Who I Am is Merely an Anatological ….

What is life is an anatological approach to the anatomical body we are being programmed with and born from.

Anatomical body is collective, ancestral, and individual.  Why?

First, collective here means we all share the same basic building-blocks and functionality with exact same number of body parts and their related sensory wires. Anatomically, we are genetically and collectively built with 15 sections: three main cavities and their four limbs as extension; as each limb has three sections, such as upper arm, frontal arm and hand; or thigh, shin and foot. Rarely a human being would be born with one arm, or one leg, or lesser than exact 15 main sections.  And very few, a person is born blind, deaf, dumb, and somewhat retarded physical sensitivity and cognitive ability.

Secondly, upon this collective virtuous blueprinting, these 15 venture capitals, our body is structured, compartmentalized, decorated, and owned specifically by certain ancestral infrastructures. This is why we look like our parents in various areas.  This why we move about with a certain poses and postures resembling a specific parent, grandparent, or great grandparent.  This is why we behave in a certainty, built-in modes and codes, genetically programmed and blessed by any of our three generational ancestral whereabouts and their beliefs.

This is why in Chinese culture, as a child or youngster, people don’t care about who you are as an individual, but will know who you are based up what you are made with ancestral infrastructures and generational patterns, and where you were born with genetically and geographically. Your body and mind are a collection of homemade food and customs, house-wired specific appetite and habitual desires, family-tombed needs of why and how, and ancestral spirited deeds of know-how and reason-why.

Deep inside collective blueprint and beneath ancestral infrastructures are who we are as an individual, irreplaceable spirit. This our spirit can’t be any other spirits, will never be some other beings in this lifetime.

This above is what I can fathom about my, and our human body, individual in undying root and deathless core, ancestral in infrastructural phenotypes, and collective in human geneotype. This is why our anatomical body is a mixture of psycho-type in spirit or living soul, pheno-types in ancestral make-believes, and geno-type in homo sapiens.

This above definition or speculation is nothing but an anatological approach, an anatological view, and an anatological perception.

In order to understand, define and make use of this specific granted organism our spirit was agreed to be house-in since conception,  dress-up during entire gestation, and wear with from conception to life, life to death, and death to atonement or reincarnation, we must voice through gut and throat, make use of body languages through body parts and their interaction, invent symbols and tools such as linguistic letters and mathematical numbers, visual chips and musical notes.

By giving linguistic and numerical meanings and values. anatomy is alive personally and culturally through anatology, as anatology is magically meaningful to this individual anatomy and collective entity.

Therefore, aatological approach is verbal and linguistic; as anatological view is logical and reasonable; while anatological perception is conscious and conscientious. It is like: we approach through our innate spirit; we view through organic sensors and linguistic tools; and we receive, perceive and conceive through conscious awareness and conscientious presence.

It is upon anatomical hardware and through anatological software, we are perceptive or reflective, visionary and realistic, reasonable and irrational, meaningful and useful, idealistic and practical, this and that, here and there, where and how, who and what, when and why.

We are a mixture of heavenly light and wind, and earthly soil and water;

we are a tincture of anatomical organism and anatological ideas and beliefs;

we are a creature of innate inertia of organic patterning and gravitational forces from conscious ability to conscientious capacity;

we are a moisture of water molecules and air particles, a puncture of nothing and everything, a juncture of being and becoming, a texture of good and evil.

We are the architecture of energy and minerals; the culture of season and reason; furniture for family and society; feature of pictures and literatures; future of predictable fixture; posture of pathological pastures; lecture of given nature.

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