Why Y Is So Important

Y letter and Y (why) word are so in-measurably and immensely important that by the time we ponder and quest with true, real and undefeated word why question, all collected and cumulated words have no place to be; all knowable and knowledgeable words have no position to want; and all accumulated and accommodated words are lost into that are smaller than that a minute can begin and are larger than that vast can fasten. Through Y letter and Why word, the God’s casting vast wonder-land that is filled with buzzy puzzles becomes unavoidably fuzzy, and will be accordingly rusted by individual’s universality, as any unfathomable parability will be quietly busted or totally gusted by that universal light’s questivity. To answer Y to Why, or Y by Why, below are the reasons.

First of all, since Y is the first and only English letter that deserves to be both vowel and consonant, English can expand from its given 26 letters into 27, or at least 26 and half. Thus, the correct number of English alphabetic letters are, to be exact, not 26 but 26 and half. With this half, the 5 first active vowels will be uplifted through their half-sibling and half-cousin letter Y from toes to hair; as entire 21 consonants do not end completely or thoroughly but will be extended casually into and expanded effortlessly beyond triple-7ed 21 dominating numbers.

Secondly and anatologically, without Y, the energy of skull will not be as open as its crown should; and with no Y, the W and C consonants located anatologically between feet and knees will not be bridged remotely, linked bilaterally, and interacted cohesively with elbows and wrists that are oppositely true and real. Opening the crown power of Y in human’s anatological unit is like opening the earth’s most outer layer of exosphere.  It is in this place, what is above our head and beyond earth’s exosphere, Y letter runs and functions in its personal move and universal motion. It is this positioning WHY, rainbow colors bridge skyline with sea-lion, connect the dome of sky with the surface of land, merge etheric pauses with individual pulses, and appoint star-pointing dots up there with individual pointing knots right here but nowhere to go or escape.

Thirdly and neurologically, Y is the only letter serves the crown power: a combination of intellectual and spiritual flower. Y is the center of all organic and systemic centers combined. Working together with U that links the eye-dot of small case i, Y centralizes U that takes care of 6th and 7th chakras from neck and tongue up. It is this unique anatological location that Y is not only the center of 5th vowel U’s position that integrates the vowel I of spine and unites all facial holes and brain senses.

Fourthly and anatomically, this Y center is the unification of entire central nerve system. As the two antenna points of V portion of the letter Y move and turn, spin and swing, the central nerve system unites the peripheral nerve systems.  When a person’s crown moves according to what comes down from the sky with what ignites within, the Y motion is activated first, and the rest part of body and its related 25 letter-empowered anatological units move accordingly; or they would be removed entirely from their individual characteristic units if they are not qualified.

Fifthly and questionably, to know our real, authentic and true self individually and collectively, personally and professionally, anatomically and anatologically, Y is the real letter and why is the only meaningful word.  All questing areas, requesting atmospheres, questionable positions and con-quest-able situations will be finalized by the reason of Y letter through the reasoning WHY word. Words from spherical states or stages, such as where we came from, when we were born, how we are doing, who we are from the depth of heart and what we are about here in life on earth, will be linked by the Y letter, condensed and crystallized by the why word. To state clearly, it is the why word that links all quests and questions together; it is the Y letter that gives each quest either a solid position to pose or questionable mark to remark; it is whY word that finalizes its ancestral words ranging from where to when, how, who and what into a true and unquestionable supersonic position.

Sixthly and spiritually, the first time I tried to measure the angular degree of sky dome, I used my mandible bone to exemplify. The 72 degrees was the result inside my angular mandible arch. Then I applied this into my pelvic girdle, 72 degrees was also the same measured result. Afterward, I rotate both these two angular bones through my forehead’s hairline and into the portal of fontanelle, the letter Y started to spin and rotate inside the 3D Z and N formed cubic box uncontrollably. There, my universal center opened up, as the center was wild open like’s God gazing single eye, between the two ear canals horizontally, and between the tip of pineal gland up and dot of amygdala gland below vertically.  It was this moment, I knew the Y, the portal between heaven and earth, and the portability between my physical realm and spiritual sphere. These two angular portals, one above and one below, or either ways, is and has been, and will be the never-ending central portals for 144000 appointed, chosen and worthy souls to be in and out of this portal hole.

Once you see yourself as one of these 144000 living souls and shining spirits, you are in cosmic family, and you answer yourself the reason of Why you are here, by demonstrating yourself with your personalized Y letter.

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