sensory wordy fibers

When our innocent infant senses start to make sense through our vocal expression, adults would insert purposefully and viciously their learned sound-words, to jam up our true vocal cord with their false vocal muscle, so that our expression becomes a description of a thing, like A is for apple, and T is for tall.

Even so, alphabetic letters don’t connect to or relate to our natal senses.  they collect and accumulate what have been happened. What is happened is gone, like a coming new second defeats a passing old second, but what happened to the body and mind through senses will forever be codified, modified, and edified through letter formed words.

Slowly, a few words become a concept, and many words are required to define and explain this few-words-formed concept.

Before, inception and deception work at each other all the time, so insight and decision can find their own space-required places. Even a war is taking place before all sights turn into an single meaningful insight, and lots of perceptions are being decided away by the deception so that hopefully a real decision can follow afterward.

Along this process, sensory receptors are codified by words made letters, so that any perception can be mentally make sense.

Then makes sense or not, you got to believe it.  To believe is to convince others what your sensors have sensed, and what you perceived has been determined by neither the inception nor deception, so that a decision from what the mind has decided can convince or order others to believe, or a choice based on that the decisive voice can dice or lice others’ mind or action.

What happens to innocent infant original authentic senses?  They are merely sensors, and in turn secondary at most.  The numbers on speedometer verify what mercury has edified, and in turn, the description of words would sacrifice what the world has done to the sensory receptor and what our senses are perceiving.

This is what I know so far. Whether there is so little there and so much in between, this is how my senses are minded!

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