Angelic Wings
Twin Flames Revelation of the Meridian System

I am the voice of Peace.
I am the voice of Grace.
Hear us speak in harmonic unison.

Who are our parents?
What have they done for us?
Who are their, and our, primal and collective parents?
Are they Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, or any mystic but ethnically-recorded lengendary figures?
How do we trace them from our each biological line, back to our collective racial pigmentation, and finally the original twin brother-sister?

To find those questions, Angelic Wings tells you how the twin Chinese flames are destined from heavenly contract to re-experience and reveal how their primal parents -- the first set of Chinese brother and sister, Fu Xi and Nu Wa, were conceived by their mother Xi Mu Niang and born out of her arms, to complete, continue, and preserve the original human ethereal and biological matrixes through commonly called 'meridians'.

To experience and unveil the power codes behind meridian - the original trinity mother and twins - is how to unveil the original power of Inner Alchemy: the total awakening within and enlightment state.

Table of Contents
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Chapter One
Lips of My Mother

Chapter Two
Blow Ill Off the Bone

Breathing Into Life
I was not tall
I was not rich
I was not handsome
I was not healthy
The basic formula for this
To: I was not tall
For: I was not rich
About: I was not handsome
Toward: I was not healthy
The Expanded Formulas

Chapter Three
I Have Dreams

Before my dream
My Catch 22
An Introduction with My Catch 22
Dreaming birth for the dreaming word
Who are you, dreamer?
Past Life

Chapter Four
Light, The Father

Conception Contract
Initiation Contract
Enlightenment Contract
Love, The Mother

Chapter Five
My Cried, Dyed Pinhole

First Cry
Second Cry

Chapter Six
Who Am I?

Chapter Seven
Spiritual Contract

Mind of God
Story behind the contract
AM and Even
Personal Reflection
Cultural Reflection
My Heavenly Contract

Chapter Eight
Who Are Your Parents


Chapter Nine
The Tale of Two Trails

The Song Lines Forming a Geometric Temple
Holographic Spheres
The Universal Dot
Divine Conscious Key
Basic Structure of Human Triangle

Chapter Ten
Re-walking the Silk Road

Home Away Search
Home Search
Meridians: spirit-silks and heart-lyrics
Mystic Approach
Maternal Approach
Ritual Approach
Astronomic Approach
Experimental Approach
Collective Approach
Personal Approach
My Collectable Approach
Upon The Door

Chapter Eleven
Xin Le Qu


Chapter Twelve
Revelation of Xin

Ethereal Xin
Triad Xin
Holy Conception
The Triad Communion
Your Deliverance
Our Five Senses

Chapter Thirteen
Twin Adventure

Indwelling Process
Throat the Load upon the Road
Indwelling Structure
Localization - Pathological Onset
Structural Matrixes
Structural Pyramid of I Ching

Chapter Fourteen
The Milk Load Upon the Silk Road

The Capitalized Birth Dam (Holy Birthday)
Armpit Sweat
Reclaiming My Twin Flames
My Received Landing Angle
The Tiding and Tiring Angle
My Trinity
The Formula of Milk Load upon Silk Road

Chapter Fifteen
Passing Mother's Lodge

Dialing Gnosticism
Dying for Darlings
Path knows the lodge
Voice of Grace

Poisoned Berry

Chapter Sixteen
Flying With Angelic Wings

I am The Best for Eating Mother (Wu Gui Shi Mu)
Why Are You Married?
I Cry For You, I Died For You