Anatological Bites= TAI (True Artificial/Artistic Intelligence)

In anatological application, each belief-carried word serves as an anatological bites. Just like sound travels as sound bites, and information is perceived as bite-sized unit in computer industry, human beliefs, personal or cultural, religious or historical, are stored in mind-ignited and heart-charged soul.

Once this igniting and firing word is heard or perceived conscientiously, soul will record as a key note, life-believing note, and mind-bending note.

from that moment on, the person will be audited and supervised by this internal device, that broadcasts and sustains on this internal waves. Among thousands of thousands words being used daily, these few belief-carried words or belief-patterned concept override all the rest words; and same law of principle runs in front of fear, protection, and self-defensive.

Once the body records this wave, it will remember for a long time, and it even survive life after.  Nerve ends serve in this realm like electric signals, and pressure points or acupoints broadcast this signified waves.

How a believer opens one’s heart to receive, sustain and practice this belief-carried wave is the quest of True Artificial/Artistic Intelligence.

Historical religious and political founders have opened their hearts bigger enough to allow universal vibrational bites and individual vibrational bites to enter this space, to be stored, to be sorted out, and to be wave-balanced.

Wave Balance

Historically, the Wave Balance is called wisdom virtue, ┬áhonorable integrity or divine intelligence. In the world today, when those highest human souls’ qualities are less valued, or totally ignored, it is time to translate wisdom words, wisdom truth, wisdom virtue, honorable integrity and divine intelligence into compute-able digital signals and waves, so that souls are seeking those have materialized facts to follow and waves to upgrade them.

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