Anatology is about how humans use their creative invention of language to perceive, receive, process, understand, interpret, express and communicate through build-in Hard Drive: neurological feature. The neurological feature then utilizes its receptive inputs and sensory outputs. The receptive inputs connects to layers of structures wrapped by skin tissue, hair follicles, eye sockets, ear canals, nostrils, mouth, fingers and toes, and hair and nails.  Those facilities then connect to interior muscles, ligaments, bones, organs and glands, and related systems via nerve ends and meridian wired acupoints. Anything that is going on will be expressed through sensory output such as breathing, sweating, palpation, pulsation, urination and defecation.  Those routines will continue without end till something goes wrong or you die.

In order to manipulate animal senses, and utilize tools around, we humans have built civilized and sophisticated language system, such as Math and English, to extra physical senses into conscious reasoning and conscientious comprehension.  So we invented the first conscious software programs, such as numbers, sketches, and alphabets.

Now the alphabetic letters work together with neurological and meridian systems, in order to generate self-made artificial intelligence. And robotic and computer machinery are but extensions of these two, just acupuncture needles are the extensions of finger tips and nails.

When the free nerve ends upon finger-tips sense and express what is going on, neurological hardware and linguistic software start to process things through key related acupoints and meridian wires. The acupoints then connect intrinsically the interior self with the sonic light waves dashing and pulsating in the world out there. Once the acupoints tell neurological boss what is going on through their corresponding wires, anatological intelligence takes over by  grasping on precisely what is happening, so that better, smarter, efficient, effective and profitable decisions can be made.

Thus, anatological outcome became historically the first onset of AI: Artificial Intelligence.  This became in turn the first self protective and preservative intelligence, and it is also the tool for self-pleasure and self-gratification. Only through deep learning process, this sort of intelligence can be fully developed. The results are successful inventors, high intelligent politicians and businessmen, artistic and conscientious creators, and cultural and global diplomatists.

Yet, any further progress and advancement has to begin with the bases of anatological understanding of human neurological and linguistic interplay above gross and instinctive reactions and responses.

In nowadays, how English alphabetic letters and neurological system work together to help those who can create and generate specific, applicable know-hows to benefit the worldly beings, verse those majority educated and/or uneducated consumers can only live and function on already processed existing know-hows; such as how to drive but not walking, how to cook from a receipt but not create from scratch, how to type but not to write, how to work but not to invent and create.

Who are the master-makers of AI? The answer is: who are truly those anatologists who can utilize gender-based language, sensory language, national language and meridian language all together so that one’s intellectual process will rise above those who are numb, sleepy, and unconscious of themselves in the world?

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