N-Ionizing Nouns

I say “I imagine myself there.” to my brother who is standing in front of me.

“You can’t as you will never. It is just your imagination.” my brother defines.

“What happens when my imagination takes what I truly imagine myself there?”

“That will be hallucination,” as my very brother confines.

“No, my imagination is my inspiration” is what I explain to him.

“To fantasize your inspiration is to make you drunk with persuasion.” My brother excused.

“Please, I don’t want to cause your frustration with my situation! Please!” I am comforting him now.

“Stop, stop, I don’t care about your situation, as I don’t have any relation to your situation, nor elation to your opinion.”

Now, you are sabotaging my direction upon my decision with your opposition from your suppression.” I shouted out.

“Aha, Aha, Aha, now I see, your imagination is your true depression denied by your very suppression!” as he is making fun with my vision.

“I don’t care about your vision, it is just a superstition.” As he is reading my mind.

   “You are blocking my creation,” is what I want him to know.

“I am only letting you see for yourself your exasperation between exclamation and exaggeration.” He smiles at.

“No, you are imposing your desperation on me now, look for yourself now.” I suggest to him.

“Your impression doesn’t make my position yield, nor my situation happier.” My brother denies now.

“Your investigation is only as good as your assumption goes, yet your intention doesn’t align with my administration.” is what I can say for now.

“You have no ability for cooperation, collaboration and coordination.” he is pushing me away now.

“You never have a reputation in front of for what your expansion can do to your limitation.”

“Your mental dimension is only as powerful as your imagination leads, as your conscious demonstration is as cautious as your inhibition displays.” I explain to him further.

“I value your implementation for now, as I never care for about your suggestion or supervision before. From now on, I will pay attention to your instruction as your best solution upon your investigation, but not as pollution from your invasion.” My brother softens.

“Your retaliation causes my retardation;” my brother pinned.

“Your reiteration makes no use for my reintegration;” I punned.

“Your satisfaction is my mission, as your composition is my commission, and your congratulation is my constitution!” I splash at him.

“Your prediction is as valuable as your aspiration would relate to its correction.”  “And your hesitation is your worst exhalation, and your confession is as truthful as your best known capable conviction confesses.” he defines!

   ”  Your interpretation rewards my interruption, because we have no interaction whatsoever. Growing up, your imitation fed my agitation, as your accusation got your reputation from dad, but your instant demarcation from mom.” I report to him!

“I hate your perfection, reject your protection, refuse your dedication; yet, I confuse your acceleration, destroy your examination, make fun with your reputation, and deny your confession.” My brother confesses.

“I admire your accusation, examine your motivation, watch after your manipulation, stand still in front of your confrontation, keep a long distance from your contamination, and stay far away from your destruction.”  I confess as well!

“I read your position, define your motivation, resent your condition, refuse your constipation, reorganize your decoration, relapse your deception, restore your reputation, ride your deception, care for your contradiction.” he is excited!

“I fed your starvation, dished you with vegetation, wrote your prescription, destroyed your dissertation, sneered  at your dissolution, dug into your secretion, napped on your confession, jumped on your concussion, stamped your conduction, denied your subjugation, tolerated with your obsession.”

We are the co-creation, dad’s satisfaction, mom’s jubilation, family’s reputation, school’s graduation, culture’s condition, state’s constitution, country’s delegation, nation’s restoration, world’s renunciation, global resurrection, universal revelation.

We are individual privatization, personal configuration, situational declaration, conditional temptation, wish’s orientation, dream’s objectivation, job’s vocation, work’s donation, journey’s expectation, relationship’s coordination, household’s decoration, foundation’s restoration, change’s adaptation, requirement’s investigation, definition’s limitation, name’s reputation.

We are Asian, no invasion; we are a nation, no more donation. We dress with fashion, sit on cushion, and consume on confusion. We have our legion, make our own religion, perform our lion dance, and rest with scion, teach lesion for rebellion, examine situation, inspect visitation, investigate litigation, consort with delegation.

We insist on vision, perform through precision, reject diversion, enjoy lesion, adjust to cohesion, soften with coercion, relax on session, restore cessation, and repair corrosion.

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