Never Begin, Not In

To begin with N anatoligcal unit, as a third and a fourth of 7th Realm of Conscientious Fiberoptic Site, we begin with never: such as I never eat, you never sleep, they never work, nobody is never here, but ever there, for the eternal forever.

To start never, Eve is in the middle of n and r, like near-your-ear kind of thing but not for no more kind of tone. If Eve is in, all things are on for a thing, in each given every evening. Then, Eve becomes ever, such as a diligent sever, a well reserved preserver, till this ever notion extends into what a never can stop.  Never begin, that is God’s Work! God never starts a thing that makes us startling, nor finish a thing up, has not done any. When a no word spoken from O of Heart drives itself down to E of Pelvic Root, and reaches further at V of Right Foot, then backs up to E of abdominal cavity and R for Neck, Throat and Tongue, everything needed to say from the left crown to the right foot is perfectly said: NO, NEVER.

Then, to begin after never is to beg in, or beg oneself to be in; completely, totally and wholeheartedly in. With in as an ending particle or traditionally called suffix (suffering case), g leads in into gin, for you to beg in. To beg the gin in your system, Gin and Tonic is served as popular drink, so that you as a beggar leads your leg into some real place for something that is as cool as real can get in.

“I beg your pardon?” is the polite question.

The answer is “I am in a garden near Canton.”

“Never been there, how is it?” is the first person’s second question.

“Not that it not Necessary, but that it is not my natural necessity.”  

To beg one’s pardon is to simply find an excuse not to accuse this person.  In this route, in state is gladly tagged by g– anatological bite, not by p as pin, nor by s as sin. From this point on, more words such as abstain, akin, again and skin will stretch their arms and hands till the biggest heart 心 xin takes over the biggest universal space occupied by 阴 yin.

To begin with in, this –ing active constant moving power inks you to think and links you to blink, Now, in is inside the ink to which we paint with pink color or write with stinky favor.  By the way, similar to English word nun serving as the simplest noun, there is a Chinese word for nin as politely respectful you. To call the person in front of you is like to address anyone or anything not as first and primal as I am, but as my eye-on object, my secondary sectary. As I being the first foremost important figure or creature, everyone else works for my eye-I and everything surrounding my eye-I will be included inside a conclusive YOU.  To say to 你 niyou as 您 nin-you, the personal ni-you will be raised high above what my throat can spill, till your head willingly drops down and bows to ME, the object of I that controls all means and meat.

To be in, like into, inside, or in-between, you must beg your legs to move in. Before you are in, you can replace with a, e, o and u, even y such as above-mentioned yin word, in order to have an, en, on, and un.  Further, to extend in or en, we ink or end.  If we play these two words in their 360 degree circular ring, ink interchanges with kin, and nik (short for Nick), and  end intertwines with den and Ned. Same for and with Dan and NDA (nondisclosure agreement), one with eon and neo.  

Now let us take apart the biggest realistic 3-dimensional n word nation. Counting backward, we have on, ion, (tined) tion, (action I think) and finally nation. Nation now can be defined as on the ion action with non-stop nervous nerdy nostril. Since nation is one of many words that begin and end with n, nun and noon as two good nouns will take nylon and niton to Nelson orJohnson so that one’s nation becomes newborn nitrogenNegation takes in negotiation, so that nutrition can turn into a nonvegetarian.

As for all the N beginning-and-ending words you can think of and make use with, nun is the simplest, and salient one. If you can become a nun, nation becomes nature. With no self-procreation, nature pictures as nurture, and is the structure of both food-based agriculture and house-laced architecture.  To capture the nature as tincture, there is no future culture, only furniture serves the lecture.

Things are near are next to nose, nearby note. If you can smell with your nose, and read your note, what your neck needs is what is necessary, what is new never says now, but pronounces as either the news upon noon, or night’s knights.

In the end, what a nation leaves behind is what ion can turn i on.

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