Why we humans must use language, civilized official language on top of body’s sensory and expressive language? why must we use language to perceive, know, expressive and interact? how much or little that conscious and linguistic codings change what was exactly happening? when will be the end of language?

In our daily world, how much do we rely on words or languages to make use of things and life in general?

I don’t know much of other use, accept in the area I need language to know what we humans have created and accumulated, and in the time I must ask God or Creators through word. ¬†Whether or not I got an answer, ¬†word will speak for the truth on behalf of heart and mind’s conviction.

The things that challenge, puzzle and bother me are: How much can we do about life experience without words or its content as language?

As a coming second takes over the previous one, and breath goes moment by movement, how much can we make sense of everything, and how little if sensory preceptors don’t let you?

I sense is once an experience was interpreted as an event, randomly happened or purposefully scheduled, the real experiential matter became then, from this point on, a linguistic matter. life becomes thus language matters.


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