Name National Need Near Nature Now

Now it is the time for the anatological N unit. This unit belongs to the right-side human crown as part of 7th Conscientious Fiberoptic Matrix.  Individually, N stands for the left brain or left hemisphere. Working together with its triad partners Y and Z horizontally, but never team up with their central letter of Y diagonally and hollow-graphically, N of Lion’s Face and Z of Ox’s Face can only be teamed up as four-face diamond image with R of sixth central Conscientious Fiberoptic unit down as the Human Face and W of 1st central Conscientious Fiberoptic Unit up as the Eagle’s Face.

To name a few N beginning words, nature and nation stand out from my conscious library, deserving to be top of the N beginning word list that has over six thousand.

Growing up, our body was named after father’s family name, our bed is named behind family house address, our nutrients are named along family meals, and our behavior is named inside family rules. With those four names, we have first or personal name given by whoever has the naming power or authority. Gradually, these named entities will be integrated naturally with neighboring housing units, standing oppositely to the neighbors across the street. Altogether, these named individuals, families, houses and streets are part of same township or city, part of same country, state and country. Collectively we are named after racial deeds,  national needs, political favors, religious means. With these, we solute solemnly in front of same national flag, sing along the same national anthem, and speak with the same national language.

Now, the geopolitical nature of our nation stands solidly like its own mountains and flows rhetorically as its river charts, is seasoned by wind streams and witnessed by the mountainous slopes. Everything we see and image under this nation will be named numerically, alphabetically, anatologically, geographically, and naturally.

Yet, to name the national needs is to plot, map out, mark with fences, and identify what nears the nature or natural resources. First, a nation needs land mass. This geographical resource is just as importantly necessary as a person’s bedroom, a family’s house, and a neighboring street.

Next, though people love the description of oceans of light for the vast abundant light and love, we humans are neither sea creatures like sharks and wales nor glacial creatures such as polar bears or penguin. We need air to breathe and land to ground. Nerve will survive inside an air-absented vacuum, we humans must drink fresh water from a well, spring, river or lake, and we must stand on land and rest above ground.

As those individual needs become collective necessity, national need speaks for now, and forever. National need now includes land and water, and all those geographically and ecologically related resources.

Afterward, people of a nation must need linguistic and numerical tools to express and exchange. To name this need, we create national flag like a personal totem, invent song like the Star Spangled Banner, we use common language to speak for an individual accent and talk with regional dialect, as we rely on same numerical values, from zero or nothing to nine or more and their decimals and percentiles, to trade goods, exchange items and press values.

Now, from the northern end what goes to the North Pole and sky, to sun’s straight beam on now and noon, to moon’s glow at night, we breath the air retailing the weather and its season, we drink fresh water running into our house, we eat food produced locally, circulated nationally and marketed internationally, and we rest and sleep on a ground fenced inside a national territorial line, and secured by the national guards.

To define and divide the word nation, on is the last, ion is ahead of on, till nation unites then as a whole.  As for Nature, its figure ensures what is for sure, as its picture features in our culture.  including architecture and furniture. Nature nurtures and tortures us equally, till nation and nature are a mixture

At this point of now, nation and nature are one, or at least interchangeable. National recourse is part of great and vast natural resource. National needs are named after natural deeds. National identity belongs to natural item. And national name speaks as best as how nature would name us, each and every one of us!


Universe is imaginarily descriptive as it is said so as being inclusive. Cosmos is cohesively vast and ungraspable. World is what your eye sees accordingly and how you mind captures conclusively. But nature is whatever it is and whatever it can never be.

We know we are the expression of nature, part of nature, and cannot rebel or fight against nature.

Once we describe nature with yes, of course; but to define and confine, forget it.

Once we know how things are, go for it, for sure, why not; but to forcefully make it as what we think and want, how we wish for and desire, forget it.

To know why a thing it, just accept it as it is; but to aggressively add or subtract, desperately expand or reduce upon what already it is and has been, forget it.

To realize what the nature is fine and perfect as it can finalize in front of us, and allow it happens naturally, fine; but don’t try to seize and squeeze it, never arrange it nor change it.

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