Why bothering Y words when we have U letter

U lead, U head

U head, U lets

U lets, You get it

You get it, News bet it

Till, U nets read your letter!

Still, that is great!

Be still as steel, Used is new,

Urine is U ring as rain

Unusable is under-used

Unusual is unbelievable

Undeniable is undefinable

Unintelligent is un-educatable, undebatable, unrelatable

Unknown is U know, but I don’t

Unlikely, I eat tofu, you enjoy soul food

as any soul’s fool

I open 海口 hai-kou/sea house, u feels ulcer

I am the user, as U the fuel-sir

No sir, only ultra!

Lead is letter, lord is word

Which is better, U let her.

Uglier is urging urgent

To U, towards YOU.

U places umbrella under belly

You store unbelievable through un-delivered

Us, U and us

US, U and Else

Up, Us

UPS, U pee on S

UN, united nation

Un, under

Until, U and N till

U and N, You and Son, U and Sin, New as Fin, Lin as Tin

All U, all Yours

If word, why letter

If cord, why litter

Words of letter

Let them be later


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