What Does Dream Do Its 3Ds?

By the time the sun’s sparkling light welcomes the darkening night, day-dreams and their conscious streams will be taken over by the archly lunar creams, deepened by real dreams.

In this state, the  lovely daily icy creams from the heart, gut and soul will take over any head-streams, so that bed-dreams can alternate conscious streams as subliminal and unconscious realms. Further, the scaring loud screams voiced out during the day change, quickly and without notice (not ice), into deva-stating worst nightmares, where only knights can dare, only angels can fair.

Whether sunbeam or moonbeam, beams of lights are a team, to steam the deep water, cream the icy emotion, scream the eternal love, and gleam the headstreams as either mainstream audience or microbeams upon fiber-optic gravitational waves.

Solar light is solid but alone; while lunar lights are the reflections from any lightening and delightful solar or cosmic refreshments.

When the solar light lights up your head, lunar light delights your dream state. Light-long ends with head strong, what is gone with dream is what could be wrong with scream. Dream’s dimensional division is devotional decision.

To re-state, your Dream as first D is dimensional, what it Does as second D is divisional, and what dreams can Do as third D is devotional. So, what Does Dream Do is dimensional, divisional and devotional.  These are the 3Ds.

 What the light did during the daytime is its dimensional streams. How the night can dream is are as individual as any divisional stream would beam. And what day-light and moonlight cannot Do is the devotion from inside a dream that is above a light can stream, that is beyond any night can cream.

To bream what seems in your head, chemical lead lets the mechanical leader  to be codified with an official letter. To lead as the head gets the chemical lead in your head, as this particular lead poisons your head-stream with lunatic creams.

What seems real is either that daily light streams, or nightly dream creams. What seems really real ends with all kinds of reams, or rims and edges; so that to redeem is to re-dream the daily deed, re-stream the lucid dream, and re-cream universally scream-able creams.

To read a dream, its conscious mind must be more conscientious than a dream interpreter; and its conscious streams much change into lucid but conscientious creams, with no memory chips, no remarkable memorandum, nor memorable remembrance.

To lead as the head of a stream, mainstream will be the upstream, to out-stream any side-streams as either out-streams or down-streams.

What does your Dream Do to your dimensional, divisional decision?

The answer is:

Choice does all the chores for dimensional,

Voice streams any dreamed divisional,

Noises don’t beam or stream what devotion can dream or cream.

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