheld by any anatologist’s mind, eyes and hand.

This anatologist now defines, describes, prognoses, and pathologizes what is going in your body and its senses, personality and its emotions and mind and its beliefs. This anatologist can be any specialist dealing with human health and wellness, such as from father and mother, brothers and sisters, relatives and neighbors, friends and enemies, doctors and psychologists, social workers and criminal investigators, lawyers and judges, mentors and priests.

In short, we are all anatologists by culture; because we live on and thrive upon those cultured words and logos.

Now, an anatologist is person who uses words to be on our side or to against us.

The moment we hear those sayings, such as “you are cute, smart, little, fat, ugly, nasty, my worst enemy”, is the moment we are being categorized by an anatologist.  It doesn’t matter who said it, but how we are being described and defined.

Are we all anatologists?!

1st law of Attraction

Gender vs Agenda

At the moment conception, the law of opposite attraction sets in, so your genderless spirit will be assigned into the opposite gender by the attracting parent.

Upon birth, gender matters. That was how the grown-ups saw us as, either like them or opposite to theirs. That is how our body is classified, since spirit has its twin qualities to be differentiated.

Growing up, gender is ahead of senses, from the smell of breath, the size of body and its weight, the style of the clothing, to toilet-training, the tones of voice, the shapes of bones, and structure of a personality. Society defines, confines and refines us through genders.

Once the body grows into its pubic stage, gender materializes its creative and reproductive physicality; but it can confuse the emotional soul, and will torment the genderless spirit. Any person can be straight, homosexual and monogamy, bi-sexual and dualistic, unisexual or gay.

Taking from the root meaning of Latin as six, the English word sex serves in total sextuple, such as sixth sense, so that entire process of hydrogenation can exist, to sustain in the plasma-like flat-land environment made of hexagonal spheres for the light to volt, vote, and void.

Water is life, and hydration is where and how the holy spirit to be hydrolyzed and oxidized by the holy water.

Aside from the physical gender that is needed to explore, exercise and express, personality gender is subtler, more troublesome to grasp, more difficult for the task, and more challenging than any given physical expression.

The expression of soul carries its gentle gender or gentile.

This is why over thousands of years, gender difference has been the key to either King or Queen, upon crown or thrown, onto kingdom or motherland. The battle for dominant gene through dominant gender has been the case for both races since the birth of humanity. This is where the innocent prince or princess will grow into fatherhood or motherhood, becoming potentially as either a king or a queen. This is how the journey of gender has its tree-mounted summit to climb, till the climax closes the gate of birth, or opens the page to either death or immortal.

Entropy sets in upon ages of 14, 18 and 25, to limit the physical gender and its expression. This is where the soul recognizes that gender isn’t everything, and physical climax doesn’t do anything more, and further.

In midst of mid-life, gender expression is everything because if the gender expression is not exercised with full and complete satisfaction, agendas begin, and they are endless.

Sonner or later, the thirst for quest the gender is over, and power of flesh means nothing to worn-out senses and rotten bones. The concept of twin souls enters life, to replace the conception of physical gender. The time to search for and mate with twin-souls or soulmates commences the second-time life quest: for creation, collaboration or collateral damage.

What is the expression of soul, through soul-mate?

Historically, among all kinds of kings and queens being glorified, and all sort of emperors and empresses being disasterized, there is another set of people who are dedicated to inner growth. They are called highest priests and priestesses. They talk to star-sense instead selfish senses. Rather than taking in control of land and country, or mind and individuality, these two kinds of people are service for higher palace and inner court, their own bodies and their inner selves.

By the time the soul is left with no mate, the living soul has nothing left to claim. Rest is to be flamed or blamed by the twin flames. From power-trip to leg-see (legacy), missed-treat to mystery, oral seal to oracle, majority to magic, all back to the star-seeds or starry dust as twin flames.

Thus, the journey of life goes from twin spirits down to dual genders, twin souls to dual personalities, and twin flames to primal dual oppositions of god’s mind.

Which one of these three have you mastered, made peace with and be contained? Which any has still room to grow, groom to bloom, the space to trace, and the depth to dive or die into?
Below are some of the questions of self-assessment on genders and related issues.  

Do you like your birth-on-gender?

Do you know that your gender was the FIRST result-ful application of law of attraction?

Are you sure that which your parent specifically exemplified your very gender character upon your conception?

When did you notice that you have a gender-defined body, a gender-differentiated observation, a gender-based knowing, a gender-biased view, or a gender variable viability?

How old were you when you saw that your body has its gender significance or difference?

From which gender (whom) that you saw you began to define your own body-gender as being a male or a female?

When did you know that it is the structural quality of delta-pelvic region that defines the characteristic physical gender and water elimination process?

How much have you master your own gender in front your similar and same genders, and before and towards your different and opposite genders?

Are you fully conscious of your gender-carried state and its functionality?

Are you aware of that many of your gender-related-issues didn’t never begin with YOU, or any gender?

Which is more primitive, more primal and prouder: gender or agenda?

Why are we still dragged by and tagged with gender, genders, endless gender stuff and useless gender views; either before our naked and truthful spirits, or in front of left-behind and leftover white bones?

When did you realize that you ARE GENDERLESS?

Where is the end of gender, gender determination, gender qualification, gender explication?

Are you free from gender issues, awake from gender-biased views, above gender-carried dues, and beyond gender-packed dews?

Are you fully intergraded between two opposite genders?

Are you totally balanced between two official genders?

Have you mastered and liberated from both genders?


sensory wordy fibers

When our innocent infant senses start to make sense through our vocal expression, adults would insert purposefully and viciously their learned sound-words, to jam up our true vocal cord with their false vocal muscle, so that our expression becomes a description of a thing, like A is for apple, and T is for tall.

Even so, alphabetic letters don’t connect to or relate to our natal senses.  they collect and accumulate what have been happened. What is happened is gone, like a coming new second defeats a passing old second, but what happened to the body and mind through senses will forever be codified, modified, and edified through letter formed words.

Slowly, a few words become a concept, and many words are required to define and explain this few-words-formed concept.

Before, inception and deception work at each other all the time, so insight and decision can find their own space-required places. Even a war is taking place before all sights turn into an single meaningful insight, and lots of perceptions are being decided away by the deception so that hopefully a real decision can follow afterward.

Along this process, sensory receptors are codified by words made letters, so that any perception can be mentally make sense.

Then makes sense or not, you got to believe it.  To believe is to convince others what your sensors have sensed, and what you perceived has been determined by neither the inception nor deception, so that a decision from what the mind has decided can convince or order others to believe, or a choice based on that the decisive voice can dice or lice others’ mind or action.

What happens to innocent infant original authentic senses?  They are merely sensors, and in turn secondary at most.  The numbers on speedometer verify what mercury has edified, and in turn, the description of words would sacrifice what the world has done to the sensory receptor and what our senses are perceiving.

This is what I know so far. Whether there is so little there and so much in between, this is how my senses are minded!


Why we humans must use language, civilized official language on top of body’s sensory and expressive language? why must we use language to perceive, know, expressive and interact? how much or little that conscious and linguistic codings change what was exactly happening? when will be the end of language?

In our daily world, how much do we rely on words or languages to make use of things and life in general?

I don’t know much of other use, accept in the area I need language to know what we humans have created and accumulated, and in the time I must ask God or Creators through word.  Whether or not I got an answer,  word will speak for the truth on behalf of heart and mind’s conviction.

The things that challenge, puzzle and bother me are: How much can we do about life experience without words or its content as language?

As a coming second takes over the previous one, and breath goes moment by movement, how much can we make sense of everything, and how little if sensory preceptors don’t let you?

I sense is once an experience was interpreted as an event, randomly happened or purposefully scheduled, the real experiential matter became then, from this point on, a linguistic matter. life becomes thus language matters.