When Words Become…

Words are charm and alarm,

as they are

either charming alarms

or alarming charms.


When words become a charming alarm,

It wakes you up from a sound at its sleep;

Since when sound is asleep

voices are in the void

to avoid your hyoid.


Then, suddenly,

God cares you

out of nowhere,

as He dares to

place His magic arm

inside your holy temples

to alarm your dreaming a stream conscious

into a thinking an ink-fool-sunk conscience.


When the charming words are alarming,

It will turn on your emergent alarm o’clock;

When this alarm sound becomes a military horn,

War zone is on the headstone

to against

any worship can zoom

in any given room;

When a charm word rings at your heart,

your soul melts down a chocolate bar

as far as

a star can tar;

When a charm word pertains to a lipstick,

The lips are fearlessly fictitious;

When a charm word has a high-pitched tone,

questionnaire defeats a millionaire;

When a charm word ties the lips into a corner,

your ears hear this honor eternally

as your mouth shuts down its order permanently;

When a charm word speaks for the cheekbones,

arrogant loans the applicant;

When a charm word roofs on the forehead,

dearest honey is the worst enemy

without money to pay for a rental key;

When a charm word ends its tone upon a fingertip,

your bodily freedom will be jammed on a zip-drive;

When a charm word finishes at foot,

Goodbye is ahead of a good night!


Charm expression is to

sweet any automation

along normal regulation,

plus standard registration.

Alarm expression is to

change sweetened hibernation into a wake-up alternation,

expand normal regulation into a vast nation,

and transform standard registration into a harmonic ventilation.

Timing is charming with second after decaying decade

But charming timely is

alarming with no time left to lift you up.


I want sweet voice to charm my ears and heart,

I equally want reminding voice to alert my avoidance.

The sweet voice keeps me alive, as if immediate digestible nutrient;

While it is being overly reminded,

it becomes cold and sour, bitter and tarry.

Sweet voices are good, fine, excellent,

as all is well, under the control;

Alarming voices

fire up your frozen soul, broken heart, belief-dammed head,

destroy your overly complacent habitation,

wake up your regulatory automation,

and expand your vision

from your eye-to-foot long safety

into sight-to-vision distant imagination.

When words are straight,

silence obeys the constructive commanding tone;

When words are indirect,

hint might invite hindrance;

When words are encouraging,

your head will lift your feet above the couch-potato;

When words are discouraging,

your will-power will drop your head down to a helpless ground;

When words are cheerful,

pleasure is sentimental;

When words are cloudy,

indifference invites foggy state to a depressed scale;

When words are critical,

things are crucial;

When words are condemning,

you will be eliminated and humiliated;

When words are stoning,

you will be sentenced to jail or ex-communicated to wildness.


When words become disciplinary,

Foundation must be funds amendable

to the point of fundamental ;

When words become open-minded,

what you stand expands what you understand;

When words become phony,

Distrust settles inside phonemic awareness;

       When words become inauthentic

Suspicion takes on defensive demise;

When words become disloyal

Get-out teams up get-away to get over;

When words become criticism

Mystic mistake destroys many a morphic mystical;

When words become intelligent state

It promotes either your intellectual space or interracial face;

When words become emotional

Feelings are racing after fleeing;

When words become physical

Confrontational eyes are on alarming arms, or walking away legs;

When words become ….

not good, inadequate, not enough, useless …

Charming or Alarming Words

Words are clueless, never there just for themselves.

Just like light is here and never there, its trajectory projection that carries light from here to there, we use word to extend from here to everywhere, and expand from here now to an everland. Just like love is here and never conditional, we rely one conditional state to capture unconditional realm through auditing our tradition.

If light can tell you what to do, and love reminds you how to live on love, what is the use of words? But if you see the light and others cannot, you need words. If you are in love, and other aren’t and never will, you use words.

Words are human’s best used tool and most powerful toy. Words are vital and essential depiction of nature. Words are the qualitative description of nature’s act in the midst human action and reaction. Words express on behalf of souls, can explain what any given reason is, and satisfy any reason will be. Words are the eye of God’s and His lights, the heart of Universe and Her hearty waves. Words are the fictitious factory of mindset and factual faith of heartbeat. Words are a mixture of vital supersonic waves of vowels and conscientious fiberoptic bites of consonants. Words are like nutrients in food, energy in a battery, color chips and pigments in paint and illustration, musical notes and scales in sonic waves.

In practice, words separate a learned and educated person from an untrained and uncivilized being; as words are used to: identify worldly images and their manifests from what is been attracted and aroused, triggered or inspired in one’s inner world; extend and record one’s needs beyond physical expression; describe what things are and what is happening, extract one’s internal images and feelings for others who cannot or haven’t, define what it is from what is happening, and crystalize what is going on in life into like god’s act and nature’s seal.

Words are created to communicate the lost self with a higher and divine power; words are also invented to replace color chips and pigments, as well as musical notes and scales. Words are learned utilities; as they have been used to describe or defend; employed to convey or convince; deployed for display or explain. Words are carriers for what the souls want to say, how senses to convey, how a mind needs to explain.

All words being used range from safe and comfortable, cheerful and pleasant, sweet and charm to alert and separate, warn and differentiate and alarm and disconnect. Your world of needs and expressions are represented between these charming and charming words.

The charming words make you feel like you are as ease as being at home, as comfortable as a cozy bed, as safe and sound as all is excellently good, as gifted and starry as you are so valuable, irreplaceable.

The alarming words will alert you with your subline awareness, warn you in your surrounding environment and its limitation of courteousness, and finally alarm you by those safe-threatening, dying-welcoming and death-driving dangerous and disastrous signs and realities.

Words are used to describe current situation so as to recall second past and ageless old history. Words are light-ends tails and space-rounded retails. Words are eventful receipts and memorable chips. Words are cellular and inorganic, personal and impersonal; individual and collective; conscious and energetic; vibrant and deadly; vital and violent… Words are endless and useless….

If you stand right in between what is charm that is opposite to what is alarm, you are in a neutral position, mutual space, indifferent state; words have no use here, words are mingles here.  If interpersonal bridges are well there and intrapersonal stages are sound here, what are the purpose of using words? If nothing is alive nor dead, what-else and whereabout can we put a meaning into words.

Why bothering Y words when we have U letter

U lead, U head

U head, U lets

U lets, You get it

You get it, News bet it

Till, U nets read your letter!

Still, that is great!

Be still as steel, Used is new,

Urine is U ring as rain

Unusable is under-used

Unusual is unbelievable

Undeniable is undefinable

Unintelligent is un-educatable, undebatable, unrelatable

Unknown is U know, but I don’t

Unlikely, I eat tofu, you enjoy soul food

as any soul’s fool

I open 海口 hai-kou/sea house, u feels ulcer

I am the user, as U the fuel-sir

No sir, only ultra!

Lead is letter, lord is word

Which is better, U let her.

Uglier is urging urgent

To U, towards YOU.

U places umbrella under belly

You store unbelievable through un-delivered

Us, U and us

US, U and Else

Up, Us

UPS, U pee on S

UN, united nation

Un, under

Until, U and N till

U and N, You and Son, U and Sin, New as Fin, Lin as Tin

All U, all Yours

If word, why letter

If cord, why litter

Words of letter

Let them be later


5th Vowel U – Psychosupersonic Wave

U represents what our spirit has created by universe,

And how our body has been manufactured by uterus.

With these Double U, Y (why) whines and wines inside your head,

As U (you) sing inside uterus and spin inside universe.


I know this for real; as tough as wind gushes, as rough as voice rushes.

To begin my Vowel journey with U (you), though U (you) are in 5th position alphabetically, U are marvelous, unbelievable, unordinary, ugly, and ubiquitous!

Being the vowel that is upside down from A, which runs from the perineum to soles of feet, U vowel unites what rises from earth to feet, heart to throat, by utilizing five basic physical senses into verbal, vocal and vocabulary senses which are psycho-supersonic waves. The Hyoid Bone centered around throat serves an ignition knock, or essential key lock, so that the speech key can turn on your augury lingam tongue.  Though heart creates musical notes, it cannot sing it physically and vocally. This is the job of vocal cord.

As for A, or from A to U, if we take knee bones out, and place them onto our temporal lobes above ear, our lost horns or antlers in human will now find their places in animals. This means, if the little horizontal line inside A is taken out, the network between our temples above ears and our knees above ground will be disconnected. We humans cannot stand our upright posture, and walk like four legged ones. We will lose the power of making sense between what is going on ground (geoelectric sense) sensed by feet and what is happening inside temples (psycho-supersonic sense) above ears.  As such, U represents what universe has created (our spirit) and how uterus has manufactured (our body).

Right upon birth, U (you) became alive through your throat and its voice. This will continue without any stoppage till the last exhale expires your life-long o’clock written inside your throat. In this throat, U (you) stands on the upper roof of O, by sucking up the dot portion of small case i. Any time the exhaling throat speaks for U, vocal cords team up with tongue, gums, teeth that are chiseled and framed upon their corresponding jaws, lips and nostrils, eyes and their eyebrows. Entire facial expression follows after Ur (your) speech. From phooy to whooy, spilling to spelling, U (you) are never tired, since your mind’s mouth (fontanel) faces vertically towards the dome into endless sky, though your physical mouth faces horizontally toward either the direction of sun and his day, or the direction of moon and her night.

Meditation One

Now, visualize this! Sit or stand straight, by positioning your fingertips together, as your two middle fingers touch gently on both sides of throat. Take 5 breathes to connect your mind with your true being.

Upon 6th breath, effortlessly open your wrists and palms, as your middle fingers remain touching your throat; Upon your exhaling, gently lift your elbows and hands, so that your middle fingers will touch and lift up along your lower jaws, then beneath your ears, through your ears and temples, till your entire fingers and their two hands and arms are shooting straight up into sky, into and through clouds, till they can touch where starry lights beam and shine.  

I have to vow first, vulture next, ventilate afterward, in order to vote finally for U. In entire human history, the highest valued item for any human beings is under U control, since U charges the thought process, strategic planning and profitable execution through your smart, educated and sophisticated head.  Only recently, there was a news on human head transplantation down from a death head (from neck up) to a medically numbed one. This is a great news, and from this operation on, our head price will be different, as our head value will change its price tag drastically.

Comparing O of heart, it is priceless but pertaining no actual tangible value in geopolitical and socioeconomic scales. Especially during the wartime, upon scholastic pursuit or economic advantage, the price of a person’s head equals to the price tag (GPD) of a nation.  Emperor, prescient and chairman are the title of a country, the head of state affair, the powerhouse of a nation. Entire national security, stability and future depend on this head, this head’s directional plan, this headless decision.

Historically, U is inseparable with Y and V. This is why in anatological allocation, Y as the central crown speaks for the U from the shoulder and neck up, so that Y (why) U can be landed, grounded, stamped, spotted, plotted, and sealed with the right foot V, which runs from the right ankle down to the little toe first on the outside,  rounds up in the Big Toe inside, innocently and internally. The relationship among crown Y, head U, and right foot V are relationship between head and toe, see and march, listen and patch, stand and be still, get and face it, between earth down and heaven up.

Evolutionally, by the time the written language was invented and developed, upon vocal accent and oral speech, those who knew how to use language would utilize fully country men, common fellows and uneducated citizen. In China, before Confucius started his tutoring practice, language was obtained and circulated only inside royal palace, through the emperor’s mouth, upon palace bookkeeper’s or royal clergy’s brush. The one single emperor’s voice or president’s speech is more dependable, reliable, powerful than entire people in the country who practice their national language can combine. All foot walkers, soldiers, physical labors and artistic performers must obey this speech power, this command voice; by surrendering their physical senses, personal senses and individual senses to the national sense, president’s or Emperor’s nonsense.

In this sense, all previous 4 vowels are secondary, at least lesser powerful, by being in front of U. When emperor’s or president listens to what comes down from the universe, the creator, the sky, his crown opens as wide as the top two rims of U can, thunderous voice will shout down to the emperor’s head and hair, smoke his thought, smudge his plan, so that in fact and in result what comes out of his head, his mouth and throat is NOT HIS. This is the power of U, the power-filled God’s Messenger, the powerful speech of a National Address.

With this U, entire five senses will be united by one gut, one heart and one mind; with this U, entire toes and fingers will be unified one voice, one speech, and one action.

Meditation Two

      Visualize that you write the top V of Y as U, and complete it by finishing up (down) with the vertical I.

Then you place this your visualized Y inside your crown, as if this V/U comes out of fontanel. Now U/V portion represents the pineal gland; while the dot of small case i option represents the amygdala gland. The connect between the bottom V/U and top dot of small case i is the center of your brain. This is what is happening inside your brain, inside your head, inside your thought, inside your belief, inside your faith

Now you literally write the above description inside your crown chakra. Then, feel internally, without your conscious interruption or your ego interpretation, that this brain-wired Y spins, swings, turns and rotates any way, anywhere inside your skull, till God’s eye opens up your divine light within.

When this is done, imagine that your entire head from your throat up is U, the base of U is situated inside vocal cord that connects what the groin-fired and gut-inspired urge upon urgent emergence, through the dot power on top of the small case i. Now extend the I from the center of your vocal cord straight down to your perineum acupoint, down to the center of your standing feet, down to the center of mother earth.

Now your body from your-ready-to-beheaded crown is the real Y(why) vowel, while entire torso from your throat to perineum represents the unification of U and I: that round earth, that go-around birth.   

Can U do this! Can YOU exercise this?  

N-Ionizing Nouns

I say “I imagine myself there.” to my brother who is standing in front of me.

“You can’t as you will never. It is just your imagination.” my brother defines.

“What happens when my imagination takes what I truly imagine myself there?”

“That will be hallucination,” as my very brother confines.

“No, my imagination is my inspiration” is what I explain to him.

“To fantasize your inspiration is to make you drunk with persuasion.” My brother excused.

“Please, I don’t want to cause your frustration with my situation! Please!” I am comforting him now.

“Stop, stop, I don’t care about your situation, as I don’t have any relation to your situation, nor elation to your opinion.”

Now, you are sabotaging my direction upon my decision with your opposition from your suppression.” I shouted out.

“Aha, Aha, Aha, now I see, your imagination is your true depression denied by your very suppression!” as he is making fun with my vision.

“I don’t care about your vision, it is just a superstition.” As he is reading my mind.

   “You are blocking my creation,” is what I want him to know.

“I am only letting you see for yourself your exasperation between exclamation and exaggeration.” He smiles at.

“No, you are imposing your desperation on me now, look for yourself now.” I suggest to him.

“Your impression doesn’t make my position yield, nor my situation happier.” My brother denies now.

“Your investigation is only as good as your assumption goes, yet your intention doesn’t align with my administration.” is what I can say for now.

“You have no ability for cooperation, collaboration and coordination.” he is pushing me away now.

“You never have a reputation in front of for what your expansion can do to your limitation.”

“Your mental dimension is only as powerful as your imagination leads, as your conscious demonstration is as cautious as your inhibition displays.” I explain to him further.

“I value your implementation for now, as I never care for about your suggestion or supervision before. From now on, I will pay attention to your instruction as your best solution upon your investigation, but not as pollution from your invasion.” My brother softens.

“Your retaliation causes my retardation;” my brother pinned.

“Your reiteration makes no use for my reintegration;” I punned.

“Your satisfaction is my mission, as your composition is my commission, and your congratulation is my constitution!” I splash at him.

“Your prediction is as valuable as your aspiration would relate to its correction.”  “And your hesitation is your worst exhalation, and your confession is as truthful as your best known capable conviction confesses.” he defines!

   ”  Your interpretation rewards my interruption, because we have no interaction whatsoever. Growing up, your imitation fed my agitation, as your accusation got your reputation from dad, but your instant demarcation from mom.” I report to him!

“I hate your perfection, reject your protection, refuse your dedication; yet, I confuse your acceleration, destroy your examination, make fun with your reputation, and deny your confession.” My brother confesses.

“I admire your accusation, examine your motivation, watch after your manipulation, stand still in front of your confrontation, keep a long distance from your contamination, and stay far away from your destruction.”  I confess as well!

“I read your position, define your motivation, resent your condition, refuse your constipation, reorganize your decoration, relapse your deception, restore your reputation, ride your deception, care for your contradiction.” he is excited!

“I fed your starvation, dished you with vegetation, wrote your prescription, destroyed your dissertation, sneered  at your dissolution, dug into your secretion, napped on your confession, jumped on your concussion, stamped your conduction, denied your subjugation, tolerated with your obsession.”

We are the co-creation, dad’s satisfaction, mom’s jubilation, family’s reputation, school’s graduation, culture’s condition, state’s constitution, country’s delegation, nation’s restoration, world’s renunciation, global resurrection, universal revelation.

We are individual privatization, personal configuration, situational declaration, conditional temptation, wish’s orientation, dream’s objectivation, job’s vocation, work’s donation, journey’s expectation, relationship’s coordination, household’s decoration, foundation’s restoration, change’s adaptation, requirement’s investigation, definition’s limitation, name’s reputation.

We are Asian, no invasion; we are a nation, no more donation. We dress with fashion, sit on cushion, and consume on confusion. We have our legion, make our own religion, perform our lion dance, and rest with scion, teach lesion for rebellion, examine situation, inspect visitation, investigate litigation, consort with delegation.

We insist on vision, perform through precision, reject diversion, enjoy lesion, adjust to cohesion, soften with coercion, relax on session, restore cessation, and repair corrosion.

Why Ion Ends Nation

Where light Eyes Ion  

When light’s head-ends shoot down from the sky-dome, they touch, stay and bed on any earth’s geographic sphere, including our skin and hair. Once this happens, the surface of this geological spherical mass will turn on its ionic matter, if the ion element is there to be used. Even in atmosphere up there, there is a layer called ionosphere, the central fence of earth’s auric field. This is how majority of solar heat is pushed outside from ionosphere. Otherwise we will so easily burn to ashes.

Once the light’s head-ends are on the earth’s surface, the largest of this receptive geo-mass is the body of ocean. What makes this ocean of light so unique is its seawater, and what makes seawater so special is the salt. If any one’s body doesn’t have the smell of ocean, something is not right.

The most common ionic element or matter between ionosphere and earth’s oceanic water mass as well as land mass is salt as I know. Salt can be found in seawater, as salt deposits can be found on some surface of the earth or are buried as underground salt deposits.

Why Ion? Why Nothing Last Forever?

I start with the word nation as my beginning point. What a man can do inside a geopolitical and geophysical land that is called country? The answer is: National Identity or Nationality. To unite what nature grants us with a country’s  landmass, ion is the linkage. With the presence and anticipation of ion, creation and destruction co-exist, so as the vegetation cycle exists along a season’s hibernation loop. To extend from a day to a month, and from a moth to a season, weather pattern heats us up or cools us down daily between bright day and dark night, as lunatic ocean tide rides and hides monthly between new moon and full moon. When these two extend and expand into a three-month long season, solar light and wind will activate the ionic element, so that the process of rust, rotten and decay can occur naturally.

Thus, the ionosphere inside its atmosphere is both a protective shield and a rusty belt. Why? If this protective shield is so strong, no solar or cosmic lights would be permit to come down on us; and if there is no rusty belt, the cycle of any organic matter will exist beyond biannual subdivision. The subdivision occurs simultaneously as we call Equinox. The two Hemispheres of earth will exchange and alternate two different equinoxes instantly when both sides are even and equal in receiving daylights.

Upon Autumn Equinox, the vegetation cycle in that hemisphere will mature to its harvest season, to pronounce the process of decaying. In our human organic body, what is called decay in nature is called entropy, which takes place right at the time the pubic stage sets in. The moment the human body is ready to ovulate and ejaculate, death sentence begins.

In short, once the positive ion is electrized, adding or removing electrons make our organism either turn on or shut down. It is the magic power of ion. By ionizing food and water, nutrients become energetic process; while nutritious and energetic carriers will inspire, transpire and perspire in our body. Once this specific element is burned out and used up, we need to add more salt into our system. As such, our body needs ion, or sodium chloride or salt; whether sea salt, Himalaya salt, whether it is insult or salutary.

Ionic Salt

Salt is perhaps the oldest spice to add flavor to the plain dish, as its main ingredient – sodium chloride – is a must for our body to run its functionality, maintain its regularity, and cycle its reality. Around earth, anything that has biosphere material and hydrosphere state will have timely interaction with this ionosphere, this ionic matter. By the time the light’s head-end lands on us, it turns our eye on first, so we can look and see, or look at the sea if the light above ocean smells salty. Light would never tell us what it did results in salty, but its wings we called it wind will let our nose know without questioning. Once our eyes are on, the rest bodily components from forehead and nose, to feet and elbows, hands and mouth, tongue and saliva are all on; on the right digestive path that is spiced by salty ion.

To eye on now is to target on what is in the best ripe state where what you get is new and fresh. To eye on ion, salt is the boss: to ionize everything inside the country into a nation. Without salt, your body would not function organically as your mindset wishes for,  never as your performance wants to. When we appraise ocean of light, it is salt that links water elemental together, to smell the salty ocean is to spell your bloody lotion. To preserve things longer than what a season would, you simply add salt. To make things salty, you ionize them with saliva. To state the fact cruelly, you use ionic powder. When ion is fearful, Ionosphere will ionize everything for the center of atmospheric power.

Please, I am not a trained, educated and certified scientist. I am a Taoist, only to co-exist a bit with the reasonable cycle of nature.  My body has two subdivisions, which are waterish body or mineral body, where scientists call this the imitation from the earth’s formation between her land mass and oceanic gas. I remembered a say, “light to light, and dust to dust.” To me, “light to light” is living soul to eternal spirit; while “dust to dust” is sand to rock in mother nature, and live flesh to dead bone in human.

Between oceanic sand and mountainous rock, ion is part of all existing elements, and it is an important one. If not, we would never extend most verb forms into their noun norms by ending with -ion, such as from rotate to rotation, debilitate to debilitation.

Seasonal, Rusty Ionic Words its Preservation  

My body came out of my parental creation, which also was the result of parental fusion, union and gemination, as well as ancestral unification and accommodation, modification and justification. This my conception is my parental best expression and expectation, and their parental highest aspiration or inspiration.

Thus, during ancestral party, our virtuous bodily segments, such as brain or arm, leg or chest, will be ethereally ionized by our parental personality union-hood, and our ancestral blessings. Our going to be body will be ionized with their personal know-hows and why-reasons, their enlightening moments and their disastrous movements, and their heavenly even hells.

Triad Ionizing Process 

As such, during entire process of life, from our spirit coming down to earth, to conception party, to our independent life, our spirit will be ionized three times, as we will experience three-timed ionization stations.

First, ionosphere will ionize our spirit into 24-hour related personality matrix. This is how our spirit will be vanished and ionized by earth’s welcome gate: ionosphere.  My spirit was first bounced off from this very gate and landed on moon. And it took me a while to come to visit and live on earth in human form.  This why each living soul knows how to precisely interact with time (timing fashion) and space (spatial interaction).

Then during conception party, our incarnating spirit will be ionized by our ancestral infrastructures. Any deceased ancestors, such from immediate grandparents and great grandparents can attend this our conception party, a maximum of 6, aside from our spirit and our parental presence.  This was where and how our zygote would be ionized by what they have lived, experienced, believed and failed. This is why majority of trials and tribulations are ways and means to purify their unfinished business in our organism and through our once again direct experience.

And in life, our spirit’s will to live and to believe will be ionized by specific soul-connected, personality-related, journey-stated, and nation-defined words. With ionic salt, food will be prepared, dish ionized, as leftover preserved. With ionic words, our physical nation and our connected relation will be served and deserved. Along this, physiologically, pubic stage is the real beginning of ionization or entropy process. We lost innocence, purity, primal essence, and originality at this primal point, this  arousing moment, this decaying state.

Never Begin, Not In

To begin with N anatoligcal unit, as a third and a fourth of 7th Realm of Conscientious Fiberoptic Site, we begin with never: such as I never eat, you never sleep, they never work, nobody is never here, but ever there, for the eternal forever.

To start never, Eve is in the middle of n and r, like near-your-ear kind of thing but not for no more kind of tone. If Eve is in, all things are on for a thing, in each given every evening. Then, Eve becomes ever, such as a diligent sever, a well reserved preserver, till this ever notion extends into what a never can stop.  Never begin, that is God’s Work! God never starts a thing that makes us startling, nor finish a thing up, has not done any. When a no word spoken from O of Heart drives itself down to E of Pelvic Root, and reaches further at V of Right Foot, then backs up to E of abdominal cavity and R for Neck, Throat and Tongue, everything needed to say from the left crown to the right foot is perfectly said: NO, NEVER.

Then, to begin after never is to beg in, or beg oneself to be in; completely, totally and wholeheartedly in. With in as an ending particle or traditionally called suffix (suffering case), g leads in into gin, for you to beg in. To beg the gin in your system, Gin and Tonic is served as popular drink, so that you as a beggar leads your leg into some real place for something that is as cool as real can get in.

“I beg your pardon?” is the polite question.

The answer is “I am in a garden near Canton.”

“Never been there, how is it?” is the first person’s second question.

“Not that it not Necessary, but that it is not my natural necessity.”  

To beg one’s pardon is to simply find an excuse not to accuse this person.  In this route, in state is gladly tagged by g– anatological bite, not by p as pin, nor by s as sin. From this point on, more words such as abstain, akin, again and skin will stretch their arms and hands till the biggest heart 心 xin takes over the biggest universal space occupied by 阴 yin.

To begin with in, this –ing active constant moving power inks you to think and links you to blink, Now, in is inside the ink to which we paint with pink color or write with stinky favor.  By the way, similar to English word nun serving as the simplest noun, there is a Chinese word for nin as politely respectful you. To call the person in front of you is like to address anyone or anything not as first and primal as I am, but as my eye-on object, my secondary sectary. As I being the first foremost important figure or creature, everyone else works for my eye-I and everything surrounding my eye-I will be included inside a conclusive YOU.  To say to 你 niyou as 您 nin-you, the personal ni-you will be raised high above what my throat can spill, till your head willingly drops down and bows to ME, the object of I that controls all means and meat.

To be in, like into, inside, or in-between, you must beg your legs to move in. Before you are in, you can replace with a, e, o and u, even y such as above-mentioned yin word, in order to have an, en, on, and un.  Further, to extend in or en, we ink or end.  If we play these two words in their 360 degree circular ring, ink interchanges with kin, and nik (short for Nick), and  end intertwines with den and Ned. Same for and with Dan and NDA (nondisclosure agreement), one with eon and neo.  

Now let us take apart the biggest realistic 3-dimensional n word nation. Counting backward, we have on, ion, (tined) tion, (action I think) and finally nation. Nation now can be defined as on the ion action with non-stop nervous nerdy nostril. Since nation is one of many words that begin and end with n, nun and noon as two good nouns will take nylon and niton to Nelson orJohnson so that one’s nation becomes newborn nitrogenNegation takes in negotiation, so that nutrition can turn into a nonvegetarian.

As for all the N beginning-and-ending words you can think of and make use with, nun is the simplest, and salient one. If you can become a nun, nation becomes nature. With no self-procreation, nature pictures as nurture, and is the structure of both food-based agriculture and house-laced architecture.  To capture the nature as tincture, there is no future culture, only furniture serves the lecture.

Things are near are next to nose, nearby note. If you can smell with your nose, and read your note, what your neck needs is what is necessary, what is new never says now, but pronounces as either the news upon noon, or night’s knights.

In the end, what a nation leaves behind is what ion can turn i on.

Not In, Never Begin


In or Inn

We have to be in it in order to begin a thing, any.

First, we have to be in life in order to live a life, Right? If we are not alive, where is the life to live and how to live a life to believe? But to be alive, our soul has to borrow a specific bloodline in order to make our etheric soul alive in flesh, right? So, we have to be in a womb in order to have a fetal life. And to be in a womb is to borrow mother’s blood and water, breath and fire, which is called together a bloodline.

Prior mother’s bloodline, father’s white-heading sperm must be out of his body and immediately in the mother’s body, so that mother’s un-bled egg cannot develop into bloody menstrual outlet, but can make this in-dwelling white sperm a zygote  (thy goat).

And before there is a physical zygote, both parents must be in love, making fertile love. In order to be attracted to one another, to be in love, and passionately and deathlessly making love together, there has to be this human virtuous genotype already made inside their body before their sperms and eggs matured upon pubic stage.

Before they were alive, their two parents, four grandparents and eight great grandparents must have been in their real life, real life journey, to continue their bloodlines by reducing two bloodlines into one zygote, where one would be dominant, the other silently violent.

This means that before our zygotic body was formed, 8 different bloodlines had already been in, not in Holiday Inn, but in Collective Individual Inns (cellular nano inn). Those 8 Collective individual Inns are Eight forms of cosmic spheres and genetic patterns. With those spherical reality, we are In the Universe; and with those genetic reality, we are In human body.

Not having an In as a space, nothing can begin. This is what the title means: Not In, Never Begin.

Be the Gin, or Beg In

The English word for begin can be separated organically into either be (that of) gin or (to) beg in.  Be that of Gin is to make Gin and Tonic, while to Beg In is heavy, but real. If we don’t beg, we would never need any leg. Without a leg, the end stuff like legend would talk to delegacy material like legacy.

To beg in, is to truly begin; while “I beg your pardon” is “I never heard what you said, or where you are standing.”

In this sense, to beg in is to be in this bloodline, with this body, for this infantile in the life stuff.

If you don’t beg, your parent might never be together, especially if you are the single child, as they might be in another different relationship.

Begin vs Start

So, to begin a thing, or anything is to beg in. The word begin is different from its relative word start, which means to stand for a star, or stood on an art. To start something is more of a mental thing, but to begin a thing, something physically has to be happening. To start is to stand yourself for an art, to be startling with something that will be the start-ups, or something happens only mentally or imaginatively; while to begin is to beg inside something, such as inside a house, inside a company, inside an organization, inside an agreement.

Name National Need Near Nature Now

Now it is the time for the anatological N unit. This unit belongs to the right-side human crown as part of 7th Conscientious Fiberoptic Matrix.  Individually, N stands for the left brain or left hemisphere. Working together with its triad partners Y and Z horizontally, but never team up with their central letter of Y diagonally and hollow-graphically, N of Lion’s Face and Z of Ox’s Face can only be teamed up as four-face diamond image with R of sixth central Conscientious Fiberoptic unit down as the Human Face and W of 1st central Conscientious Fiberoptic Unit up as the Eagle’s Face.

To name a few N beginning words, nature and nation stand out from my conscious library, deserving to be top of the N beginning word list that has over six thousand.

Growing up, our body was named after father’s family name, our bed is named behind family house address, our nutrients are named along family meals, and our behavior is named inside family rules. With those four names, we have first or personal name given by whoever has the naming power or authority. Gradually, these named entities will be integrated naturally with neighboring housing units, standing oppositely to the neighbors across the street. Altogether, these named individuals, families, houses and streets are part of same township or city, part of same country, state and country. Collectively we are named after racial deeds,  national needs, political favors, religious means. With these, we solute solemnly in front of same national flag, sing along the same national anthem, and speak with the same national language.

Now, the geopolitical nature of our nation stands solidly like its own mountains and flows rhetorically as its river charts, is seasoned by wind streams and witnessed by the mountainous slopes. Everything we see and image under this nation will be named numerically, alphabetically, anatologically, geographically, and naturally.

Yet, to name the national needs is to plot, map out, mark with fences, and identify what nears the nature or natural resources. First, a nation needs land mass. This geographical resource is just as importantly necessary as a person’s bedroom, a family’s house, and a neighboring street.

Next, though people love the description of oceans of light for the vast abundant light and love, we humans are neither sea creatures like sharks and wales nor glacial creatures such as polar bears or penguin. We need air to breathe and land to ground. Nerve will survive inside an air-absented vacuum, we humans must drink fresh water from a well, spring, river or lake, and we must stand on land and rest above ground.

As those individual needs become collective necessity, national need speaks for now, and forever. National need now includes land and water, and all those geographically and ecologically related resources.

Afterward, people of a nation must need linguistic and numerical tools to express and exchange. To name this need, we create national flag like a personal totem, invent song like the Star Spangled Banner, we use common language to speak for an individual accent and talk with regional dialect, as we rely on same numerical values, from zero or nothing to nine or more and their decimals and percentiles, to trade goods, exchange items and press values.

Now, from the northern end what goes to the North Pole and sky, to sun’s straight beam on now and noon, to moon’s glow at night, we breath the air retailing the weather and its season, we drink fresh water running into our house, we eat food produced locally, circulated nationally and marketed internationally, and we rest and sleep on a ground fenced inside a national territorial line, and secured by the national guards.

To define and divide the word nation, on is the last, ion is ahead of on, till nation unites then as a whole.  As for Nature, its figure ensures what is for sure, as its picture features in our culture.  including architecture and furniture. Nature nurtures and tortures us equally, till nation and nature are a mixture

At this point of now, nation and nature are one, or at least interchangeable. National recourse is part of great and vast natural resource. National needs are named after natural deeds. National identity belongs to natural item. And national name speaks as best as how nature would name us, each and every one of us!


Universe is imaginarily descriptive as it is said so as being inclusive. Cosmos is cohesively vast and ungraspable. World is what your eye sees accordingly and how you mind captures conclusively. But nature is whatever it is and whatever it can never be.

We know we are the expression of nature, part of nature, and cannot rebel or fight against nature.

Once we describe nature with yes, of course; but to define and confine, forget it.

Once we know how things are, go for it, for sure, why not; but to forcefully make it as what we think and want, how we wish for and desire, forget it.

To know why a thing it, just accept it as it is; but to aggressively add or subtract, desperately expand or reduce upon what already it is and has been, forget it.

To realize what the nature is fine and perfect as it can finalize in front of us, and allow it happens naturally, fine; but don’t try to seize and squeeze it, never arrange it nor change it.

What Does Zero Zone Do To Zero Tolerance

Zero is perhaps the most magic word and magnificent number we humans invented.

Starting from right hemisphere, right brain lobe and ear, to where the left one (hemisphere, lobe and ear) has sent sonic signals to, through their central agreement, Z for zero stands for a cosmic zone to domesticate wild animals inside a zoo so that our humans can zoom in and out of our animistic bodies, by turning our head from left and right, and dream on it.

Holy Cross

Normally, our human brain is wired with the capacity to deal with light and time as image, and sound and space as music. We call this combination a cross, or Holy Cross in Catholic tradition.  Since time and space are God’s given us duality, our crown from eyebrows and tips of ears up will form a crossing lines. The light-and-time line goes from our forehead to occipital lobe; as the sound-and-space line goes from our left ear to right. This makes our frontal lobe or forehead and left ear and temple region double positive, while their counterparts double negative.

As the positive timing line from the forehead and the positive spacial line from the left ear move toward each other at the center of  our brain, our brain-power is turned on, our mindset is alive, our consciousness is at work, and our hemispheres becomes one familiar harmonious unit. In turn, these two lines crossing one another will produce feelings and images, cognitive ideas and intuitive sensations, logical and reasoning process.

In detail, when a positive light’s point touches our forehead, our frontal lobe opens our eye view automatically. Instantly, this eye view will be translated as live image broadcasting inside the memory center located in the back of the head, or inside our occipital lobe. Now our brain is able to generate ideas and produce thoughts. Equally but oppositely, when positive sonic wave sends its signal to the left ear, it will be translated as musical lyrics through right ear and expressed as musical voices. The center of our brain is neutral, so the any pitch-up and dim-down light-and-wave stuff received will be processed accordingly.  Signals will go through from the forehead to memory center to finalize as image, as sonic waves will travel from the left ear to be expressed via the right ear as translated musical scale, voice or note.

This process is anatologically teamed by the right hemispheric letter Z, the middle letter Y, and the left hemispheric letter N, in our crown area. Z as zennnnn buzs and N as Now fuzs will be Y-ed up and down. Now the ear-ringing Zennnnn will descend from the 7th Crown Chakra down, to activate next sixth one. Working with right side Z is F as Fate or Faith, the center Y is R as Rain and Rose, and left side N is T as Tide or Time. When our brain produces rain, holy water will be alive as the Holy Cross.

In daily life, we call this right brain Z motion or zigzagging movement NO, where we simply spin our head from left to right, and back to no no no this leftover. The left brain of N has one o to be a No word, while the right brain Z has to have two oos to form Zoo word.  When Zoo becomes Zoom, No will become Now. And when Zoo and Zoom produce zero, hero is alive within. When No and Now produce None, Nose takes over Rose.  What a Hero would be without his Nose, or her Rose?

Is Life Zeroic Or Heroic

If you start a new life, zero state is the mindset to be. If you want something brand new, zero space is the best place to be. If you count your age, zero has no value to position you from your moment of birth, as entire gestation returns to zero, aside leftover placenta and your mom’s enlarged and stretched belly ready to shrink back to its normal side. If you want to change, zero is your opportunistic possible reality. And if you want to travel in cosmos, star-formed galaxies are good to tour but the central and creative zero place is the real deal to be.

Life is such that we all start with some kind of zero, like zero physical mobility, zero anatological ability, zero social skill, zero intellectual zone, zero money or dollar, zero experience or expression, zero fame or legacy, zero glory or legend. Life is Zeroic!!

How beautiful this ZERO Is to serve as a starting point! How powerful this Zero Can be as a launching ground! How magical this Zero Will be as a measuring stick!

When your zealous zestful zero-ry zone comes to a place where the staring Z letter in zero changes into and is replaced by H as in hero, your virtuous state will be retained by the sustaining Z to birth one as None Zone, and your heroic journey will end as zeroric zone, or zero-ry none. Now, Zero Tolerance begins.

Zero Tolerance

When zero starts to tolerate everything that the universe creates by that which matter forms, it has all the tolerance to begin. This zero is very persistent, very persuasive, very kind, very patient, and very tolerant. When this zero fills the gap of any existing zone with none, what is done is gone, and what has been coned is codified, and what has been toned will be stoned.

In common sense, zero tolerance is a legal term, which means the person is absolutely refrained, or one’s situation is totally restrained, or one’s environment is under total supervision. This legal term exercise within the condition of legal agreement or confinement, where any undesired infraction will receive automatic punishment; any extra idea or movement, any desirable behavior outside the legal refinement will be punished beyond any reasonable doubt. Simply put, zero tolerance means that there is no free lunch left, nor freedom to behavior outside this legal boundary, this legal confinement. All your conducts from this point on are absolutely predetermined and culpable.

Does Zeroic Zone Tolerate Heroic None 

When an zero zooms along any conceivable zone, it zests the most tolerance along its zigzag path, its zooming way, such as He明way. By the time there is no zero space left, nothing will believe for the zero to exercise its toe-raising, toll-rating but telly-raid tolerance.  When a society presents a zero tolerance Rule, its individual freedom is stripped away. When a person is given a zero tolerance Condition, one’s any extra physical move or vocal expression will invite this zero-tolerating punishment. This person is left with no zealous room to zoom, nor zealous policy to glue.

Yet, once we examine our self deep within, there are so many unspoken, non-presentable unpreventable zero-tolerance zones down there. This is because the universe is filled with unaccountable zeros. Equally in any given interactive reality, when there is no room for zero to tolerate, all cardinal number enjoy its individual freedom: where one adds for another, subtracts another, is multiplied and divided by any others.

Does duality tolerate singularity, such as tetrahedral state would tolerate triangular face, and gadgets do in front of digits? Does reality exercise its Zero Tolerance policy, such as a second in front of a minute, a day inside a year,  or a dot inside its spherical space, a number inside its digital division or supervision?

If zero is none,  nothing, and empty, zero tolerance speaks for how mean the universe is, How Greedy the Creation has been, and How intolerant the world is!  If I am no-one, you are nothing, and they are nobody, who we are inside our human genetic pool and ego stool? If any one has no tolerance towards zero, how about heroic abundance, or heroic adventure, or terrific journey?  If no one has NO tolerance for zero, Do Many will stay,  A Lot will fit, and Cab the Endless survive????

And if everyone, including You and Me, knows the exact position, exact situation,  on top of precise interaction, the exchange from interchanges, plus those ex acts being included inside exact, will the world run on its own, will we exist peacefully, will we end heroically and zeroically !!!!