What Does Zero Zone Do To Zero Tolerance

Zero is perhaps the most magic word and magnificent number we humans invented.

Starting from right hemisphere, right brain lobe and ear, to where the left one (hemisphere, lobe and ear) has sent sonic signals to, through their central agreement, Z for zero stands for a cosmic zone to domesticate wild animals inside a zoo so that our humans can zoom in and out of our animistic bodies, by turning our head from left and right, and dream on it.

Holy Cross

Normally, our human brain is wired with the capacity to deal with light and time as image, and sound and space as music. We call this combination a cross, or Holy Cross in Catholic tradition.  Since time and space are God’s given us duality, our crown from eyebrows and tips of ears up will form a crossing lines. The light-and-time line goes from our forehead to occipital lobe; as the sound-and-space line goes from our left ear to right. This makes our frontal lobe or forehead and left ear and temple region double positive, while their counterparts double negative.

As the positive timing line from the forehead and the positive spacial line from the left ear move toward each other at the center of  our brain, our brain-power is turned on, our mindset is alive, our consciousness is at work, and our hemispheres becomes one familiar harmonious unit. In turn, these two lines crossing one another will produce feelings and images, cognitive ideas and intuitive sensations, logical and reasoning process.

In detail, when a positive light’s point touches our forehead, our frontal lobe opens our eye view automatically. Instantly, this eye view will be translated as live image broadcasting inside the memory center located in the back of the head, or inside our occipital lobe. Now our brain is able to generate ideas and produce thoughts. Equally but oppositely, when positive sonic wave sends its signal to the left ear, it will be translated as musical lyrics through right ear and expressed as musical voices. The center of our brain is neutral, so the any pitch-up and dim-down light-and-wave stuff received will be processed accordingly.  Signals will go through from the forehead to memory center to finalize as image, as sonic waves will travel from the left ear to be expressed via the right ear as translated musical scale, voice or note.

This process is anatologically teamed by the right hemispheric letter Z, the middle letter Y, and the left hemispheric letter N, in our crown area. Z as zennnnn buzs and N as Now fuzs will be Y-ed up and down. Now the ear-ringing Zennnnn will descend from the 7th Crown Chakra down, to activate next sixth one. Working with right side Z is F as Fate or Faith, the center Y is R as Rain and Rose, and left side N is T as Tide or Time. When our brain produces rain, holy water will be alive as the Holy Cross.

In daily life, we call this right brain Z motion or zigzagging movement NO, where we simply spin our head from left to right, and back to no no no this leftover. The left brain of N has one o to be a No word, while the right brain Z has to have two oos to form Zoo word.  When Zoo becomes Zoom, No will become Now. And when Zoo and Zoom produce zero, hero is alive within. When No and Now produce None, Nose takes over Rose.  What a Hero would be without his Nose, or her Rose?

Is Life Zeroic Or Heroic

If you start a new life, zero state is the mindset to be. If you want something brand new, zero space is the best place to be. If you count your age, zero has no value to position you from your moment of birth, as entire gestation returns to zero, aside leftover placenta and your mom’s enlarged and stretched belly ready to shrink back to its normal side. If you want to change, zero is your opportunistic possible reality. And if you want to travel in cosmos, star-formed galaxies are good to tour but the central and creative zero place is the real deal to be.

Life is such that we all start with some kind of zero, like zero physical mobility, zero anatological ability, zero social skill, zero intellectual zone, zero money or dollar, zero experience or expression, zero fame or legacy, zero glory or legend. Life is Zeroic!!

How beautiful this ZERO Is to serve as a starting point! How powerful this Zero Can be as a launching ground! How magical this Zero Will be as a measuring stick!

When your zealous zestful zero-ry zone comes to a place where the staring Z letter in zero changes into and is replaced by H as in hero, your virtuous state will be retained by the sustaining Z to birth one as None Zone, and your heroic journey will end as zeroric zone, or zero-ry none. Now, Zero Tolerance begins.

Zero Tolerance

When zero starts to tolerate everything that the universe creates by that which matter forms, it has all the tolerance to begin. This zero is very persistent, very persuasive, very kind, very patient, and very tolerant. When this zero fills the gap of any existing zone with none, what is done is gone, and what has been coned is codified, and what has been toned will be stoned.

In common sense, zero tolerance is a legal term, which means the person is absolutely refrained, or one’s situation is totally restrained, or one’s environment is under total supervision. This legal term exercise within the condition of legal agreement or confinement, where any undesired infraction will receive automatic punishment; any extra idea or movement, any desirable behavior outside the legal refinement will be punished beyond any reasonable doubt. Simply put, zero tolerance means that there is no free lunch left, nor freedom to behavior outside this legal boundary, this legal confinement. All your conducts from this point on are absolutely predetermined and culpable.

Does Zeroic Zone Tolerate Heroic None 

When an zero zooms along any conceivable zone, it zests the most tolerance along its zigzag path, its zooming way, such as He明way. By the time there is no zero space left, nothing will believe for the zero to exercise its toe-raising, toll-rating but telly-raid tolerance.  When a society presents a zero tolerance Rule, its individual freedom is stripped away. When a person is given a zero tolerance Condition, one’s any extra physical move or vocal expression will invite this zero-tolerating punishment. This person is left with no zealous room to zoom, nor zealous policy to glue.

Yet, once we examine our self deep within, there are so many unspoken, non-presentable unpreventable zero-tolerance zones down there. This is because the universe is filled with unaccountable zeros. Equally in any given interactive reality, when there is no room for zero to tolerate, all cardinal number enjoy its individual freedom: where one adds for another, subtracts another, is multiplied and divided by any others.

Does duality tolerate singularity, such as tetrahedral state would tolerate triangular face, and gadgets do in front of digits? Does reality exercise its Zero Tolerance policy, such as a second in front of a minute, a day inside a year,  or a dot inside its spherical space, a number inside its digital division or supervision?

If zero is none,  nothing, and empty, zero tolerance speaks for how mean the universe is, How Greedy the Creation has been, and How intolerant the world is!  If I am no-one, you are nothing, and they are nobody, who we are inside our human genetic pool and ego stool? If any one has no tolerance towards zero, how about heroic abundance, or heroic adventure, or terrific journey?  If no one has NO tolerance for zero, Do Many will stay,  A Lot will fit, and Cab the Endless survive????

And if everyone, including You and Me, knows the exact position, exact situation,  on top of precise interaction, the exchange from interchanges, plus those ex acts being included inside exact, will the world run on its own, will we exist peacefully, will we end heroically and zeroically !!!!

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