My Solar Ecliptic Experience

Two day passed now since 2017 total solar eclipse passing through American Continent from  the northwest Oregon to the southeast South Carolina, which lasted a total of 4 hour. It began at 9:06 PDT (12:06 EST) as being observed from Madras of Oregon, and ended at 4:06 EST at Columbia, South Carolina.

After 12:10, I was with Liz and her two younger boys at the Fort Massac State Park, Metropolis of IL. The park was right on the north bank of Ohio River.  What I saw through solar/sun-glass and felt were still beyond words. The saddest part was that I didn’t see from the very beginning.  At 12:44,  I  was alarmed by the voice of John the little boy,  in the same very moment my legs felt like being touch by the wind.  This was near the total eclipse, about 20 minutes to go. The image of more than half covered sun was like 5th or 6th night of a new moon.

A few minutes late, a big cloud touched the east-portion of the phenomena, and it took about 7 minutes or so to pass over. At this moment, the visible arch was little,  like the beginning of a new moon.  Then a small cloud came through, but lasted only a few minutes. About a minute or so before the total eclipse, this cloud moved away.

I was so lucky to see the total image of the solar eclipse, which lasted about 2:20 minutes.  Right before the total ring closed its mouthy lips, there was a quick solar flair flashing on the southeast end. Sky became bluish grey,  exciting human voices mixed with the sounds of crickets singing through the trees. There was a subtle but swirling wind coming down from the sky. Temperature dropped immediately. The entire view of the horizon was blueish grey, but not dark, as if dusk before darkness takes over or dawn before the sun leaps its head.

In terms of physical sensations or feelings, which were the most important part of being part of this phenomena, my chest and heart were the sensors or vibrators.  My chest became that moon-covered space inside, and ring around was vibrating through me, through this space.  And I will inform when this sensation ends.

As for the visual images, or the images my eyes perceived through solar glass around the ring of the ecliptic phenomena, it was a mix among the image of the handle portion of a gun, about 15 minutes or so before the totality started, to just purple flair coming down at my visual space, and a west-point arrow in the beginning with three vertical lines crossing the horizontal bar of the arrow head in the end. This final image was much like the triple cross, but sun-pointing end was a triangle or a arrow head-like look.

Yesterday, I found out that Carbondale IL will be at the center of the cross between this 2017 northwest-southeast curving line and the next 2024 dashing line coursing from Texas to northwest New York. In this cross-image, the river-lines where the Missouri and Platte River merge upon south Omaha and east of Lincoln of Nebraska in the west will meet the Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in the East, where Buffalo of New York and Cleveland of Ohio will be in this central line.

In the immediate south of the cross centered upon Carbondale is where the Mississippi River continues the Missouri River and Ohio River.  On the east of Mississippi River is Paducah where Ohio River in which the state of Ohio was named  takes on its largest tributary from the Tennessee River. On the west is Cario IL, where the Missouri River joins into the Mississippi River. This makes Missouri and Ohio rivers the two largest shaking sticks from the solar cross formed between now and 2024.

Can you see, tell us, and explain what will be happening in and around this solar ecliptic cross covering most US land?

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