Gender and Its Agendas

The moment I was born into this world, with this infantile fetus, on-site viewed my body-gender with their gender-based agendas.

Did I know in this very moment that I was a baby-boy, a male child? I was clueless, and if not, I am not here revisiting myself, and revealing myself.

Was this true to YOU?

Did you know that, upon your birth, you could function with a gender-specialized activity: such as peeing, or raining from your top body down and out, differently?

Do we know that our birth would be classified with and determined by our gender-grown fact in and out of our womb life!

How could adults know we would function and behave as a gender-specialized being, set aside their gender-lived, gender-believed, and gender-related know-hows?

Yet, gender matters first. This is how  the ancestral, cultural and historical definition of mankind was, has been, is and will be. That was how they wished for our wombed-fetus to become. That was most importantly how the world of industry has designed for us, from giving us a gender-determined name, to patch us with gender-specified underwear, as well as gender-clarified clothes and toilet utility, gender-classified dress codes and manners, and most definitely the gender-defined and glorified division of mankind; and so on and so forth.

You have to have a gender to begin your human life! Skin or racial pigmentation is secondary to what gender matters first.

what do you know about your very gender? Are you fore sure what it does? How have you mastered your gender-related issues, and equally been viewed and treated because of your very gender manners and characters?

Below are what I have fathomed. I wish you can take a close look at it.

1: The Myth of Gender

Whoever aroused first between the two parents, our body ended up opposite!

This means there are four possible energetic and interactive results for our physical creation to take place:

1) if both parents are aroused and achieved their organism at exact same time, they were engaging their divine union and there was no possibility for a third party to be part of trinity. Because in this situation and under this circumstance there was no vacancy for 3rd party to enter this intensive intimate divine union, nor opening space for any conception to take place;

2) if both parents are absent, nothing would happen either;

3) if father ejaculated first, the incarnating soul would become a girl (opposite of attraction);

and 4) if mother achieved orgasm first, the incarnating soul would become a boy (still opposite attraction).

2: The Fact of Gender:

Fallopian Matters the Gender

Once the union and creativity took place on behalf of both parents, there would be physical (space) possibility to take place.

This is how! Mother’s female biological body is designed with two Fallopian tubes, right?! Now the most powerful single sperm has two possible places to enter, land and become one with an egg as zygote.

  • if one of million lucky sperms was able to travel its long road trip and landed inside Right Fallopian Tube, the joint-union as zygote would envelop into a fetus with male gender;
  • and if this lucky sperm landed in the Left Fallopian Tube, the fetus will specialize into a female gender.

By the way, this concept comes in agreement with the dominant hemisphere. The left-brain teams up with the right fallopian tube, and the right-brain teams up with the left fallopian tube.

3: The Truth of Gender:

Spirit matters all

The incarnating soul finalizes the gender matter. Why? It the incarnating soul decided to be one of the two genders, nothing else would matter. This means once the incarnating soul came on second time to repent in life, it could choose to remain as the same gender, or to be opposite. And if somehow, the incarnating soul later on disagreed or was regretful with the gender it took, this spirit would prefer for a gay or lesbian lifestyle than that normal heterosexual lifestyle, engage like nowadays the scientific way or method of transsexual operation, and live a physical life one strives for.

What do you think?

What has your gender dominated or discouraged you?

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