1st law of Attraction

Gender vs Agenda

At the moment conception, the law of opposite attraction sets in, so your genderless spirit will be assigned into the opposite gender by the attracting parent.

Upon birth, gender matters. That was how the grown-ups saw us as, either like them or opposite to theirs. That is how our body is classified, since spirit has its twin qualities to be differentiated.

Growing up, gender is ahead of senses, from the smell of breath, the size of body and its weight, the style of the clothing, to toilet-training, the tones of voice, the shapes of bones, and structure of a personality. Society defines, confines and refines us through genders.

Once the body grows into its pubic stage, gender materializes its creative and reproductive physicality; but it can confuse the emotional soul, and will torment the genderless spirit. Any person can be straight, homosexual and monogamy, bi-sexual and dualistic, unisexual or gay.

Taking from the root meaning of Latin as six, the English word sex serves in total sextuple, such as sixth sense, so that entire process of hydrogenation can exist, to sustain in the plasma-like flat-land environment made of hexagonal spheres for the light to volt, vote, and void.

Water is life, and hydration is where and how the holy spirit to be hydrolyzed and oxidized by the holy water.

Aside from the physical gender that is needed to explore, exercise and express, personality gender is subtler, more troublesome to grasp, more difficult for the task, and more challenging than any given physical expression.

The expression of soul carries its gentle gender or gentile.

This is why over thousands of years, gender difference has been the key to either King or Queen, upon crown or thrown, onto kingdom or motherland. The battle for dominant gene through dominant gender has been the case for both races since the birth of humanity. This is where the innocent prince or princess will grow into fatherhood or motherhood, becoming potentially as either a king or a queen. This is how the journey of gender has its tree-mounted summit to climb, till the climax closes the gate of birth, or opens the page to either death or immortal.

Entropy sets in upon ages of 14, 18 and 25, to limit the physical gender and its expression. This is where the soul recognizes that gender isn’t everything, and physical climax doesn’t do anything more, and further.

In midst of mid-life, gender expression is everything because if the gender expression is not exercised with full and complete satisfaction, agendas begin, and they are endless.

Sonner or later, the thirst for quest the gender is over, and power of flesh means nothing to worn-out senses and rotten bones. The concept of twin souls enters life, to replace the conception of physical gender. The time to search for and mate with twin-souls or soulmates commences the second-time life quest: for creation, collaboration or collateral damage.

What is the expression of soul, through soul-mate?

Historically, among all kinds of kings and queens being glorified, and all sort of emperors and empresses being disasterized, there is another set of people who are dedicated to inner growth. They are called highest priests and priestesses. They talk to star-sense instead selfish senses. Rather than taking in control of land and country, or mind and individuality, these two kinds of people are service for higher palace and inner court, their own bodies and their inner selves.

By the time the soul is left with no mate, the living soul has nothing left to claim. Rest is to be flamed or blamed by the twin flames. From power-trip to leg-see (legacy), missed-treat to mystery, oral seal to oracle, majority to magic, all back to the star-seeds or starry dust as twin flames.

Thus, the journey of life goes from twin spirits down to dual genders, twin souls to dual personalities, and twin flames to primal dual oppositions of god’s mind.

Which one of these three have you mastered, made peace with and be contained? Which any has still room to grow, groom to bloom, the space to trace, and the depth to dive or die into?
Below are some of the questions of self-assessment on genders and related issues.  

Do you like your birth-on-gender?

Do you know that your gender was the FIRST result-ful application of law of attraction?

Are you sure that which your parent specifically exemplified your very gender character upon your conception?

When did you notice that you have a gender-defined body, a gender-differentiated observation, a gender-based knowing, a gender-biased view, or a gender variable viability?

How old were you when you saw that your body has its gender significance or difference?

From which gender (whom) that you saw you began to define your own body-gender as being a male or a female?

When did you know that it is the structural quality of delta-pelvic region that defines the characteristic physical gender and water elimination process?

How much have you master your own gender in front your similar and same genders, and before and towards your different and opposite genders?

Are you fully conscious of your gender-carried state and its functionality?

Are you aware of that many of your gender-related-issues didn’t never begin with YOU, or any gender?

Which is more primitive, more primal and prouder: gender or agenda?

Why are we still dragged by and tagged with gender, genders, endless gender stuff and useless gender views; either before our naked and truthful spirits, or in front of left-behind and leftover white bones?

When did you realize that you ARE GENDERLESS?

Where is the end of gender, gender determination, gender qualification, gender explication?

Are you free from gender issues, awake from gender-biased views, above gender-carried dues, and beyond gender-packed dews?

Are you fully intergraded between two opposite genders?

Are you totally balanced between two official genders?

Have you mastered and liberated from both genders?


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