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5th Vowel U – Psychosupersonic Wave

U represents what our spirit has created by universe,

And how our body has been manufactured by uterus.

With these Double U, Y (why) whines and wines inside your head,

As U (you) sing inside uterus and spin inside universe.


I know this for real; as tough as wind gushes, as rough as voice rushes.

To begin my Vowel journey with U (you), though U (you) are in 5th position alphabetically, U are marvelous, unbelievable, unordinary, ugly, and ubiquitous!

Being the vowel that is upside down from A, which runs from the perineum to soles of feet, U vowel unites what rises from earth to feet, heart to throat, by utilizing five basic physical senses into verbal, vocal and vocabulary senses which are psycho-supersonic waves. The Hyoid Bone centered around throat serves an ignition knock, or essential key lock, so that the speech key can turn on your augury lingam tongue.  Though heart creates musical notes, it cannot sing it physically and vocally. This is the job of vocal cord.

As for A, or from A to U, if we take knee bones out, and place them onto our temporal lobes above ear, our lost horns or antlers in human will now find their places in animals. This means, if the little horizontal line inside A is taken out, the network between our temples above ears and our knees above ground will be disconnected. We humans cannot stand our upright posture, and walk like four legged ones. We will lose the power of making sense between what is going on ground (geoelectric sense) sensed by feet and what is happening inside temples (psycho-supersonic sense) above ears.  As such, U represents what universe has created (our spirit) and how uterus has manufactured (our body).

Right upon birth, U (you) became alive through your throat and its voice. This will continue without any stoppage till the last exhale expires your life-long o’clock written inside your throat. In this throat, U (you) stands on the upper roof of O, by sucking up the dot portion of small case i. Any time the exhaling throat speaks for U, vocal cords team up with tongue, gums, teeth that are chiseled and framed upon their corresponding jaws, lips and nostrils, eyes and their eyebrows. Entire facial expression follows after Ur (your) speech. From phooy to whooy, spilling to spelling, U (you) are never tired, since your mind’s mouth (fontanel) faces vertically towards the dome into endless sky, though your physical mouth faces horizontally toward either the direction of sun and his day, or the direction of moon and her night.

Meditation One

Now, visualize this! Sit or stand straight, by positioning your fingertips together, as your two middle fingers touch gently on both sides of throat. Take 5 breathes to connect your mind with your true being.

Upon 6th breath, effortlessly open your wrists and palms, as your middle fingers remain touching your throat; Upon your exhaling, gently lift your elbows and hands, so that your middle fingers will touch and lift up along your lower jaws, then beneath your ears, through your ears and temples, till your entire fingers and their two hands and arms are shooting straight up into sky, into and through clouds, till they can touch where starry lights beam and shine.  

I have to vow first, vulture next, ventilate afterward, in order to vote finally for U. In entire human history, the highest valued item for any human beings is under U control, since U charges the thought process, strategic planning and profitable execution through your smart, educated and sophisticated head.  Only recently, there was a news on human head transplantation down from a death head (from neck up) to a medically numbed one. This is a great news, and from this operation on, our head price will be different, as our head value will change its price tag drastically.

Comparing O of heart, it is priceless but pertaining no actual tangible value in geopolitical and socioeconomic scales. Especially during the wartime, upon scholastic pursuit or economic advantage, the price of a person’s head equals to the price tag (GPD) of a nation.  Emperor, prescient and chairman are the title of a country, the head of state affair, the powerhouse of a nation. Entire national security, stability and future depend on this head, this head’s directional plan, this headless decision.

Historically, U is inseparable with Y and V. This is why in anatological allocation, Y as the central crown speaks for the U from the shoulder and neck up, so that Y (why) U can be landed, grounded, stamped, spotted, plotted, and sealed with the right foot V, which runs from the right ankle down to the little toe first on the outside,  rounds up in the Big Toe inside, innocently and internally. The relationship among crown Y, head U, and right foot V are relationship between head and toe, see and march, listen and patch, stand and be still, get and face it, between earth down and heaven up.

Evolutionally, by the time the written language was invented and developed, upon vocal accent and oral speech, those who knew how to use language would utilize fully country men, common fellows and uneducated citizen. In China, before Confucius started his tutoring practice, language was obtained and circulated only inside royal palace, through the emperor’s mouth, upon palace bookkeeper’s or royal clergy’s brush. The one single emperor’s voice or president’s speech is more dependable, reliable, powerful than entire people in the country who practice their national language can combine. All foot walkers, soldiers, physical labors and artistic performers must obey this speech power, this command voice; by surrendering their physical senses, personal senses and individual senses to the national sense, president’s or Emperor’s nonsense.

In this sense, all previous 4 vowels are secondary, at least lesser powerful, by being in front of U. When emperor’s or president listens to what comes down from the universe, the creator, the sky, his crown opens as wide as the top two rims of U can, thunderous voice will shout down to the emperor’s head and hair, smoke his thought, smudge his plan, so that in fact and in result what comes out of his head, his mouth and throat is NOT HIS. This is the power of U, the power-filled God’s Messenger, the powerful speech of a National Address.

With this U, entire five senses will be united by one gut, one heart and one mind; with this U, entire toes and fingers will be unified one voice, one speech, and one action.

Meditation Two

      Visualize that you write the top V of Y as U, and complete it by finishing up (down) with the vertical I.

Then you place this your visualized Y inside your crown, as if this V/U comes out of fontanel. Now U/V portion represents the pineal gland; while the dot of small case i option represents the amygdala gland. The connect between the bottom V/U and top dot of small case i is the center of your brain. This is what is happening inside your brain, inside your head, inside your thought, inside your belief, inside your faith

Now you literally write the above description inside your crown chakra. Then, feel internally, without your conscious interruption or your ego interpretation, that this brain-wired Y spins, swings, turns and rotates any way, anywhere inside your skull, till God’s eye opens up your divine light within.

When this is done, imagine that your entire head from your throat up is U, the base of U is situated inside vocal cord that connects what the groin-fired and gut-inspired urge upon urgent emergence, through the dot power on top of the small case i. Now extend the I from the center of your vocal cord straight down to your perineum acupoint, down to the center of your standing feet, down to the center of mother earth.

Now your body from your-ready-to-beheaded crown is the real Y(why) vowel, while entire torso from your throat to perineum represents the unification of U and I: that round earth, that go-around birth.   

Can U do this! Can YOU exercise this?  

N-Ionizing Nouns

I say “I imagine myself there.” to my brother who is standing in front of me.

“You can’t as you will never. It is just your imagination.” my brother defines.

“What happens when my imagination takes what I truly imagine myself there?”

“That will be hallucination,” as my very brother confines.

“No, my imagination is my inspiration” is what I explain to him.

“To fantasize your inspiration is to make you drunk with persuasion.” My brother excused.

“Please, I don’t want to cause your frustration with my situation! Please!” I am comforting him now.

“Stop, stop, I don’t care about your situation, as I don’t have any relation to your situation, nor elation to your opinion.”

Now, you are sabotaging my direction upon my decision with your opposition from your suppression.” I shouted out.

“Aha, Aha, Aha, now I see, your imagination is your true depression denied by your very suppression!” as he is making fun with my vision.

“I don’t care about your vision, it is just a superstition.” As he is reading my mind.

   “You are blocking my creation,” is what I want him to know.

“I am only letting you see for yourself your exasperation between exclamation and exaggeration.” He smiles at.

“No, you are imposing your desperation on me now, look for yourself now.” I suggest to him.

“Your impression doesn’t make my position yield, nor my situation happier.” My brother denies now.

“Your investigation is only as good as your assumption goes, yet your intention doesn’t align with my administration.” is what I can say for now.

“You have no ability for cooperation, collaboration and coordination.” he is pushing me away now.

“You never have a reputation in front of for what your expansion can do to your limitation.”

“Your mental dimension is only as powerful as your imagination leads, as your conscious demonstration is as cautious as your inhibition displays.” I explain to him further.

“I value your implementation for now, as I never care for about your suggestion or supervision before. From now on, I will pay attention to your instruction as your best solution upon your investigation, but not as pollution from your invasion.” My brother softens.

“Your retaliation causes my retardation;” my brother pinned.

“Your reiteration makes no use for my reintegration;” I punned.

“Your satisfaction is my mission, as your composition is my commission, and your congratulation is my constitution!” I splash at him.

“Your prediction is as valuable as your aspiration would relate to its correction.”  “And your hesitation is your worst exhalation, and your confession is as truthful as your best known capable conviction confesses.” he defines!

   ”  Your interpretation rewards my interruption, because we have no interaction whatsoever. Growing up, your imitation fed my agitation, as your accusation got your reputation from dad, but your instant demarcation from mom.” I report to him!

“I hate your perfection, reject your protection, refuse your dedication; yet, I confuse your acceleration, destroy your examination, make fun with your reputation, and deny your confession.” My brother confesses.

“I admire your accusation, examine your motivation, watch after your manipulation, stand still in front of your confrontation, keep a long distance from your contamination, and stay far away from your destruction.”  I confess as well!

“I read your position, define your motivation, resent your condition, refuse your constipation, reorganize your decoration, relapse your deception, restore your reputation, ride your deception, care for your contradiction.” he is excited!

“I fed your starvation, dished you with vegetation, wrote your prescription, destroyed your dissertation, sneered  at your dissolution, dug into your secretion, napped on your confession, jumped on your concussion, stamped your conduction, denied your subjugation, tolerated with your obsession.”

We are the co-creation, dad’s satisfaction, mom’s jubilation, family’s reputation, school’s graduation, culture’s condition, state’s constitution, country’s delegation, nation’s restoration, world’s renunciation, global resurrection, universal revelation.

We are individual privatization, personal configuration, situational declaration, conditional temptation, wish’s orientation, dream’s objectivation, job’s vocation, work’s donation, journey’s expectation, relationship’s coordination, household’s decoration, foundation’s restoration, change’s adaptation, requirement’s investigation, definition’s limitation, name’s reputation.

We are Asian, no invasion; we are a nation, no more donation. We dress with fashion, sit on cushion, and consume on confusion. We have our legion, make our own religion, perform our lion dance, and rest with scion, teach lesion for rebellion, examine situation, inspect visitation, investigate litigation, consort with delegation.

We insist on vision, perform through precision, reject diversion, enjoy lesion, adjust to cohesion, soften with coercion, relax on session, restore cessation, and repair corrosion.

Why Ion Ends Nation

Where light Eyes Ion  

When light’s head-ends shoot down from the sky-dome, they touch, stay and bed on any earth’s geographic sphere, including our skin and hair. Once this happens, the surface of this geological spherical mass will turn on its ionic matter, if the ion element is there to be used. Even in atmosphere up there, there is a layer called ionosphere, the central fence of earth’s auric field. This is how majority of solar heat is pushed outside from ionosphere. Otherwise we will so easily burn to ashes.

Once the light’s head-ends are on the earth’s surface, the largest of this receptive geo-mass is the body of ocean. What makes this ocean of light so unique is its seawater, and what makes seawater so special is the salt. If any one’s body doesn’t have the smell of ocean, something is not right.

The most common ionic element or matter between ionosphere and earth’s oceanic water mass as well as land mass is salt as I know. Salt can be found in seawater, as salt deposits can be found on some surface of the earth or are buried as underground salt deposits.

Why Ion? Why Nothing Last Forever?

I start with the word nation as my beginning point. What a man can do inside a geopolitical and geophysical land that is called country? The answer is: National Identity or Nationality. To unite what nature grants us with a country’s  landmass, ion is the linkage. With the presence and anticipation of ion, creation and destruction co-exist, so as the vegetation cycle exists along a season’s hibernation loop. To extend from a day to a month, and from a moth to a season, weather pattern heats us up or cools us down daily between bright day and dark night, as lunatic ocean tide rides and hides monthly between new moon and full moon. When these two extend and expand into a three-month long season, solar light and wind will activate the ionic element, so that the process of rust, rotten and decay can occur naturally.

Thus, the ionosphere inside its atmosphere is both a protective shield and a rusty belt. Why? If this protective shield is so strong, no solar or cosmic lights would be permit to come down on us; and if there is no rusty belt, the cycle of any organic matter will exist beyond biannual subdivision. The subdivision occurs simultaneously as we call Equinox. The two Hemispheres of earth will exchange and alternate two different equinoxes instantly when both sides are even and equal in receiving daylights.

Upon Autumn Equinox, the vegetation cycle in that hemisphere will mature to its harvest season, to pronounce the process of decaying. In our human organic body, what is called decay in nature is called entropy, which takes place right at the time the pubic stage sets in. The moment the human body is ready to ovulate and ejaculate, death sentence begins.

In short, once the positive ion is electrized, adding or removing electrons make our organism either turn on or shut down. It is the magic power of ion. By ionizing food and water, nutrients become energetic process; while nutritious and energetic carriers will inspire, transpire and perspire in our body. Once this specific element is burned out and used up, we need to add more salt into our system. As such, our body needs ion, or sodium chloride or salt; whether sea salt, Himalaya salt, whether it is insult or salutary.

Ionic Salt

Salt is perhaps the oldest spice to add flavor to the plain dish, as its main ingredient – sodium chloride – is a must for our body to run its functionality, maintain its regularity, and cycle its reality. Around earth, anything that has biosphere material and hydrosphere state will have timely interaction with this ionosphere, this ionic matter. By the time the light’s head-end lands on us, it turns our eye on first, so we can look and see, or look at the sea if the light above ocean smells salty. Light would never tell us what it did results in salty, but its wings we called it wind will let our nose know without questioning. Once our eyes are on, the rest bodily components from forehead and nose, to feet and elbows, hands and mouth, tongue and saliva are all on; on the right digestive path that is spiced by salty ion.

To eye on now is to target on what is in the best ripe state where what you get is new and fresh. To eye on ion, salt is the boss: to ionize everything inside the country into a nation. Without salt, your body would not function organically as your mindset wishes for,  never as your performance wants to. When we appraise ocean of light, it is salt that links water elemental together, to smell the salty ocean is to spell your bloody lotion. To preserve things longer than what a season would, you simply add salt. To make things salty, you ionize them with saliva. To state the fact cruelly, you use ionic powder. When ion is fearful, Ionosphere will ionize everything for the center of atmospheric power.

Please, I am not a trained, educated and certified scientist. I am a Taoist, only to co-exist a bit with the reasonable cycle of nature.  My body has two subdivisions, which are waterish body or mineral body, where scientists call this the imitation from the earth’s formation between her land mass and oceanic gas. I remembered a say, “light to light, and dust to dust.” To me, “light to light” is living soul to eternal spirit; while “dust to dust” is sand to rock in mother nature, and live flesh to dead bone in human.

Between oceanic sand and mountainous rock, ion is part of all existing elements, and it is an important one. If not, we would never extend most verb forms into their noun norms by ending with -ion, such as from rotate to rotation, debilitate to debilitation.

Seasonal, Rusty Ionic Words its Preservation  

My body came out of my parental creation, which also was the result of parental fusion, union and gemination, as well as ancestral unification and accommodation, modification and justification. This my conception is my parental best expression and expectation, and their parental highest aspiration or inspiration.

Thus, during ancestral party, our virtuous bodily segments, such as brain or arm, leg or chest, will be ethereally ionized by our parental personality union-hood, and our ancestral blessings. Our going to be body will be ionized with their personal know-hows and why-reasons, their enlightening moments and their disastrous movements, and their heavenly even hells.

Triad Ionizing Process 

As such, during entire process of life, from our spirit coming down to earth, to conception party, to our independent life, our spirit will be ionized three times, as we will experience three-timed ionization stations.

First, ionosphere will ionize our spirit into 24-hour related personality matrix. This is how our spirit will be vanished and ionized by earth’s welcome gate: ionosphere.  My spirit was first bounced off from this very gate and landed on moon. And it took me a while to come to visit and live on earth in human form.  This why each living soul knows how to precisely interact with time (timing fashion) and space (spatial interaction).

Then during conception party, our incarnating spirit will be ionized by our ancestral infrastructures. Any deceased ancestors, such from immediate grandparents and great grandparents can attend this our conception party, a maximum of 6, aside from our spirit and our parental presence.  This was where and how our zygote would be ionized by what they have lived, experienced, believed and failed. This is why majority of trials and tribulations are ways and means to purify their unfinished business in our organism and through our once again direct experience.

And in life, our spirit’s will to live and to believe will be ionized by specific soul-connected, personality-related, journey-stated, and nation-defined words. With ionic salt, food will be prepared, dish ionized, as leftover preserved. With ionic words, our physical nation and our connected relation will be served and deserved. Along this, physiologically, pubic stage is the real beginning of ionization or entropy process. We lost innocence, purity, primal essence, and originality at this primal point, this  arousing moment, this decaying state.