Behind the misty veils, a narrow staircase appears
-- inviting all who hear and can rightly respond to the divine call within the purest heart to set aside materialistic baggage, enter the door, and step ever- closer to the Tao.

As this cycle of unprecedented spiritual opportunity draws to its inevitable close, Ascending Hall is making public its Taoist inner teachings through this website, face-to-face workshops, and our online e-zine - Mountain SKYLIGHT.

We are not currently taking students in the traditional sense. Rather, we are devoted to working with those who feel inspired to refine and share their gifts with others who need a helping hand to step surely and unwaveringly upon the beckoning staircase that patiently awaits all of humanity.

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What's New...

Master Huang on You Tube - Our new video outreach program to introduce you to Master Huang's hands-on approach to purification.

How to Work Through Meridian-Wrapped Body: the Horse Gate Workshop - a hands-on program for energetic purification. Click HERE for general info.

Master Huang's newest book - Angelic Wings: Twin Flames' Revelation of the Meridian System - tells the story behind the appearance of qi meridians. Click HERE to order your copy today.

Mountain SKYLIGHT E-zine current issue: Winter 2007: Hexagram 35, Jin - Ecliptic
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