Charming or Alarming Words

Words are clueless, never there just for themselves.

Just like light is here and never there, its trajectory projection that carries light from here to there, we use word to extend from here to everywhere, and expand from here now to an everland. Just like love is here and never conditional, we rely one conditional state to capture unconditional realm through auditing our tradition.

If light can tell you what to do, and love reminds you how to live on love, what is the use of words? But if you see the light and others cannot, you need words. If you are in love, and other aren’t and never will, you use words.

Words are human’s best used tool and most powerful toy. Words are vital and essential depiction of nature. Words are the qualitative description of nature’s act in the midst human action and reaction. Words express on behalf of souls, can explain what any given reason is, and satisfy any reason will be. Words are the eye of God’s and His lights, the heart of Universe and Her hearty waves. Words are the fictitious factory of mindset and factual faith of heartbeat. Words are a mixture of vital supersonic waves of vowels and conscientious fiberoptic bites of consonants. Words are like nutrients in food, energy in a battery, color chips and pigments in paint and illustration, musical notes and scales in sonic waves.

In practice, words separate a learned and educated person from an untrained and uncivilized being; as words are used to: identify worldly images and their manifests from what is been attracted and aroused, triggered or inspired in one’s inner world; extend and record one’s needs beyond physical expression; describe what things are and what is happening, extract one’s internal images and feelings for others who cannot or haven’t, define what it is from what is happening, and crystalize what is going on in life into like god’s act and nature’s seal.

Words are created to communicate the lost self with a higher and divine power; words are also invented to replace color chips and pigments, as well as musical notes and scales. Words are learned utilities; as they have been used to describe or defend; employed to convey or convince; deployed for display or explain. Words are carriers for what the souls want to say, how senses to convey, how a mind needs to explain.

All words being used range from safe and comfortable, cheerful and pleasant, sweet and charm to alert and separate, warn and differentiate and alarm and disconnect. Your world of needs and expressions are represented between these charming and charming words.

The charming words make you feel like you are as ease as being at home, as comfortable as a cozy bed, as safe and sound as all is excellently good, as gifted and starry as you are so valuable, irreplaceable.

The alarming words will alert you with your subline awareness, warn you in your surrounding environment and its limitation of courteousness, and finally alarm you by those safe-threatening, dying-welcoming and death-driving dangerous and disastrous signs and realities.

Words are used to describe current situation so as to recall second past and ageless old history. Words are light-ends tails and space-rounded retails. Words are eventful receipts and memorable chips. Words are cellular and inorganic, personal and impersonal; individual and collective; conscious and energetic; vibrant and deadly; vital and violent… Words are endless and useless….

If you stand right in between what is charm that is opposite to what is alarm, you are in a neutral position, mutual space, indifferent state; words have no use here, words are mingles here.  If interpersonal bridges are well there and intrapersonal stages are sound here, what are the purpose of using words? If nothing is alive nor dead, what-else and whereabout can we put a meaning into words.

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