Nature of Anatology

Following the similar route as its predecessor anatomy, meaning to cut or slice human body into pieces as if dissection, anatological pieces or sections or components are cut by light points, sound bites, igniting charge, understanding sensation, conscientious insight, knowingly appreciation.

Further,  in anatomy, the cut-off or sliced piece is meant for pathological investigation, while as for anatology, what have been cut  from throat, handwriting or printing board as words-coded expression are served as light-fibers, sound-bites, thoughtful point, understanding spot, sensational texture, felt expression, inner display,  or any dreams, desires, hopes, wishes, goals or purpose.

Words used by this or that anatologist are means and tools just like the motion of energy  for the matter and object, and emotion of souls and their deep sensations. If there is not such a thing in the universe, created by Creator, there wouldn’t be words invented or created by humans; and if there are no dreams and hopes, wishes and desires, goals and purposes for each and every living souls, words would never carry and content those energetic meanings for; furthermore, if there is no change upon any sort of exchange, such as light and darkness, matter and force, expression and energy, or birth and death, words have no meaning or purpose to begin with.

Thus, words used, applied, exchanged and recycled anatologically are light-targeted, love-wrapped, dream-carried, hope-wished, and goal-oriented energetic outcast, output, outlet, outpouring, outset and outcome between a subject and an object, or any dualistic exchange.  There exists duality, there is anatology and its anatological expression and exchange.

For example, between neurological hardware and linguistic software, there lies the beauty, power and purpose of anatology, the first and oldest human expression aside from voice and along with vocal expression and exchange.

In order to exhale and prove the liveliness, the newborn infants make sound, as if a selfless cry, an effort or a try to say something to the outside world: “I am Here!” “This is Me!” “I am OK!”

Slowly but surely, this voice gets meaningful, and purposeful, as each sounded voice, vocal expression or written explanation carries specific connotation, message, meaning or goal on behalf who, where, what, how, and why.  Those five segments or pieces become the essence of anatology: the relationship between humans and their words in specific, humans on behalf their inner and out worlds.

 Therefore, anatology is neither a receiver nor a receptor, but a linkage between two; anatology means neither a thought nor a word, but the bridge of two; anatology deals neither muscular sensations nor gutsy feelings,  but that capacity of transmuting what is going on between the two; anatology is neither a subjective matter nor an object fact, but what makes the two either work together as a team or married couple, or what causes these two to defuse each other, deny one another, or debilitate each from other.

Just like mother earth or any planetary object has inner inertia and possesses spinning gravity, so that poles and core work together with self-motion of spinning and travelling notion of orbiting.   We want to be our own boss and possess our sovereignty; and in the seam token, we just want to follow the head and his steps, go with the flow;

Anatology is the nature of duality,  and the quality of binary system.  Anatology resembles a dot of zero and one,  a knot of nothing and everything, a line with two ends, a day of light and darkness, a bridge between two banks, a person of physicality and spirituality, a matter of form and force, a wire of ringing and singing, a tunnel of air in and dare out, a tube between basement and ceiling.

When man-invented words express on behalf ideals, thoughts, concepts and beliefs, anatology becomes externally gratified by either vocal or verbal expression, by internally satisfying the need to say and share, and desire to express and convey.

In this place, anatology is neither a thought or concept, nor a word or logo; but links both that translates, transmutes and dissolves each.

So be sure here that anatology deals with neither me or you, never this or that, nothing about here or any whereabouts, but it means the central threads, essential network, necessary diploma, required negotiators, and potential carriers.

Anatology allows light to see its opposition which is darkness. Anatology permits matter to dial through anti-matter, by positioning dark-matter to transmute light matter.  Anatology makes power to be either forceful or magical; or force useful and formless.

Anatology is neither God nor goddess,  but the needs of both, marriage of two, and change from one to the other.

Anatology births life and death, and it dissolves dualistic due and dude.  It makes your if like your suppose, and deports your propose like a repose.



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