What Are My Bodily Components

From lucid dream to conscious stream, loving cream or scaring scream, there is something inside the body that orchestrates, regulates, urinates and alternates. This something serves as the conscious and energetic software that are either built-in since the conception took place; or learned from lifelong lessons, earned by good deeds before an exchange took them over, a greedy took them under.

To build this soft-waring and hard-wiring processors, what can be ceded before giving it up totally, surrendering completely,  or it is too late of a cession,  a session of serious decisions circulates or flow as procedures proceed what can be turned off internally, or been shut done externally.

As such, who made up the overall bodily structure? Who intersected the infrastructures made? Who can interpret and interfere those hardwired wares and soft-worn wears.

Dear Dad: what have you done to my body with your essence? am I in You, after You, through You? Can I live without YOU, believe beyond YOU? Is your essence my real potency or true impotency?

Dear Mother: what did you fabricate my body with your digested fruity or foody nutrients, tinctured my stream and its flow with your blood and its veins, strengthened my bones with your willful marrow, delicately decorated my glands with your organs, and designated my pigments with your passionate fire.

Further,  what were your experiences, day after day, sensation after sensation,  desire after dream, on how my womb was pressed and suppressed, compressed and depressed?

Dear Ancestors: why are my bodily components exactly framed, structured and numbered like yours, and yet each, is vastly, minutely and uniquely different?

Dear earth mother: how many specific minerals contained in my this dirt-like body?

Dear Sky father: who design mine and everybody’s body with exact copy, similar functionality,  but different potenalities?

Dear All: I want to know my body, see how it operates, and why it does so?

As I touch my head, rub my chest, tap my belly, there are neck and belly button that connect these three.

Then as I sit up, feet ground and lift me. As I walk, two  legs move forth and back, alternating. Equally speaking, my shoulders and its two arms swing, oppositely paralleling to what two feet and their legs strike and retrieve.

Even so, my fingers touch my hair and facial holes, such as eyelids, nostrils, or lips, even tongue and teeth. And down, any other parts, till they touch and rub one another, causing entire body to move as a team, function as a group, and coordinate as a family.

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