When Words Become…

Words are charm and alarm,

as they are

either charming alarms

or alarming charms.


When words become a charming alarm,

It wakes you up from a sound at its sleep;

Since when sound is asleep

voices are in the void

to avoid your hyoid.


Then, suddenly,

God cares you

out of nowhere,

as He dares to

place His magic arm

inside your holy temples

to alarm your dreaming a stream conscious

into a thinking an ink-fool-sunk conscience.


When the charming words are alarming,

It will turn on your emergent alarm o’clock;

When this alarm sound becomes a military horn,

War zone is on the headstone

to against

any worship can zoom

in any given room;

When a charm word rings at your heart,

your soul melts down a chocolate bar

as far as

a star can tar;

When a charm word pertains to a lipstick,

The lips are fearlessly fictitious;

When a charm word has a high-pitched tone,

questionnaire defeats a millionaire;

When a charm word ties the lips into a corner,

your ears hear this honor eternally

as your mouth shuts down its order permanently;

When a charm word speaks for the cheekbones,

arrogant loans the applicant;

When a charm word roofs on the forehead,

dearest honey is the worst enemy

without money to pay for a rental key;

When a charm word ends its tone upon a fingertip,

your bodily freedom will be jammed on a zip-drive;

When a charm word finishes at foot,

Goodbye is ahead of a good night!


Charm expression is to

sweet any automation

along normal regulation,

plus standard registration.

Alarm expression is to

change sweetened hibernation into a wake-up alternation,

expand normal regulation into a vast nation,

and transform standard registration into a harmonic ventilation.

Timing is charming with second after decaying decade

But charming timely is

alarming with no time left to lift you up.


I want sweet voice to charm my ears and heart,

I equally want reminding voice to alert my avoidance.

The sweet voice keeps me alive, as if immediate digestible nutrient;

While it is being overly reminded,

it becomes cold and sour, bitter and tarry.

Sweet voices are good, fine, excellent,

as all is well, under the control;

Alarming voices

fire up your frozen soul, broken heart, belief-dammed head,

destroy your overly complacent habitation,

wake up your regulatory automation,

and expand your vision

from your eye-to-foot long safety

into sight-to-vision distant imagination.

When words are straight,

silence obeys the constructive commanding tone;

When words are indirect,

hint might invite hindrance;

When words are encouraging,

your head will lift your feet above the couch-potato;

When words are discouraging,

your will-power will drop your head down to a helpless ground;

When words are cheerful,

pleasure is sentimental;

When words are cloudy,

indifference invites foggy state to a depressed scale;

When words are critical,

things are crucial;

When words are condemning,

you will be eliminated and humiliated;

When words are stoning,

you will be sentenced to jail or ex-communicated to wildness.


When words become disciplinary,

Foundation must be funds amendable

to the point of fundamental ;

When words become open-minded,

what you stand expands what you understand;

When words become phony,

Distrust settles inside phonemic awareness;

       When words become inauthentic

Suspicion takes on defensive demise;

When words become disloyal

Get-out teams up get-away to get over;

When words become criticism

Mystic mistake destroys many a morphic mystical;

When words become intelligent state

It promotes either your intellectual space or interracial face;

When words become emotional

Feelings are racing after fleeing;

When words become physical

Confrontational eyes are on alarming arms, or walking away legs;

When words become ….

not good, inadequate, not enough, useless …

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