Master Huang continues his travels during 2011 to carry the message of mind-body-spirit well-being to as many people as possible. If you are interested in scheduling a private healing session during one of Tao's upcoming visits to the city nearest you, please contact him directly by calling (216) 255-0866 or via email. Private therapeutic workshops can also be arranged for up to 8 people.

What's New in 2011:
Check out the videos of Master Huang on You Tube.

Spiritual Anatomy / Angelic Wings Workshops will again be offered during 2011. If you are interested in participating, please email Master Huang for information about the next available program. Click HERE for Workshop details

Stay tuned....Our publishing affiliate, Jadewinds, plans to announce several interesting new book publications in the near future.

2011 Activity Schedule
Contact for event details
Jul 14-16
Dayton, OH
Meridian Dance Workshop
Barbara Bauer: 937-718-3784
Jul 22-24
Kalamazoo, MI
Outdoor Meridian Dance Sessions
Aimee: 313-530-2485
Aug 12-14
York, PA
11th Annual Celebration of Life Holistic Expo
Aimee: 313-530-2485
Aug 25-28
Nashville, TN
Cosmic Connections
Private Sessions
Katherine King: 615-463-7677
Sep 3-4
Chicago Area, IL
Private Sessions
Aimee: 313-530-2485
Sep 8-10
Fairfax, VA
Private Sessions
Mary@ Muscular Rehab: 703-568-3804
Sep 17-18 Allentown, PA
19th Annual Fall Expo
Meridian Dance Sessions
Aimee: 313-530-2485
Oct 8-9 Columbus, OH
Universal Light Expo
Aimee: 313-530-2485

Please contact Master Huang directly about personal appearances.
email - Ascending Hall

Tao Huang 3650 Dover Center Rd Westlake, Ohio 44145 (216) 255-0866