Word – Conscious Sonic Fiberoptic Sensory Bite

Words are conscientious.

Once you use, they have your consciousness.

They are idealistic, thoughtful, intentional, unbelievable.

In the beginning, a word serves as a conscious offspring to baby its idea.

When a word is spoken, it carries lightning particle or living wave.

When a listener receives this sonic bite, this heard word will activate its hidden cream: its frozen conscious stream.

When an observer registers this very ideal image – the word for thought – inside his conscious realm, words created as conscious offspring are now the ideals to dear the del-light and make deal with the coming ideas.

To idealize these ideas, thoughts are formulated. To think through idealized ideas as conscious streams, thoughts have their juicy sonic detectors and lovely fiber-optic re-generators.

This is because if words invented and created are conscious, they must be first sonic to light, wave-creamy to love.

Thus, words are the offspring of in-light-ful and sonic particles, and wave-lengthy echoing hollow-graphics of love.

By the time words can be re-listened, re-ascribed, reused, re-digested, reprogrammed, reeducated, reprinted and recycled individually and collectively, words finalize as light-catching particles, love-sensing waves, conscientious fibers, thoughtful optics, and opportunistic to any and all actions, reactions and interactions.

Words are sonic to solar heat, echoing for lunar flairs, spacious re-indicators, and life re-generators.

Along this process,

an idea is a creative conscious stream

for that specific thought processor.

A thought intends for an active practice.

An active practice is an act upon that very thoughtful practice.

The thought-out practice is the product of that idea;

The goal of that thinking;

The believer among listeners;

The tools for the propagandizing programmers.

To profess and prolog those grammars,

Rams are locked on the dock of dams.

Adam’s Apples are fried, and further French-fried,

So that vowels are repenting through true vocal cord,

by escaping the surrounding false vocal ones.

Consulting consonants are wrapped and strapped around vowels as colorful tinctures, live pictures, enliven mixtures, subtle physical poses,  exploding postures, reverberating textures.

Once the tip-down rod of Adam’s Apple is downsizing, the real physical dam that is made of two pieces of hipbones can dam up the recyclable nutrients from dis-chargeable portion as either watery salt-enriched oceanic smelling urine or soft fibrous poopy fragrant feces.

Now the Dammed-up portion needs to be aroused, inspired, and uplifted, while the dam-down lotion can be recycled for next idea, next thought, next person, next time, next generation.

The next never get to exit on any inspiring and excitable insights,

but will go for any open and invited entrance.

Once an ideal enters your ear, it is very dear to point you as an ideal;

Once a though enters your conscious, your brain becomes trance, so the income of this thought can be translated through glandular fluid as self-igniting tool, or reusable stool.

The outcome of these ideas and thoughts are as cool as a tool can utilize them.

They then serve as wool to stream your thought and action, as stools to use inside classrooms at any given schools: school of academics, school of educational, school of collegiate, school of doctoral; or any school of soft ideas and hard thoughts.

Urine coming out of body is like tidy waves of rising ocean, hurricanes and typhoons, before they become cloudy storms.

Feces are the upside down reddish lava eruption, lavish volcanoes before an earthquake takes the space over.

Afterward, they return to land, recycle as part of dirt, reused as vital soil.

While words created from ideas are flesh litigators and refresh re-generators,

Where every open pore will be coded with incoming words and each its core will be delineated and desolated with their outgoing scores.

Words invented by thinking tanks will be used as phrases and sentences to form belief patterns and unbelievable paramount throughout commercial banks and official ranks.

To be reused, words never land on riverbanks, but they can get into your memory tank as memory chips, feeling dips, hair-lining dips;

or to be reused as memorable bites, conscious cites, unbelievable kites.

Going out of mouth, vocalized words are heard as following instructions and obeying commands.

Finger-printing down, words are the written seals, hidden minerals inside stones, beholding pearls, shinning lights, eternal love.

Words are artistic in the state of super-conscious realm, as they are artificial for pseudo-intellectual programs.

Words savor the thirsty souls,  or poison ready-to-be programmable minds.

Words can be used as holy as holographic spheres, as enlightening particles, as ascending articles;

Or to poison the virtuous conscious and mental streams as dead concept,  deadly weapons.

In our civilized state, words are everywhere; and you can’t escape from them.

But how to use these words, it is not just up to your cognitive mindset but mostly up to your conscious state;

How to apply those words, it is not only up to your conscious state, but truly up to your super conscientious estate.



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