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Y (WHY) Matrix as Four Faces in Ezekiel

Four Faces

In the Book of Ezekiel, there are four faces forming God’s Mystical Chariot or LIVE CREATURE. They are: the face of a Man, the face of an Ox on left, the face of a Lion on right, and the face of an Eagle.

This is how I can see. If the Bible is the Word of God, biblical words are those four Faces as a whole. If Word of God is the Truth Sound from gut, heart, mind and mouth are the Four Faces delivering the Truth. If Word of God is alive through Fire, compassionate heart is the Four Faces of vowels, and each diamond-shaped Four Consonants are the Four Wings.

In detail, the face of a Man represents the frontal human body, and vowels speaking out. The frontal side of the body has 9 holes to be taken care of; such as for the light and sound in, voice and expression out, air and food in, elimination out.  All those activities are the live face of a Man speaking through any given Vowel Letter that is supported and surrounded by its assigned or aligned consonants. This alive vowel letter in turn speaks for the frontal or lower letter in the diamond-shape, opposite to the face of an eagle which stands for the back or upper letter.

Thus, the Face of a Man is the face of front body and vowels speaking on behalf of organs and glands, emotions and feelings, thoughts and thankfulness, deeds and virtue. The five and half vowel letters that display from head to toe are the hidden fire and resting wings. Once a vowel is spoken, that corresponding ares of the chakra-body will be on fire and wings are flying. This is the Whirlwind mentioned in the beginning of Ezekiel.

In turn, each of the vowel alive with fire and flying with wings speaks God’s truth to humanity: such as Y for Why, U for What, O for Who, I for How, E for When, and A for Where. These together represent the Appearance through Whirlwind, while the color of Amber is the initial display of a diamond-shaped Four Consonants/Faces.

Why and its central Y connect to Z and N.

What and its central U connect Z and F on left, Y and R in the middle, and N and T on right.

Who and its central O connect G on left, M in the middle,  and P on right.

How and central I connect J on left, H in the middle, and L on right.

When and its central E connect D on left, S in the middle, and B on right.

When and central A connect K and V on left, C and W in the middle, and Q and X on right.

Collectively, these five and half of vowels are the Face of A Man, who activate three sides of human body into an interactive live CREATURE. This live CREATURE is the WORD of God, and the LETTER of LAW. It is through 5 and half vowels, human action are alive with words, which are essential vowels that activate, align, and condense three mobile spherical sides or realms, so that all consonants will serve for vowels, and live faces. All four faces are alive and working together as one cohesive anatological unit.

Diamond shape of Four Faces

First of all, a two dimensional three-sided triad-shape or triangle has three visible sides, while in 3 dimensional state, the Fourth point, edge or sphere is hidden and awakened through tetrahedral motion before it becomes any two dimensional quadrilateral shapes; such as a square, rectangle, a rhombus or diamond. Turning these 2 dimensional sides into 3, a cubic shape is alive, such as a squared cube, or a 3D diamond.

As mentioned from above, the Four Faces in the Book of Ezekiel are in two dimensional image presented inside a three dimensional structure. Thus, a 3 Dimensional diamond shaped is viewed as Four Faces. The first and Fourth like in the center of a tetrahedron is the Face of a Man. Surrounding this face are the three sides of human body represented by three animal totems: Ox on left, Lion on right, and Eagle on top or behind.

In turn, these three faced animal totems are structured Godly and Anatologically by the three columned Consonants, with each having 7 consonants. The left column represents 7 Ox-faced consonants (from head to toe Z, F, G, J, D, K, V). The rear spinal back column represents 7 Eagle-faced consonants (Y, R, M, H, S, C, W). The right column represents the 7 Lion-faced consonants (N, T, P, L, B, Q, X).

If we see an individual unit of four face-formed wheels, wings or diamond, here are a few examples.  Remember:  Top/Back = Eagle, Left = Ox. Right = Lion; Bottom/Front = Human. All together is the aliveness of one specific unit.


  F             T




G           P




J              L


In specific, the Y can be both:  in diamond-shaped image, the Face of a Man in the front, or the Face of an Eagle. Thus Y matrixes are:


            Y                                                          C

                                                           F                T                                       V               X

                                                                    M                                                        Y   

Who are U working For

To live, we must work to live.

But who are we working for? The job that works for the salary and income? The Career that pays for the vocation to spend emotional and intellectual passion? Or the faith that looks up at God and lives on its deepest and most powerful belief?

The Book of Job says we all have a job: the job of our life. The hobby of vocation is cared as Career. The conviction towards Faith faces all kinds of facial detention on top of racial retention.

In order to work for this job, we must care.

When the care turns into a career, it is a vocation that pays for the passion to presume to be busy, consume compassion, and resume to be sexily fashionable.

When vocation is over, vocal nation is live on the scream of broadcasting, to brand what is missing from vocation cheapened by the collision and cheated by the volition.

To voice on is to repeat after, but to voice over there is a penalty made.

When the immediate voice is rejected by the listener, silence carries the speaker to the anatologically boxed brain, so that palms can extend what cannot be spoken from the chest, to allow fingers to tap into sensory skins and verify what can’t be spoken.

By the time the triangle teamed by naked throat and two dropping, stretching, extending and rotary hands, anything cannot be touched by fingers will go down to the toes: to walk on, walk in, and walk through.

The body now resembles an upside-down tree: where the head and its hair serve as root and its extended branches; two arms are the first sprouted branches, to serve as the earth-skin-poking and sky heading leaflets; as the two deserves the final branching upon the tip of the central trunk, where the groin doesn’t grow outward, but inwardly.

Upon this head-ended and tail-bended groin, the sprouted branches will support the growth of peduncle: which is our neck. From this peduncle or neck, receptacles are formed as womb in human, sepals and petals will serve as umbilical cord, as ovule beneath and inside the stamens and pistils will grow eggs and mature into seeds: our fetus.

Having this structural anatomy, how can we merge between the tree of plant life and tree of lovely human life. Plant life grows upward from earthy soil to open space, as we grown downwardly from time-and-space capped head to air-wind-faced atmosphere, passionate love-cased lithosphere, water-laced hydrosphere, grass-paced biosphere, and soil-based geo-mesosphere.

When these five spheres turn into five senses, we can easily forget what a tree, a plant, a flower and a seed and its aromatic fragrances would do to our life’s waving frequencies.

Now, your time, energy and labor spent as the outcome gets payed by your earned, deserved or agreed income.  When outcome poured out by your job performance, your labor of love, and your truthfully devotion to your work, vocation and belief will reveal their naturally produced income. When this portion, this size and this kind of income welcome the world, you come to a place where you become what you have overcomed from, how your have outgrown and outnumbered between what the miscomes have unwelcomed.

Choose the Belief, or Believe to Live

I was a believer, and has been.

Looking back, I didn’t believe in me, nor believe the life I must live. I choose the best Belief among what I have searched for and decided on.

Now, the season is gone, and reason sits in.

Belief is to Be a little falling fall Leaf, not a spring if; while to Believe, you must Be Alive, Be the Live One in order to Believe in You.

That is what I know now.

I want to live and believe, not to pick and choose among beliefs, not any among no more.

To live on belief is heavy, and it is useless in the end, because:

1: Heaven and hell don’t care what you believed in, nor what your belief is and has been; since beliefs have no space to exist below the hell and above the heaven. Below the hell lives the very slow to the stop point of inferred intimate Inns, and above the heaven is ultraviolet light shining through dark matters that are against anti-matters, where only ants are the matters.

2) There are so many beliefs out there, for you to pick and choose. Different time period creates its vast belief system, and different culture thrives on their own racially tamed and facially glued belief patterns and customs.

3) Once you pick one, among many, this very Belief in you will fight with you to against many other beliefs in order for itself to live, for you to believe what your belief is the real deal, the best, and the only.

4) Now, when you and your belief get matured enough,  you are Not You no More, and your Belief is in You, lives on You, demands You and controls You. You have nothing left but your single lonely belief. Your Belief is now your only loved one and worst enemy!

5) To agree and follow some’s belief for the rest of your, you give up yours, what is in you, forever.  Who knows there are better ones, better than the best one you know, are out there for you to search and ponder, here for you to pick and taste.

5) In the end, all beliefs are bunch of dead words and concepts.  God never dies, and life is to live moment by movement, to live for season after no reason, and to live forward and move on what dead have not and future will not.

But to believe, I just live, you simply live, as we all believe to live. With or without a belief, I live, you live, and we all live.  Life lives on, as if life itself always believes in you and me. We live on one another so we must believe in each other. So, just be a spring green leaflet, or a falling fall colored leaf.

Either way, I am as lief as I believe to live as of a single simple leaf!

Y (WHY) Letter, NOT Number

First: 5 and a half

Thank You, Letter Y.

Though You were being placed next to the last or 26th letter Z in the English language, next to omega, next to zero, next to nothing, You were able to reduce the original 7 vowel letters into 5 and half. This means that you carry historically the lost weight of 2 vowels, by presenting yourself  both vowel and consonant, the only letter that has both purpose and power in English. And it is You Y letter that extends the vowel formation into 5 and a half.

In this 3 dimensional world, 5 and a half are all we needed.  Why?

When a thing, organic or inorganic, superconscious or artificial, grows from a dot, to a line, to three sides and more, pentagram is most it can in physical matter. In order to live, believe and then liberate from those five-sided components, such as our fingers and toes externally, and five senses and virtues internally, the narrow gate has to be there. You Y letter is the narrow gate in English, so that the merging and diverging point formed in the your middle can serve as an arrow head. This arrow head with three points has the power to zoom for the five-sided 3D world, by zooming into the infinite space formed by endless and virtuous hexagrams. Here, you don’t need a grammar, just a gram of Y (WHY).

Structural 3D Y

Your capital case Y is formed by V on top and I as the single standing leg.  When three  legged structural Y is circled or walled around, a simple 3 sided triangle is formed, on 2 dimensional sphere; and if it is in 3 dimensional, it is tetrahedral state.

By the time we place 3 dimensional Z and N around, a cubic state is outside, but within, the Y spins and rotates in each and given way. This is how our 7th chakra brain functions. Externally, knotting N- YES with head up and down, while swinging Z-NO by turning head left and right.

Ironically, the 7th chakra crown never moves, it is the neck above the shoulders that move head and torso, producing zigzagging Z and up and down N.  In the center of the head, where V and I are joint to form Y, and Z and N surround to produce 4 different Ys inside, divine is happening.

Try it and see how your brain really function with these three letters: Z and N around, Y inside.

When this God’s eye image is alive inside, 7th chakra will descend and merge with 6th chakra formed by F on right, R in the middle and T on left. When those two sets work together, fifth vowel U is complete.  as such, with the fifth vowel letter U, you Y on top of central sphere of 7th chakra will complete for entire 7 letters, Z and F on left, and R below you Y, and T and N on right.

From Tetrahedral to Spherical 

Knowing that both the etheric world and material world work through hexagonal state, the universal flat-land needs physical flattery gland. And these two worlds need hexagrams to form hexagonal states and scale hexagonal waves.

It is through hexagonal sphere, three sides of etherical world will team and cream with the three sides of the physical world. The three sides of etherical world are: heptagonal sphere, octagonal sphere, and nonagonal sphere. The three sides of physical world are: triad triangle, squared cube, and five-fingered and toed pentagram. This is why the best military headquarter in the world is built with the structure of pentagon: a five-sided building, to stretching five fingers into the world by landing five toes in air and on water, upon land and into any country.

This is also why our thumb finger and big toe are made of two bones, while the rest four have three in order to form 12-sided dodecahedral nature that can be added with or divided by 3.

Then: Letter Y

In capital case, dear Y (WHY), You are made of double vowels between U on top and I below; while in small case, You are made of consonant letter V and little vowel letter i.

Shifting from U to V, You are the Victory, my dear letter Y; while lifting from V to U, the right foot that represents V, or the donkey’s assuring foot, who was the child from a horse father and donkey mother, will rise from the sea line and the footage of a mountain, high up into the cloud-smoked sky, to tell our heavenly father “I am coming.” and by spelling earthly mother “I am leaving water and dust behind.”

It is You, dear letter Y (WHY), that allows me to zoom into the geometric structure of an alphabetic letter, its linguistic forming process, and its anatological expression. Because our body can stand and pose, sit and amuse, and lie down and glance, our anatomical feature will produce its zigzagging and swirling motion, its rotating and spinning promotion, or its swinging and suspending demotion.

Coming from U and/or V, the capital case “I” lifts You Up into your highest Victoriously Unified, Vaguely Vaulted, and Invaluably United Velocity. In this above-mountain high state, dear Y (WHY), You are truly facing up, totally up, while being supported by letter I, where the dot dangling eye above the nose or the Adam’s Apple and Dew hanging above the hyoid bone is head-topped into the bottom of your V section.

As such, the standing I serves as a cosmic chimney, where multiple helix moving in and out, removing up and down. When the sky is thundering and lightning, raining and smiling, the hell below licks it all. After the hell licked, we have helix.

When the sky coming down from the heaven meets and greets the tongue of “what the hell heck”, holographic helix is formed, as the single chimney is standing long and strong, to keep the hellish tongue licking ever and clicking forever.

But, if we change the small vowel letter i into a big letter I, it changes the subjective i into objective me as I, by reducing the dot above the vertical line of I. No dews or news left, nor Adam’s Bone or Apple left behind. Just the merge of V above I, where V stands on the tip of I, as if the tip of a tongue, to declare that: “Victory is above I that teams mostly me,  somewhat my me, little bit my mine.”

Now: Y (WHY) 5 and a Half

So, in order for the two worlds co-exist, we need water: holy water and fishy water; physical water and spiritual water, beverage water and glandular water. This is the power of water that speaks through six-sided snowflakes. Snowflakes are standing Now Flowing on Lakes. We need a half, just a half, so that 5-sided us and this world can increase and 7-sided that world can produce on behalf cosmic creation, and universal recreation.

This is the power of 5 and half.

As a whole letter, dear Y (WHY), You reveals me that the angular portion inside the V, is 72° degrees, while the angles facing southwest and southeast merged and developed between the bottom of V and top of I are 144° degree each.

The 144° degree on both sides of I represents those appointed, chosen, and worthy 144000 souls in and out of earth’s atmospheres.  Those fixed but fluctuating numbers are forever there, to speaking for on behalf of God’s Jaw, dear Y (WHY), Your V above my I, or the Openness into Heaven.

Adding existing numbers up, whether it is 72 or 144, they both end up 9: to demonstrate the power of nonagon, or nine-sided polygon.

Dear Letter Y (WHY), are U a Letter or a number, either and or, or Both for the More?

Separation Anxiety

After the birthing process completes, conception anxiety turns into separation anxiety which in turn is opposite to anxieties such as invitation anxiety, welcome anxiety, greeting anxiety, union anxiety, togetherness anxiety, marriage anxiety, oneness anxiety.

We don’t like to be together so long, to connect so much, to relate so well, to party so amazingly cool!!!

To connect and be a part of someone, there must be a giving up, a sacrifice, a humble state, a vulnerable scale. To be a part of me, that part of Me must be as open, real and complete as the same part in You.

In order to be apart from something, such as a team, an origination, you must be ready and willing in both ways, such as being open and vulnerable, knowingly how to reserve and preserve, serve ans reserve, must be adaptable in adjustable and adjudicative process and still available afterward.

Equally we don’t like to be separated so often, and being segregated forever! We love to be part of someone, a part of all, a part of whole. We want to be seen, stay connected,  being invited and acknowledged all the time. We hate rejection and abandonment, aside from this very separation!

To be separated, a part of us will be cut off, divided, distanced, removed, and become void.  It is as if we have to let go part of us, as if we bit farewell, as if we will never see each other again, as if we will lose one another forever!

Has the heaven landed on earth? Does the noon see the midnight? Will good be kind to bad? Is right opposite from wrong? Can masculinity be separative from that of femininity? Is the left eye viewing the world separately from its right partner?  Does an object care about your right mind’s view being separatedly from your left mind’s review?

But to separate, we have to the ball, as if we are in control! We have the power and tool to cut, divide, alienate and segregate. We enjoy separating one person from the team, dividing their attention by cutting their supplies off their belongings.

Lean on or cling to! Len on over extend forth!  Anxious tactics away from anxiety attacks!

Honestly, togetherness as solid, comfortable, essential, intimate and long-term oneness, such as season-round and life-long contract, agreement, membership, marriage, origination, union and party, is not easy. Why?

How long did we wait for the right parents to excite, attract, merge, engage and marry together as one couple, one team and one union for our very conception to take place? How long had they divinely been together as one and complete, united and intimate union, prior the moment of our physical conception?  How long did it take for that very single sperm and egg to join together as one zygote? How long did this one minute cellular ball of zygote sustain itself before its split-second division took place? How long did the umbilical cord link fetus to placenta? Is a breath longer than a life?

Further, how long has light been together with love, time been one with space,  universe been spacious with cosmos, a day been united with night? …?

The truth is: once we breathe on our own, our body separates itself and forever from our womb, and entire gestation period is over.

The dialogue below is to me the root cause of separation anxiety, though unbeknownst to us at the moment.

“Why did you cut me off from my womb?” our soul might scream! 

“I had to separate your body from your placenta so you can breathe on your own!” answered by midwife. 


Since then, “Are we free, independent, and sovereign!?”  Are we free from mom and her maker of our body? Are we free from light and air, milk and water, food and safety? Are we free family and society? Are we free from duality such as coming and going, greeting and departing, welcome and goodbye, union and dissolution, and connection and separation.  Are we divided, separated, rejected, disconnected and abandoned?  Or are we connected, related, secured, independent and sovereign?

Professional term Separation Anxiety works together with its opposition, which is Reactive Attachment Disorder R. A. D..  Honestly to me, it is sick to see the word “separation” here. Why?  You have the power to cut, divide and separate from one part from another, one of the pair from the other; but you are scared and extremely vulnerable to totally open yourself up and stay in that virtuously vulnerable volunteering position.

It is easy to blamelessly use the word separation because we didn’t separate our body from our womb; we didn’t separate our thought from our feeling, our action from our reaction, our reason from our excuse, our belief from our doubt.  Somebody did it, the higher power did it, Nature did, God did it!

To separate a whole thing apart, distance in between afterward means anything, and resistance from which means all. We resist on being connected and separated at same time, being together and apart from one another at the same state, being don’t feel any and distant at same manner, being sweet and cold at same emotional nature, being kind and cruel at same mindset.

It is the two ends of the sameness that separate; it is the dual manners that separate the same matter; it is the two different eyes that cut the same scenery into two different views.

Equally, if there is nothing to cut, there can be nothing to separate; if there is nothing to be divided, separation never take place!

If you experience a Separation Anxiety, what is the opposite anxiety that causes you to experience your separation anxiety?  If you have a Separation Anxiety attack, what is your attachment that attracts this attack? If you want to understand and be free from the history of your Separation Anxiety, what can else the specific kind of anxiety you use in order to cut and divide your separation anxiety, so you would never have it no more, be totally free?

Tell me, teach me! Remind me, acknowledge me!